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86 thoughts on “Top 10 Free Plug-ins – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

  1. I don't know with the slick it all sounds liker a muffled drum track in youtube sound or the lapel mike doesn't let the true sound come through I am listening through a quality pair of over ear studio headphones and I can't hear any differences is the drum tracks

  2. I thought the ol soft tube was a great little plug, thanks for verifying my ear.
    Good vid BTW, enjoyable and informative.

  3. Wow, I'm glad I found your channel! Recording in a few weeks and all these tips are really giving me stuff to think about, and all these free plugins will help a load! Thanks so much!!

  4. This is the best channel I've come across in the last two years or so. Pure gold. Thanks so much Warren! You're doing a marvelous job! 🙂

  5. I get the "not safe and is being removed" thing with my Norton Internet Security on a lot of free plugins.   For now I'll trust Norton.   But any thoughts are appreciated

  6. Hi Warren, I hope you're well and all is okay.Thanks for the information in this, and all other videos, and best wishes from Kingston-upon-Thames.

  7. Mate, that vocal is already quite saturated and with Decapitator it sounds like something I would do to a vocal for… Industrial electronica production. 🙂 Or Death Metal. I'm sorry, I couldn't help commenting that. It's just so obvious. However, maybe it's for effect in a particular part of the song? I really enjoy watching your videos, though. It's just that we have a different definition of "warm" and "distorted to bits". 🙂

  8. Hey Warren, great topic and straightforward demoing with A/B. For DI guitar, DI bass and tube preamp emulation, try AXP Soft Amp plugs. They're all free, simple to get around in, fantastic sounding and very CPU-light. Charbooster, Flextron and PSA are my favourites, but all are surprisingly musical. Cheers.

  9. It would be great if any one track were played in time.
    Gating makes performance errors even more pronounced. LOL – guitar

  10. Plucking a bunch of plugins for mixing that don't interact well with one another is a surefire way of ending up with sheit.

  11. Desperatly searching for a free drumplugin/library. I already tried stuff like MT PowerDrum Kit 2 and Drummic'a but i found both to be lacking for the base drum which produces more an unpleasant uhmpf than a round base drum sound (also the MT Kit stopped working completly for some reason)

  12. Tragedy! The Audio Assault plugins are no longer free! 🙁 Now, was this just the Demo version that you reviewed? And if so, does it have a limited time or something where it just randomly cuts the effect out? Or did these used to just all be free 2 years ago?

  13. Warren, first of all, thank you for these rich, concise and valuable tutorials.

    Secondly, (on the subject of plug-ins) I've been trying to find an EQ plug in specifically for orchestral instruments; so that one could grab the pull down menu and choose something like "Cellos" for instance.

    And lastly, for the sake of mixing clarity, how important is it to use a notch filter approach to block out the unused frequency. . . or, in your opinion, are those samples from the likes of Kontakt and/or Xpander good enough right out of the box?

    Thank you

  14. Softube Saturation Knob has ludicrous DRM requiring three separate online accounts just to download a supposedly "free" plugin, and HeadCrusher no longer has a free version, only a demo. There are free options like Klanghelm IVGI which you can just go download with no hoops and no disrespect unlike those.

  15. Hey man thanks for the video, good help. Can you advise me on this – the soft tube saturate is installed but apparently I need to buy a physical ilok dongle?

  16. I'm thinking of getting an Avid 11 rack for recording guitars in my home studio.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this product.  This would work in my DAW just the same as plug ins right?

  17. Old video, but I wanted to point out that I noticed flanging begin to be present when the Blue Cat analyser was added after the Bark of Dog. I found that odd, and interesting.


  18. Regarding clipping the output of one plugin and then outputting to another – I’m not sure how it works in ProTools but I’d be surprised if it’s any different: I used Digital Performer as my DAW and all it’s internal signal flow in the mixing is done at 32bit floating point, which means it’s virtually impossible to clip a signal internally until the end of the chain. In other words, putting a trim after the saturation plugin to tame the signal should be totally fine. The only reason this might not be the case is if the plugin itself is using a lower bit-rate non-floating point word length for it’s processing for some reason, but I can’t really see that being the case.

  19. Warren- try the DCAM free vst plugin- very much a SSL bus compressor / Smart C2 style. Its also very vert nice – as with the DC1A & Mjcur comp.

    A1EQ is also great- SSL style eq again free also.

  20. Hello here in 2018, I don't think that audio assault has the transient or animal plugin anymore, and the head crusher is no longer free, is this correct?

  21. The lack of a simple out-trim on the softube is one of the world's little mysteries.

    All gain change affects perception and therefore a/b auditioning from flat.
    In terms of competency in this simple context, it's a breath-taker.

    Transient designer is an envelope-difference (signal generator) automatic gain control …

    It cannot be "selective" as to what is affected at by the generated control signal: It's a time based effect – but the envelopes (EG scheme) may be faster or more sensitive.

  22. Having trouble with some of these. My preferred DAW is Logic and I use Pro Tools to be a handy professional tool. With Blue Cat; no matter how I install/drag into my "Plug Ins" folder, the Chorus plugin just doesn't show up in either DAW. Audio Assault however is another story; the headcrusher and Transient plugins work on both but the Grind Machine only opens in Pro Tools. I would love to have access to all of the above in both DAW's, is there something I'm doing wrong here? I use a Mac, in case that wasn't implied. Any advice from anyone would be much appreciate!!

  23. For all players of heavy guitar tones, the ignite amps emissary is a fantastic free plugin.
    Keep up the great work, Warren. Learning tons from you

  24. I just realize what an awesome person you are. Lots of youtubers promise free stuf if you click on a link but are not telling that you have to sign up for a mailinglist. I really dislike that kind of sneakiness. You just said that you can get free stuff if you sign up for the mailinglist. I know the outcome would be the same but this just feels honest to me. you are special and i love your content. Thanks for everything you do to help noobs like me.

  25. I've been meaning to ask this for a while now; That AD-8000 in your rack there, do you use it? If so, how?

    I have one with the digi-8 card in it from a while back. Been looking for the ADAT ambus card for ages, and just can't seem to find any. I'd love to use mine, but it's just sitting collecting dust right now

  26. have you seen the "modern death clone"? It seems to be a free version of the slate distressor, and it's free!

  27. Hi first of all thank you very much for the great reviews as always, but there something that i`m confused, when you comparing the Slick Eq against the Waves API, are you using the slick eq in the Drum Bus? or are you using in the Kick or Snare? im asking because i saw that you choosed the mono version of the Slick Eq. Best Regards

  28. There must be a million Top Ten Free VSTs on YouTube, so there's got to be some that are bottom of the krap heap, they can't all be 'Awesome'

  29. Thanks a lot for all this extensive and thorough information, it will be surely put to very good use! I was thinking about the attack settings you used in your paralell drum bus with TDR Kotelnikov (39:30) and thought I heard clicks on the low frequencies of the kick. My thought is that the long waveforms might get truncated by such a sudden amplitude change. Cheers! nice vid

  30. 11:58
    You and I have totally different opinions of what sounds cool . . .
    To me, that sounds quite awful – Bad clipping / Distorted / Straining my hearing . .

  31. Good God. When you put that delay on the guitar riff going through the virtual amp and softtube. I didn't realize such amazing tones could be built up by multiple plugins like that.

  32. I am a DAW newbie- have always thought it seemed too complicated compared to my BR1200. I find your videos amazingly helpful and appreciate the was you take time to explain everything in detail

  33. Is it my masturbation or is that female's voice distorted up to 17 sec? I shut it off after that so excuse me for leaving …sorry ,,,Must be my gear…later dude…

  34. Pro Warren, you did a fantastic and casuistic job here. your wig will make me come back. lolz… thanks pro!

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