Top 14 Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses
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Top 14 Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

To master social media marketing, it is necessary
for marketers to find the right solutions. If you’re a small business owner , these
social media marketing tips can help make the process more streamlined while building
customer engagement and improving sales. Start with A Social Media Marketing Plan
Like everything you do in the world of business, when it comes to social media, it is important
to plan before executing. Creating a solid strategy while keeping your
goals in mind will help you avoid any social media mistakes. Conduct A Social Media Audit
It’s a good idea to run a review of your current social media presence, before executing
any new plans. These audits are helpful in keeping your marketing
process streamlined. There are several social media audit templates
available online to help you get started. Customize Plans for Each Social Media Platform
Some businesses make the mistake of blindly jumping into every possible social media platform
without a plan in place. When you’re starting out, stick with three
or four social networking sites. If you try to tackle more, you’ll end up
doing a mediocre job with no significant results. Post Consistently Posting according to the speed of each platform
is necessary. Twitter and Facebook more much faster than
Instagram or Snapchat. So, you’ll need to publish more often or
less often depending on the platform. Come up with a posting schedule and stay consistent
with it. Personalize Your Content
You should be using your social media efforts to forge relationships with your customers. You could also put well-performing employees
in the spotlight to give the brand a human face. Get to know your target audience and put out
content that will appeal to them. Be Sel ective About What You Choose to Share
Remember that when it comes to sharing posts on social media, quality beats quantity. Ensure that you post valuable content consistently. Your posts should be entertaining, helpful
and relevant to your audience. Be cautious about posting anything that isn’t
high quality as this could put your followers off. Improve Your Posts by Analyzing Past Content
After you publish a post, examine its effectiveness. There are several tools available that can
provide you with useful data and help curate your content. They can even give you information on top
performing content based on the keywords you enter. Use these to improve the quality of your posts. Use Images to Maximize Impact
Adding visual appeal to your posts and tweets is a great way to get your content noticed. In this crowded social media landscape where
6,000 tweets are put out every second, it is more important than ever to do what you
can to stand out. Never Put Out Spam
This may be completely unintentional on your part, but it happens quite often. It could result in your audience losing interest
in your content and maybe even unfollowing you. Always try to keep your content exciting and
fresh and avoid posting repetitive messages that people will grow tired of. Use Links to Optimize Posts
When putting together a post for any social media platform, consider how you can use this
to drive traffic back to your products, services or website. Adding links to your posts can act as a gateway
to more important content. Experiment with Content Formats
Rather than sticking with one type of content, try out different formats. You can adapt your written content to suit
various platforms and improve visibility and reach. For instance, you can convert your listicles
into YouTube videos to amass subscribers and views. Use Hashtags Well
Hashtags are a great way to help people find your content. However, it is important not to add an endless
series of hashtags to every post. Do some research on popular hashtags and use
these wisely. You could even create your own hashtag and
share it on your social media networks. Use Social Ads to Target Website Visitors
Attracting visitors to your website is not the easiest endeavor. When they do visit your site, it is important
to hold their interest. You can maximize the potential using social
ads. Some of these come with the option to follow
your visitors to other sites like Facebook and Twitter and urge them to take further
action. Track Your Competitors
Following what your competitors are doing can provide you with useful information and
insights. So, if your competitors are using certain
marketing techniques or channels, you can take inspiration from these and up your own
social media game. Final Thoughts
Many social media platforms offer their own marketing tools such as Google+ Local, Pinterest
promoted pins and targeted ads on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, it is essential for marketers to
take on a more relationship-building, strategic approach rather than continually pushing advertisements. The social media marketing solutions mentioned
above are sure to help you build your brand.

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