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Tom Wright – Director of New Business Development

My name is Tom Wright. My current position here at Bedford is I’m director of new business development. I’ve been with Bedford since January 7th of 1991. I’ve been the Sales Manager now
for many, many, many years. I’m in charge now of broadening our product offering or broadening the markets that we’re going to go after. We’ve been predominantly
involved in the power generation and the wastewater treatment areas and the
structural shape areas, the materials used in chemical processing plants and different things of that nature. So we’re trying to look at new things and
different things to expand where we’re going to go to. So we go out to the
end-user, we go out to the market, whether it be trade show or different shows that we go to, or whether it be on a specific project with a specific customer, I believe that you need to build that relationship and the person needs to be able to trust me or trust BRP and trust that what we’re talking
about is legitimate and that we can offer a complete solution. Top things that the customers communicate with me is how easy it is to do business with
Bedford reinforced plastics. Where we go out of our way to take care of the
customer and that could be anything from sending an email back today to the
design element of a specific project to to confirmation of the delivery of the
material. I love everything about my job. If you’re going to prioritize things the
thing I like best is dealing with the deal or making the deal.
Taking the opportunity, how we get our opportunities in, with the company and then analyzing the opportunity and then going out and meeting with the
customer and building a relationship and literally putting together the deal.

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