Tokyo’s First Regular Night Market
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Tokyo’s First Regular Night Market

(upbeat music) (boing) (growl) – [Chris] Anyone who’s
experienced a Tokyo summer knows that after dark is the
best time to explore the city. Even more so now thanks to the arrival of the first regular Tokyo Night Market. For the past decade, the
Tokyo Farmers’ Market has been providing conscientious Tokyoites with incredible food, fresh
local produce, artisanal wares, and vintage goods. (upbeat music) Mmmm… – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) Hello, I’m Anees, this is caravan shop. You can find honey, pomegranate
sauces, and olive oil. – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) If you’re looking for
a place to sample some of the best local and
international cuisine then The Night Market
has your bases covered. Each truck is serving
something completely different so it’s a great place to try a wide range of different drinks and dishes. – Hello. It’s a lemonade stand. Our lemonade is made from all fresh lemons and only we use fresh juice, fresh… Everything is fresh. Ya, we don’t use any artifical chemicals. – [Chris] Artificial. – Artificial? Artificial chemicals. Farmers’ Market is
supporting local business and local people. And then we open at night, you can enjoy Night Market with drinks. (laughs) – [Chris] Each event is
also in collaboration with a different partner. For example, this night was
with Raw Tokyo, a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs
full of vintage clothes vendors, and people making craft products like jewelry and pottery. The best part is you never
really know what you’re going to find. – This is the spin-off
event of our OEM Osaki flea and this time we collaborate
with some sweets vendors and then some saki pairings. – I think this one’s the apple. It’s pretty good, it’s nice. I smell… – [Male] Pudding. – I like all of these. – Can I say apple’s my favorite? – Yeah. – [Chris] The Night Market has
the same creative community ethos as the Farmers’ Market but with a more “after dark” vibe. And the entertainment is
also turned up a notch. – My name is Ermhoi. I do electronic music and I sing and I’m in a band called Black
Boboi and that’s about it. I think it’s amazing because
there’s this freedom, people can gather whenever
they want and they can drink, eat, buy clothes. And it’s outside in the
middle of a big city but it’s still there’s
like peaceful atmosphere. So I just love it, it’s amazing. – [Chris] Even if you’re
just a tourist in town for a short while the Night
Market can be worth the visit. It’s also a great way to
pick up some souvenirs. – I’ve just moved house so
I’m trying to figure out, I need to buy houseplants
actually, and so I was like, this is cool. So if you’d like to join us
come to the Farmers’ Market and talk to us at the
information or you can contact us on the webpage. – Farmers’ Market (speaks
in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) – Come to Farmers’ Market. – Farmers’ Market (speaks
in foreign language) – Please come to Farmers’ Market. – Farmers’ Market (speaks
in foreign language) (boing) – [Chris] Hey, if you like
what you just watched, subscribe to our channel
for more videos like ’em. And for more on the Farmers’
Market and Night Market and to check for upcoming
dates visit or (8-bit video game music)

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10 thoughts on “Tokyo’s First Regular Night Market

  1. can you tell me the name of this night market and are they here everyday of the week? what time do they start to open? and how to go there? thank you so much

  2. I remember walking past the market on one of my visits to Tokyo but I was actually more interested in the UN University, which the market is situated at.

    It's near Omotesando Station.

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