This Is Why Tech People Choose To Work in Amsterdam
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This Is Why Tech People Choose To Work in Amsterdam

Hey! Are you a data scientist or data
analyst? How about, a software developer? Well is looking for YOU! Okay, so here’s the deal: there are 10
projects for you on Find the one that speaks to you and APPLY! So the top applicants will get flown to Amsterdam with their flights and
accommodations paid for; they get a 2-day ticket to a tech conference called The Next Web; you get to meet your future employer AND you get a feel for what it’s like to really live here, because truthfully, it’s pretty amazing! Amsterdam already has a huge pool of talented young people, but the demand for tech talent has never been greater. So, we’re looking for you! We offer you a job in a tech environment in a dynamic cosmopolitan and vibrant city. Thank you to for helping me accomplish my goal to move here and live
and work here in Amsterdam. People should really apply to
because it’s a great opportunity. You can bike to work, you can bike to do your groceries, you can bike to the gym.. Just look around! It feels like living in
an open-air museum! There are really nice clubs like the Melkweg, or like Paradiso. Also of course the Rijksmuseum is amazing. I live where Kingsday was
basically and it was very loud and a lot of people were celebrating. It was an intense
week. I mean it’s fun: you can just go outside and the party is right at your
door! Obviously, you’ve got all the wonderful canals, but if you want a bit more
water, jump on a train and in half an hour you’ll get to be on a beautiful beach. Yeah, Amsterdam has it all! The sense of community is really incredible. The systems and processes in place make living easy. The weather isn’t as bad as
people think it is, it doesn’t rain all the time. The sun does really shine and
there’s something magical about the different seasons. But what’s it like working in Amsterdam? I think it’s very “Gezellig” here, which is the Dutch word for “cozy” or “nice”. It was very easy to blend in here
because everyone speaks English. The companies here are super tech-forward. So we have a lot of social events, we have a bar downstairs, we have a gym and we
really feel like a family here, because we all spend so much time
together. Having things to do, having friends close by, being able to get to
where you want to go.. I’d say Amsterdam is the place where you
can finish work and bike home 20 minutes, feel the fresh air. You have enough time
to get to work and enough time to get home and still do the things that you
value. The variety of work that you can find here is just massive compared to
other places. Cultural boundaries really expand to infinity, so I’ve learned in four
years so much about the world. It is awesome. People should apply to project: a,
because it’s a really rare opportunity that a foreigner like me can get access to a European country and work here with a lot of benefits. Amsterdam is HOT right now!
We’re Europe’s fastest growing tech hub. So, if you want in, APPLY NOW!

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  1. How is the economics are .How many salaries buys you a house.How many hours little can you work.So can you have hobbies.

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