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Hi guys, welcome back to my youtube channel so today my most basic Introduction of myself today on YouTube is that all right to make an English? Assignment for reviewing a product which is very useful Okay, which means it can be used with many different types of usages Okay. It’s a multi-purpose usage of pencil case today I’m gonna talk about so this is the pencil case a Huge pencil case. So basically all of the discs of this is persecutors so you can me The way the product is used is actually I would like to describe it as a pencil bag not pencil case because if I use pencil case I can fit with pencil stationer this Stylus or this if I used to describe it as pencil bag You can’t really fit many things money car key even You can put with many even your wallet so you can put in it. just like a handbag So I describe it as a pencil bag can fit many stationaries It also can be used as a man business wallet, which is quite convenient way You can see everywhere nautical got many men holding order which is a big like this. They’ll be walking in the shopping mall You’ll be good for work or work So that you do not need to buy an expensive wallet instead of this people can recognize it as a perfect case, but That’s just our own multi-purpose usage But the price is extremely cheap compared to those wallets that you buy from a shopping mall or even from lazada is a bit expensive so This wallet this persistence case or a pencil bag is about RM25 if you buy those businessmen wallet hundred above is extremely expensive so Overall, we say the cost of the product and also make a comparison with other similar products The sound I will compare dispenser back with the businessman wonít they are Different but the Equality is actually the same the size and also the shape of it Compared to small pencil case is even cheaper when you buy a small case special case is more expensive because the thing the smaller the thing The more expensive is it’s just like we’re buying some small things is actually more expensive than the big So actually even though this is cheap can fit many things as well but if you buy this open circuit you can just fit about Not many things just like already least things that you can feel Even the calculator you cant fit into the small pencil case. I Used to have a smaller. Yes, but I cannot fit in a calculator I have to put in the bag so it will be inconvenient. But this one I can fit many things as I can Number 5 a recommendation to buy or not to buy the product I recommend it is highly recommended to buy this product because I feel like To buy something that you one is actually a good price of it. Everyone has to see the price tag. The price range is actually in the scale Compared to us more if you buy the small pencil case is even more expensive for me the price range and also the size of this pencil bag is actually What here then you buy the small pencil case? The small pencil case is about the size and also the materials that we put inside the calculator cannot be fitting into its movements the case. That would be the problem But this one cheap then the size is quite suitable for students even adults also number 6 Rating on a scale 1 to 5 because there might be more products they are better than this so Today, this is basically my five minutes talk and also the review products I Hope you all can learn from this chapter and also I would like to say thanks for watching my channel and Thank you

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