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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Rule Breaking Films

  1. The Blair Witch project was interesting in that it was a film about pretend real events but was staged after all.

  2. One very obscure French film that should certainly make this list is "Hotel" by Benjamin Nuel.

    It was made entirely with video game graphics from Counterstrike, and tells a very surrealist and structureless story yet somehow captures this feeling of existential dread. I personally loved it.

    Not sure where one can watch it, it used to be on the Arte website, but more info in English here: http://www.vdrome.org/benjamin-nuel-hotel

  3. How did Snatched Not make the list? It has several of the rule braking, plot not in order during parts of the film, no clear protagonist or real winner in the end of movie, The fact it is hard to tell who was a good guy or bad guy in the film. Snatched seemed to break all the rules even camera angle rules. Only rule not broken was the color rule.

  4. Paprika really breaks all the reality rules, even thought it's already an Animated movie. I deserved as thought maybe 🙂 good choices, I was just waiting for Buñel to show up 🙂

  5. I watched "L'année dernière à Marienbad" on French TV…This film has been one of the most mocked ones ever by both critics and the public, and it doesn't look interesting at all judging by anything else than watching the film…But when you watch it, there's some kind of eery fascination unfolding…really beautiful.
    Please also watch only once in your life "L' âge d'or", by Dali and Bunuel…You"ll hate it, or love it.

  6. Also, have a look at that nonsensical french film : "Cold cuts"…The first hour or so is absolutely wonderful (you can feel that the Director got a bit tired eventually for the end looks botched).
    One of the best dialogs, I can't resist :

    (Depardieu's appartment rings, he opens the door to Jean Carmet, crestfallen)
    – I'm your wife's murderer.
    – Come in…Would you like to join me for dinner?
    (Jean Carmet sits and starts eating the soup, looking horribly distressed)
    – It doesn't go down.
    – Oh yeah? I prepared it yesterday, though, it's still fresh…
    – I'm not talking about your soup, I'm talking about your wife!
    – Oh, come on, man, just do like me and switch to something else!
    (The Police Officer, Depardieu's new neighbour, rings, jean Carmet is panicking)
    – Who's this?
    – Don't worry, it's my new neighbour, the Police Officer.
    – Whew, I'm so relieved!
    – Good evening Mister the Commissaire, here's my wife murderer!
    (Placid look from the Police Officer, played by Bernard Blier, to Jean Carmet)
    – Glad to meet you…
    – Glad to meet you…Do you have a lot of murder cases these days?
    – Quite a lot, thanks.
    – Do you catch the murderers often?
    – The least possible…
    – Why so?
    – Because a murderer is much more dangerous in prison than in the wild!
    – How that?
    – Because of the risk of contaminating the other inmates!

    Etc.Etc. What a wonderful first hour 🙂

  7. "And topping our list of the top 10 westerns of all time is Tarkovsky's 'The Mirror', because it's just that good."

  8. What was the movie with the brief clip of soldiers being attacked in a hallway just before From Dusk Till Dawn ?
    6 min 53 sec in.

  9. "So, I could pick this movie you've seen and this other thing you've seen, but fuck that, I'm going to pick another obscure French movie that you have zero point of reference for and talk about how great it is!"

    Repeat ten times.

  10. How much is Tarkovsky's estate paying you to put his films in EVERY list? Seriously love your eclectic channel, but COME ON, it's not all about Tarkovsky, there are a dozen directors just as, if not more, brilliant. You didn't even mention Bergman. Though it was nice to see a viddie that mentioned Ozu, Kurosawa and Mizoguchi. Now apologize for leaving out Kobayashi!

  11. @ CineFix, I would like to see a list of cultural norms, expected content and taboos of movies around the world. For instants, as Americans, we do not like to see children or a mother and child killed on screen, if killed at all.

  12. First off, gotta say that I love how much care and thought goes into these lists. Many top ten are pretty subjective, but y'all directly forego that by making each slot on the list focus on a different interpretation of the thesis. Most "rule breaking"? Here's ten films that have nothing in common.

    Anywho, a bit disheartened to see "From Dusk Till Dawn" make an appearance without a mention of Scott Pilgrim. Certainly, the title, the basis, and the genre all give something away. But the fact that his first opponent literally kicks through the roof and challenges him to an anime fight is absolutely contra to the first twenty minutes of film. Couple that with ADHD cuts, the not-quite-metaphor magical realism elements, and you've got a film that really shook up what it means to be an action…rom…com…

  13. Brecht and the Verfremdungseffekt came out of the Marxist Epic Theater movement of Erwin Piscator. Piscator wanted to create a theater that would not emotionally involve the audience in the action, so that the audience could be educated with the message of the play.

  14. No.2 was No.2 for real i wanna watch it now…i mean a hunger driven movie..doesn't get better than that

  15. Look call me uncultured when it comes to cinema I dont really care but I found this to be quite dull in selection choices. There are great choices to be had internationally, however, I find that to be few.

    American films can be quite lacking in certain depth and cinematic quality that is also rich in its artistic design with dialog that well written as often as I'd like but our movies have there many gems to be had you could have pulled here from many decades worth really yet nothing? Nothing in the last 30-40 years even?

  16. didn't understand what language you were speaking when you said the title "jeanne dielman, …", then realised it was in french, i speak french…

  17. Como!, you cant be that pretencious!, Pulp Fiction deserves 4th, and Memento 1th in its own category. You choosen old and stranger films this Time! No!!!!

  18. Peeling potatoes is as important as murder?

    Okay … you never once mentioned "camera shake" – which makes the movie look like it was made by an amateur.

    …unless, of course, it's when a cam-corder is used like Cloverfield or 8MM

  19. Cinefix list is for movie connoisseurs indeed. Every time one film makes it to the list many are mentioned as well. Again not everyone understand these placements because the list is made based truly on knowing cinematography and filming techniques. Interesting how most of the movies in this list are foreign movies that hardly make it to the cinemas.

  20. Alain Resnais didn't write Last Year at Marienbad. Like, not at all. It was written by novelist Alain Robbe-Grillet, who later became a director.

  21. Richard Linklater with Slacker is my favorite rule breakers! I mean the story as a whole fits so well, but it feels so random as it goes from each perspective with barely feeling like there is any break in the story line. Such a chaotic story but once it gets to the old man with the monologue on anarchy it all just feels like one story again. Also how everyone is slightly linked by friends or just passing by others focal point

  22. Why wasn’t Arrival on this list? I mean woah, that time shit was extravagant and definitely rule-breaking. A very non-linear story line where even the very saddest ending is placed at the forefront of the movie.

  23. Superb content. Thank you so much. The writing of the narration was unusual for its sophistication and the delivery of it bright.

  24. what about "killing the dog"… that's not supposed to happen ! The family pet should always survive (thanks John Wick)

  25. Would be nice to have a list of honorable mentions. Some of the names went by so fast, they were hard to understand.

  26. top 10 : really ? it's breaking the 4th wall, but the movie didn't do it really.. while you got Deadpool who broke the 4th wall when he was only a comic

  27. If an artist does a realistic portrait piece, anyone can be a judge and start talking about how left eye feels too big. Because you know what it is, it is easier to talk about it. If an artist uses pig blood, glue, and feather and smear all of it on a canvas, the sense of good or bad is cannot be structured. Personally I feel that a fantastic film with a great and CLEAR storytelling is much harder to make than mixed bag platter film of wtf was that.

  28. From Dusk Till Dawn didn't deserve to be here. Going into it, everybody already knew it was gonna be about vampires. So we were just waiting for that part to happen. And throwing careful character build-up away in favor of a gore-soaked second half wasn't a new thing either. Sleepwalkers did it a few years earlier and it sucked just about as much.

    Should have had an entry for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari instead. Where other films try to break the 4th wall, Caligari sets up two walls (surrealistic expressionism sets) and lets the viewer get comfortable with them, and then reveals that – surprise! – there was a 3rd wall after all (where the surrealistic sets turn out to represent the insanity and blurred/wrong memory of the narrator).

  29. Bizarre – what's with the psycho-esque music interrupting the actual Psycho music and almost drowning out the voiceover?

  30. Show some love to Christopher Nolan's 'Memento' which features non-linear narrative and takes you into the mind of an amnesiac.

  31. What, no Be Cool? Which literally makes fun of movie rules including reminding the audience of other movies, and the characters the actors played in those movies. Its one of the hardest things for an actor, to not just jump out of typecasting, but to push away their fame of another role so they can keep the viewers mind on that character insteadof the extremely popular character they played before. Johnny Depp used to do this especially well, i watched Blow and it was years before i found out he was the main character….i never saw him as anything else. But Be Cool has actors discussing killing what is supposed to be a main character at the start then discusses why you cant do that, while having the actors listing movies that did…each one listing one they had been in. Then has stephen tyler talking about refusing to do a movie in which hes doing that same thing in the movie…. Come on, thats gotta make the list….
    Then you have americas sweethearts, which is a satire of the whole movie marketing industry which makes the whole industry look so incredibly fake….while being so endearing that theres a love story in there.
    Or dave barrys' big trouble, which includes a 7min version of the movie on the dvd so you really dont even have to watch it.
    Or what love is, which takes place in a house and outside said house and turns male/female relationships on their head in such a brusque and truthful way and makes the decision of the man to chose HIMSELF over the girl mindblowing and unexpected (is that even possible?!) over the woman he was going to propose to or the girl he met that was so profound and the viewer had to think they were going to hook up. Its an incredible work that could have been a play.
    There are a few others, but next time you may want to split up your list into modern and earlier (pre 1980) movies…can still classify it as a top 10, keep it in the same video, give reference to new or old movies in each list, and just give the caveat that you couldn't reference all the rule breakers (1st or more well known modern as the choice) and the changes in rules after the rule breakers.
    Just a thought.

  32. Oh, and star wars….im really surprsed star wars (original) didnt make on the list. The techniques they used were groundbreaking. And hate to say it, but avatar and all the cgi blend with live action should have gotten a spot. Hell, space jam, roger rabbit….could have done a lot with that. And dont roast me for not listing ones before toon town, i know animation and live action were done before, but still, the success of those early ones made most of the current movies possible.

  33. whatabout something regarding CHUNGKING EXPRESS ? you people over at CINEFIX, yor alright. oh! do something on REPO MAN maybe ? idonno. anyways, thanks.

  34. God, most of these look like dreadful artsy turds, especially #3 with its "Watch woman pick up a spoon, watch woman take a bath, watch woman get paid" etc -for fucks sake, if I want to just watch a day in the life of someone, I can just live my own life.

  35. the popular top 10 movie channels are cineflix, watchmojo, and looper…watchmojo is the most popular and has good taste in popular and current movies, whoever's running cineflix has unbelievable movie knowledge and i usually haven't heard of half the movies in their top 10s, but i trust their judgement without a doubt….looper is for 5 year olds

  36. Tarkovsky may have bent the rules. But sadly, the provincial undereducated film writers at CineFix overlooked the ultimate rule-breaker: Jean-Fritz Atonieisenstien. His masterpiece "La Veritie Faux" subverted moviegoers expectations in ways so profound that it made "The Mirror" look like "Oklahoma." When moviegoers were seated for the movie's one and only screening, nothing happened. Nothing. The curtains never opened. No trailers were shown. No cartoons, no feature, no projector, no popcorn. Just nothing. There was no end time nor indication when audience members were meant to leave. Some patrons left after five minutes. Some stayed for days and suffered life-threatening dehydration. GENIUS! Atonioesentien's point? To upend expectations and critique the bourgeoisie. Did he need to make any points beyond those? According the list of meandering drivel that passes for great films on this list, apparently not.

  37. stalker is my favorite andrei tarkovski movie it blends philosophy and suspense ironically its still the most suspenseful movie I have seen

  38. This video was for insiders only. As a customer going to movies for decades you really blew it. The only one I recognized as a shocker was psycho. But it wasn’t just about shock. I remember the movie Bambi where animals were something besides food. I remember I want to live with Susan Hayward. The real character probably deserve to die, but the value of life it self was portrayed well why gone with the wind was not mentioned is beyond me. The studios were fined A hefty amount for just saying the word damn. What about clockwork Orange? Psychopathic behavior allowed and even promoted. If you want to just stay all modern you should have stirred it out with blazing saddles and the breaking of social taboos like unrestricted farting.That would have been a good segue into the rest of your selection.

  39. I love your series. This one, eh, the choices are all meh. Not because I disagree, or have better candidates — just because the rules have a purpose. And few of these films look as though they are at all interesting.

  40. I started Holy Mountain yesterday. I got half-way through it, and I'm going to need some time to digest what happened. Maybe next year I will try again.

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