Thursdays with Abby talks with Marketing Intern Jessica
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Thursdays with Abby talks with Marketing Intern Jessica

Hey guys and welcome back to another
episode with Thursdays with Abby and today we actually have a special
guest this is Jessica hi and she is actually going to be well
let me first start by saying this is she’s are at one of our interns here and
she’s gonna be working with me and Dee actually on these films and can you tell
us I know you’re an intern here and can you tell us a little bit about yourself
and where do you go to school and what you’re studying yeah sure so I
actually go to Lindenwood University out in Saint Charles and I am an international
business major I’m super excited to be starting with you guys I started last
week and I’m really really excited to be working with the videos here I’ll be
basically working on different types of marketing materials like posters flyers
social media helping out with different fundraising events like we have our
behind the mask gala coming up different things like that and as far as I go yeah
I’m a full-time student and I’m doing an internship right now I’m super excited
about it awesome and can how did you find out about this yeah actually I was
looking at marketing internships online I’m from the O’Fallon area but I hadn’t
heard about BCI until I looked at the internship opportunity and I was
completely blown away so I mean the size of the facility that is BCI is amazing
and whenever I did my first tour I was amazed by everyone operates like it’s
such a well-oiled machine it’s so efficient everyone’s got their part to
play in it and it’s really really awesome to see awesome so when you I
know you said you’re a full-time student and you’re also now going to be working
as an intern here at BCI so you kind of have a busy schedule always so what do
you like to do on your free time well in the free time that I do have
I’m usually doing homework or studying whenever I’m not doing that I really
like to get outside so things like hiking backpacking rock climbing just
different fun things like that I also really like to read a lot so and hanging
out with my friends and family awesome I look forward to working with you in
these videos and I will see you guys next week for another episode but
Thursday’s with Abby thank you bye

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