Top 10 Face-Palming Product Recalls
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Top 10 Face-Palming Product Recalls

English CC by Charles Baluyot (PH) Rebecca: No need to think twice about it, you won’t be use it again anyway. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks, for the ‘Top 10 Infamous Product Recalls’. For this list, we’re taking a look at products
that were taken off from the market, after irking the public and stirring controversy. Because products are typically recalled out
of necessity for safety and health reasons, and those products are rarely seen again, we’re also considering how this affected
the companies that manufactured them. Introduced in 1963, the ‘Easy-Bake Oven’ was immediately appealing. Kids getting into make tasty treats, what’s not to like? In 2007, however, Hasbro recalled its latest model of the toy, after they received numerous
substantial complaints… …of children getting their
fingers stuck in the oven’s door. Hasbro issued an involuntarily recall, and made available of free
‘U.S.Consumer Product Safety Commission’ approved guard… …for all those who still wanted to keep the oven. Except, it didn’t work. The ‘CPSC’ report revealed of approximately 250 more cases, of getting children’s fingers getting caught in the door, and nearly 80 cases of burns. With one girl’s burn being so bad, her finger was amputated. This brought on another recall, in the end, the recall affected
nearly 1 million ‘Easy-Bake Ovens’. Back in 2015, the ‘U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’, charged ‘Volkswagen’ with breaching the ‘Clean Air Act’. A 1963 law that tries to ensure
exactly what its name implies. The investigation revealed,
that 11 million ‘Volkswagen’ vehicles, that had turbocharged direct injection diesel engines, were programmed using defeat devices, to keep emissions at a approved levels during testing periods, but would forgo those controls afterwards, thereby releasing unapproved
levels of nitrogen oxide into the air. As a result, ‘Volkswagen’ made plans to invest over 18 billion dollars ($18+ B), to refit affected models across the globe, and reduce their emissions. As you can imagine, their reputation also took a bit of a hit. Remember in 2008, when there was that salmonella outbreak? If you don’t, then you should. The ‘Center for Disease Control and Prevention’, reported 9 deaths and over 700 cases of food poisoning, as a result of negligence. After an extensive collaborative investigation
between the ‘CDC’ and the ‘FDA’, the outbreak was traced back to a
‘Peanut Corporation of America’ plant in Georgia. Reports on that facility, as well as the one in Texas, revealed unsanitary conditions,
such as dead animals and moldy ceilings. Reports also accused the plant and company’s CEO, of approving the sale of products that had already
tested positive for salmonella. The scandal’s recall was the largest
pertaining to food in U.S. history, and it forced the ‘Peanut Corporation’ into bankruptcy. In action movies, it’s not uncommon to see a car explode,
after even the smallest impact. Starting as early as 1973, there were cases stating that the ‘Ford Pinto’ might be volatile. It wasn’t until the next year, that
something official came about, with a petition put forth by ‘Center for Auto Safety’
to recall the car make. Apparently, the Ford Pinto’s gas
tank was poorly positioned, between the rear axle and bumper. And intended to catch fire, when it touched the shock absorber in the back of the car, and thus would frequently explode in rear end collisions. Ford faced a slew of legal battles and accusations… …criticizing it’s decision-making
both before and during the scandal. Ultimately, ‘Ford’ issued a massive recall, and in 1980, they stopped producing the ‘Pinto’ altogether. Chances are not bad, that you’ve sat in
a car with ‘Takata’ corporation airbags, given that they’ve been manufactured since 1988, and covered 20% of the airbag market. However in 2013, complaints against the company came pouring in. citing issues that may have
spanned the previous 10 years. ‘Honda’ asserted that their product costs 8 deaths, and approximately 100 injuries. Claiming that, even minor collisions, ‘Takata’ airbags propelled deadly shrapnel upon deployment. An investigation revealed, it was the ‘Takata’ production plant in Mexico, that it inappropriately assembled the less stable parts of the air bags. Over the course of the controversy, several recalls were issued, necessitating a recall of
millions of vehicles from brands, including ‘Ford’, ‘Toyota’, ‘Chrysler’ and ‘BMW’. The exact number of deaths and injuries due to this product can be debated, as use of roman blinds is so widespread. But what cannot be argued is the fact that in 2009, all roman-style blinds were recalled from the market. What does all constitute? Well around 50 million units. The ‘United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’ pulled roman-style blinds, when several children died from strangulation, after becoming entangled in the
shades exposed inner cord. Ultimately, the report recommended, consumers stop using roman-style shades altogether… …if they were not equipped with updated safety precautions. In 2010, over 1 million sling style ‘Infantino’ brand
baby carriers, were recalled from the market. The ‘Consumer Product Safety Commission’ determined, there was a risk of asphyxiation for those babies being carried. After 3 infant deaths occurred, an investigation was launched. Which revealed, swing style
carriers could block air passages, resulting in the tragic death of these infants. The risk was especially great, for those under the age of four months. In March 2010, the ‘CPSC’ issued a report
linking 14 deaths to the product. Dating back as far as 1990, and just weeks later, the recall was issued. Back in 2008, China recalled approximately, 9,000
tons of powdered baby formula. It was revealed, the China’s largest producer of baby formula had
issued products cut with melamine. A dangerous chemical used for plastic, but it can also be used, to falsely indicate
high protein levels when added to milk. According to reports, it was this misleading nutritional information, that led to the deaths of at least six infants
from complications with their kidneys. Ultimately, the scandal affected 300,000 thousand victims, including 54,000 infants. Two men were sentenced to death, by ‘Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court’, for their role in selling the contaminated powder. This pain reliever was pulled from the market in October 1982, after it was linked to the murders of seven people. Reports determined, ‘Tylenol’ in
Chicago and its surrounding areas, had been tampered with
and laced with potassium cyanide. ‘Johnson & Johnson’, Tylenol’s parent company, promptly issued warnings, suspended production, and, set in motion a full nationwide recall. In total, ‘Tylenol’ pulled, nearly 100 million dollars worth
of product from the market, and the entire pharmaceutical industry developed
special packaging to prevent tampering. Interestingly, no culprits in this case wherever caught, but in the wake of the crisis, the public was scared by several copycat offenses. The company faced yet another recall in 2010, but this time, initiated due to mildew in its products. Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions. Back to cars and crashes. In 2000, after a warning from the
‘National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’, ‘Ford’ launched an investigation into
the quality of the ‘Firestone Tires’, that it used on its vehicles. They determined that several ‘Firestone’ models failed far more often, than what’s considered normal. And after more tests, found, that (Ford) Explorer’s fitted with these tires, tended to roll over when they failed. One possible reason for these problems, before the ‘Explorer’ was first put on the market… ‘Ford’ discovered, it was inclined to roll over in accidents. Instead of a complete redesign, they opted to reduce air in the tires. However, low tire pressure can lead to
accelerated deterioration of the rubber. Reports vary, but these ‘Firestone’ tire failures are
thought to have caused 250 deaths, and, 3,000 injuries. The recall, ultimately pulled over 14.4 million tires. Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the most infamous product recall? For more interesting ‘Top 10s’ published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Face-Palming Product Recalls

  1. In 2018, stores recalled Romain Lettuce because they reported that it got something bad called "E-Coli" and I think it also reported that 2 people died. They also said that to throw away any Romain Lettuce you have in your fridge.

  2. How’s the baby get to the blind. You’re not gonna leave marbles all of the floor around your one year old right? Not gonna leave your baby with a bunch of plastic bags right? Blinds have strings in general, you should be watching your kids better. Or maybe not buy blinds like that. When my child started moving about more, I took down the blinds he could maybe possibly get to when I’m preoccupied. Stupidity.

  3. Toyotas VVT-I enginesblocks there was a giant recall of the Toyota VVT-I engines in the mid 00's espisially the 1,8 VVT-I the engine block cracked so they had to replace the engine on the importers "check" in Europe there were alot of Toyotas with that engine in to have a new engine put in with very few kilometers/miles on it

  4. So let me get this straight, ford made faulty explorers and the tyres ware recalled because they haven't been used properly. What the actual fuck?

  5. The Galaxy Note 7 Could Be The #1 Most Face-Palming Recall Cause It's The Most Infamous Than Other Things.

  6. I agree with below.
    No. 9 – VW recall was issued by the EEPA (European) after tests in the UK had discovered the problem. The findings were passed on to the EPA who then decided to act after wasting time doing their own tests.
    But if they failed in the US then they really had to be bad.

  7. Ever had dye free liquid tylenol? It's a goopy, milky clear/white, and it takes a half hour for me to bring myself to drink it

  8. i had a feeling the pinto was going to be on here it really was one of those that should have been redone or rethought first but no it was the best idea ever never get in a pinto ever even if you are a dare devil just don't…

  9. Labeling one Chinese brand (SanLu) as "Chinese milk" is arrogant, just like labeling easy bake oven as "American toy", Ford pinto as "American Car" etc…

  10. Kroger had to recall all of its peanut butter a couple of years ago because the label didn't have an allergy warning about containing peanuts.

    THAT's a facepalm. It makes you wonder how some consumers breathe unassisted.

  11. 2:05 "Voulcks-waagen" LOL it's Folks-wagon, the people's car.
    Could not concentrate on the rest of the video, just kept laughing.

  12. My ex boyfriend who is also my best friend. His stepfather was just in an accident and the airbag fucked up and the retards took the 50 thousand the company offered instead of taking it to court and getting millions 😑

  13. I kinda think the Easy Bake Oven recall was bullshit. First of all, it clearly stated "For ages 8 and up" and "Adult Supervision Required" on the box. Now, if you give it to a child who is clearly not old enough (like in the above video at 1:13), AND you can't be bothered to supervise your child when he or she uses it, AND your 8 year old has never been taught that ovens get hot when they are cooking so keep your damn hands out of them, that is really NOT the manufacturers fault, that's just idiot parenting.

    My sister got one when she was 8 or 9 years old, back in the 70's. I am 4 years younger than her. We both used the oven and neither of us got injured.

    It's just sad how "dumbed down" our society has gotten. Common sense just isn't a flower that grows in everyone's garden anymore.

  14. essentially we are looking at mass stupidity – blinds with possible choke points – Jesus what happened to parenting ? Ive brought a brilliant 20 year old up without this PC crap – for gods sake she keeps 2 pythons today ? Grow up and learn how to be adults

  15. I loved my Suzy homemaker oven I got for my 5th birthday. It looked like a tiny version of a real oven.

  16. I personally think all foods should be inspected before shipped to grocery stores. after all no person wants chemicals or bugs in snacks or anything in foods. and I love snacks oh yeah because reading about fly eggs in tomato sauce and nasty chemicals in potato chips is not a good thing. sorry folks the truth has been shown now. there is another thing I want to bring to everyone's attention. a game Stop sold me a defective controller I Imedietely reported it to another. about how bad it was now for the list of scams and crocked businesses to avoid. PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, CHAT LINES, PAWN BROKERS, LOTTERY, MONEY LOAN SHARKS, GAMBLING ON LINE CASINO GAMES, MAKE MONEY AT HOME PROGRAMS, ON LINE PAYING SURVEYS, FAKE LYING IRS PHONE MESSAGES, a lot of these target young folks not aware fully of the scams within them. pharmacy companies do not care about people's health just making billions of dollars. keeping customers on this never ending merry go round of perscruped medication for life. and everyone be aware of credit card information thieves just waiting to steal your credit. this happened to a friend I know he cancelled his credit card so thieves would not bankrupt him. so everyone be carefull of these things. do not take these warning lightly these vultures are sleazy. SJW groups and Democrats want to limit the free will that everyone enjoys. It is time the public realise what is going on. we can stop them from restricting our freedom. my protest will continue it is important to remember we make choices how to live no one does that for us.

  17. I'm trying to get my head around the fact that kinder surprises are banned in the US because of the danger they cause to kids. Yet they sell them ovens where they can burn themselves. 😂🤔😂🤔😂🤔😂🤔😂

  18. I used an easy bake oven correction I owned a easy bake oven me and my sister both had one and neither of us burned our fingers or stuck our fingers in the easy bake oven ever and it's one of those toys that needed adult supervision

  19. my dad told me that hot will burn you so dont touch, i was careful and i enjoyed my oven. never got burned.

  20. Yikes with that Easy-Bake Oven thing…probably safer just to let your kids help you bake (in little ways; measuring, mixing, adding chocolate chips or blueberries, frosting and glazing cakes when they're baked and cooled, that kind of stuff).

  21. Honestly, it's stupid that the roman blinds had been recalled, as they'd been around for … since my mom was born in 1950 something, and all parenting classes warn about the cord… if your too stupid to understand what they meant about the cord, then maybe you shouldn't be parents.

  22. "You remember putting your hand in there? Why are you putting it in again?" WHY DO STILL LET HER?????,

  23. I have to wonder about the parents whose kid burned her fingers-then let her play with it and get burned AGAIN.

  24. VW gets busted for lying about pollution but Corsica gets away with putting unsafe seatbelt buckles in their back seats in which the seat belt will come undone in a car wreck. I'm a victim of that falty seat belt shit and my wreck happened in 2010 and I was in a 95 Corsica. The parametric said every accident he responded to that involved one he got the same report and the year of the Corsicas where from the early 90s on up to the latest model they made at the time.

  25. remember that sometimes even if they know some might die they don't care because they will wate a few billions but will make billions…

  26. It was mostly Fords bad design they knew it should have been wider bit a redesign would be very expensive so they deflated the tires. Which not only lead to accidents but some people or shops would inflate tires to normal psi and be more prone to flip but Ford never cared to mention that but instead threw Firestone in front of the bus. Not the first time Ford picked saving money over lives

  27. Oh parents left the strings hanging down on blinds and thier children were hanged huh seems like stupid parents

  28. 5:13 The original Crown Victoria had the EXACT same problem with the EXACT same cause. It's almost as if Ford didn't learn anything and just hoped nobody would notice.

  29. If you need a warning from the government to protect your kids from strangling themselves you’re a fucking jackass POS parent . Oh I didn’t know these shades with long strings and a curious kid could be a bad thing , kids mess with things they shouldn’t do you not think they could choke themselves if given something like the string of some shades ? Dumbasses

  30. I have an Easy Bake Oven. Got it when I was a kid. Never once stuck my body parts in it. I've been baking with conventional ovens practically since I could walk. So I guess I was always aware of the dangers involved. If only all kids were taught like that…

  31. I got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas when I was, like, ten…ish?
    It was the blocky pink, black and white one they showed in the severely 90s commercial.
    I never got burned, but I DO think I had a faulty one. It never cooked thoroughly enough and I would get frustrated and just cook in the kitchen with the actual oven.
    And, once I got good.working with the kitchen oven, my Easy Bake just kinda became obsolete. I ended up giving the bulb from it to my Dad who needed that wattage in his workshop.

  32. Thalidomide was the most horrific pharmaceutical disaster in history.

    The fact that this wasn't even mentioned is mind-boggling!

  33. Dont forget the deadly Rely tampons (super super absorbency) that caused Toxic Shock Syndrome and killed many women. They were removed from shelves in 1980

  34. The Roman blinds are so fucking stupid. Keep your shitting kids away from stupid shit. Hell let them die. Natural fucking selection

  35. My Easy Bake Oven looked like a real oven. It opened up just like a real one and used a light bulb for heat. You unplugged it and then put the plug on the top to open it up. I burned myself severely once. It was quite dangerous.

  36. Absolutely no pain for VW.
    They immediately after the scandal advertised aggressively and has done since. Instead of being punished (for instance by prohibiting advertising for a couple of years), VW is still dominating – as with all originating from Germany.
    Really scandalous!

  37. Why not make a special on cars that are unsafe that didn't get the publicity like the Corvair or Pinto. I can tell you about worse cars like the Smart car it can kill you in a split second if hit in the rear. The super short wheel base causes it to go out of control so quickly that it is impossible to recover. The Suzuki Samurai rolls on it's roof if it gets hit with a gust of wind at highway speeds when it's snowy. That's just a couple off the top of my head . You can also mention the vehicle fires caused by government mandate of ethanol in gasoline. Older vehicles were not designed compatible for ethanol and causes rubber Components to soften and rupture causing fuel to leak and or spray to get ignited by heat or spark.

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