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(Shopify Winning Products) In this video I’m gonna show you 22 Products that are absolutely crushing it on Shopify and you need to sell to make money in 2019 Let’s find out Hey, what is up, it’s Rafael here and I’m super super excited for this video because today is my 22nd birthday So for my birthday, I’m giving you guys 22 winning Shopify products to sell on your store Most of these products are making when a hundred thousand dollars every single month some of them are million-dollar products that are running right now in a bunch of Shopify stores and you can model and you can sell yourself and as always in every video we give out a free One-on-one consulting call directly with me to review your store review at whatever you want me to do all you have to do is comment secrets down in the comments below and if you add Happy birthday to that I’ll give you a call as well as a free full Shopify course for you to dominate Shopify in 2019 so comment secrets and that happy birthday to it Subscribe to this channel hit that notification bell and you’ll be entered to win also before we start I want to congratulate this particular student Who has made? 400 400 thousand in just five months of coaching Started from Cyril started with me in my private inner circle started learning from my strategies from my mentoring and now has made almost half a million dollars and now he’s at the point where he’s making like ten thousand dollars every single day absolutely crushing it I heavily Congratulate him and he’s one of my best success stories 5 months almost half a million dollars from Cyril If you want to check out that inner circle program that program with with mentoring Privately from me check it out in the second link down in the description so the first product that I want to show you is this really cool stretch right compression shirt and you might think oh This is a branded product. It says stress right TM right there. Well, it’s not really branded It’s just a general store that kind of built their own brand and their own trademark order out of it And I think this product is absolutely insane Like you can see here the video it’s a compression shirt will go a little bit into it tones your body corrects your posture So the posture corrector that was a massive product This includes that into this a product as well as obviously people want to be fit for summer They want to be fit for now that Beachbody this is a great way to obtain it without obviously doing exercise Which nobody wants to do so you can see here it makes you look better pretty much in any outfit makes Makes your posture look a lot better and it’s just a great great product honestly in my opinion Yeah, 13 million views in about a month with insane engagement over here And if we go to the actual website sky scored express will analyze the site and see exactly how much you’re making So right here you can see it’s selling for 2995. They don’t even have a small size which is pretty interesting We can go to an alive store with a tool called sale source And we can see exactly how much this particular store is making for this particular store what I would target is either interest of people that are interested in fitness or Personalities about fitness like dr oz Oprah or any shows that have to do with health or fitness as well as Bodybuilding or anything that has to do with just getting better shape and that Beachbody Beach Bodybuilders, etc. So, let’s see the Shopify store It was created seven months ago and already they’re making two hundred and eighty seven thousand dollars to five hundred and seventy four thousand dollars per month in seven months There’s a million multi multi-million dollar store over the course of the year in just seven months Absolutely insane and their bestsellers as you can see in the bottom. Is that stretched right mens compression shirt? They also have like tactical waterproof pants and just a bunch of tactical products Which I thought was really cool. If you want to go ahead and sky card express calm. They’re absolutely crushing it with this product So the second one that I want to show you right here is a self-adhesive Caulk strip and you might have not seen that product. It’s like a little strip that you cover Sink and bathroom gaps in it’s just something that people pay a lot of money for it solves a worldwide problem that people have to pay a lot of money for those little gaps and those little Spaces in their bathroom and their home to be covered. So this product pretty much takes care of that very easily You can just buy it and add it there so you can see in the bottom It has two hundred and seventy four thousand views in about two months It’s not a huge product, but I see a lot a lot of potential on it. That’s why i’m promoting it to you guys so I’m sharing with you guys because I see a lot of Potential in this because it solves a problem that people pay a lot of money for people pay plumbers a lot of money for this product and people pay professionals a lot of money to cover a solution that can be done in about And we’ll see the actual page. We’ll see how much the store is making for $30 right for $30 You can pretty much solve a massive problem that a lot of people have will go into analyze store near on sales source And for this product I would target people interested in plumbing people interested in home improvement and brands like Home Depot Lowe’s Just brands about home improvement and people that are homeowners as well. Anything that has to do with like homeowners world Let go calm in about three months or making one hundred and twenty five thousand to two hundred forty six Thousand dollars every single plan. This is I’m showing you a million dollar products This is insane and you can see that they started like three months ago This is absolutely ridiculous. If you got a sale source, you can essentially check the whole side out It’s absolutely insane third product that I want to show you is the solar-powered Bird fountain you might have seen it you might have not if you’re not interested in birds or pets or whatever You probably have not seen it and we’ll check the actual picture how to make your own bird fountain So there’s something that is very very niche. Like people that are interested in birds or bird washing or create creating your own bird Garden, it’s very very niche But it’s also very passionate people are Very interested in this people are interested in bird washing are going to love this and you can see that it has two hundred forty Nine thousand views in about a month not huge again, but a lot of potential to exploit in this niche So I definitely think it’s a winning product For that particular niche if you don’t have a niche in that store Or you don’t have any general stores or anything? You can still sell this product as an offshoot like kind of as an offshoot trendy product for that particular niche So let’s go to the actual website and we’ll click the bitly link right there And this is a product that I would really target anything that has to do with bird-watching or bird brands I would even target like pet food brands like pet smart Petco pet barn all those and then Narrow down by like birds or bird-watching just so it makes sense for people to be interested in bread and then also a bird or bird-watching kind of similar inches so we can see nice day 11 and about two months for making three thousand to seven thousand dollars a Month, which is great for beginners So if you’ve never like made any money on Shopify making three thousand seven thousand after two months after Finding this product is actually pretty good. So I wanted to share it with you guys. Now the fourth product I want to show you is this portable a/c and heating mug, which is absolutely insane. It has blown up on Facebook This mug is actually like an air conditioner just like like it says right here and it’s it’s a really really cool product I was interested in buying it and then I was like wait, this is probably dropship. So I did some more research on it and You know, obviously it’s dropship so you can see right here. It shows off the mug and in about two weeks Two weeks not two months two weeks They’ve had 4.4 million views with a massive just ridiculous engagement on here And if we go to the Billy link, we can see that it’s selling for $37.99 and it’s clearly a Shopify store selling like this dropship product. They do have really good descriptions. The store looks really nice So it’s like sure that a store that they put a lot of effort into and we’ll see how much you’re making we can go To sale source right here. Click analyze store for this particular product I would just target people interested in like outdoor sports or hiking or camping because that’s really the demographic or the actual interest that they’re exploiting which is like hiking just people that want to be outside especially now in the summer and They’re wanting this thing. So two months ago They’re making thirty thousand to sixty five thousand dollars per month in just two months, which I think it’s absolutely insane so if you want to go ahead and sell a product that is selling a lot and has a lot of potential to scale as well because this audience is massive it also applies to Anything that has to do with kids like if you target parents You can also sell it to kids that you know with the angle that hey your kids are going to To vacation or your kids are going to summer camp with this product They’ll be able to have cold water all the time or hot food all the time So it’s really really good for exempt Now the next product that I’ll show you is this magic fishing net which is the fifth product and we’re going to look a little bit of in through the The product itself so you can see that you just throw the fishing net out there You can pull all of these fish right there. So this is a very niche product for fishing It’s easy to target though fishing is really really easy to target on Facebook You just target fishing and then a bunch of fishing brands You’ll definitely hit if your target fishing grant fishing and then either like a professional fish guy or a professional fisherman Then you can really hit that that demographic that interest audience very well in about a month They have two point 1 million views with really really good engagement. And then if we go to the actual site We’re gonna analyze the store and you see the store right here So they have a you know Clearly a Shopify store being drop shipped and they explain the product very very well on the site and as I said I would really just do a lot of research if you’ve never heard about any fishing grants, or you never sold a fishing product I would research a lot into fishing brands. So let’s say after four months They’re making forty five thousand ninety thousand dollars every single month. It’s absolutely insane in four months They’re almost a hundred thousand a month Crazy crazy results when you find a very solid product and you can see that this store is actually a general store like gadget cap Doesn’t have anything to do with fishing or anything They just found a product with an audience that works on Facebook and they use exploited and are making a ridiculous amount of money So if we go to the next product to distinguish nerd this website, I’ve actually talked about it a lot They have a lot of winning products and if you want to go ahead and spy on them, it’s great It’s a great store to spy on so, let’s see this actual product So it’s like an ice cream maker a little ice cream maker and it’s very easy to target like if you target People interested in ice cream brands and then your target people interested in like Food Network Cooking channels or pretty much like cooking magazines You can really hit the spot on that audience very well So you can see that in just two months as 2.1 million views, which is awesome and then very very good engagement will go to the actual website and then we can see that it’s selling for about $59.95 very very solid website build out really good images just they put a lot of effort into it and this website in particular They put a lot of effort into their products and into their marketing They’re making a ridiculous amount of money will go here on sale source and see how much they’re actually made So going to analyze store on sale source and see how much money these people are making again I would target ice cream brands with people interested in cooking channels or cooking magazines and then the distinguished nerd calm Create about four years ago So it’s a solid site with a lot of authority and a lot of build-out and they’re making about hundred a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars for a month over multiple products This is not just the only winning product that they have they have multiple of them that’s why I suggest you really check out their page and just Analyze it six product that I want to show you is a self inflating pump so you can see here You can just add it to any pretty much like any Thing that needs to be inflated and just add it on there and it’s a massive worldwide problem that a lot of people Struggle with which is like tires especially if you target people Interested in like car repair brands or just people interested in cars that have cars interested in car loans things like that They would be really interested in this product is something that people pay a lot of money For and that people travel a long time for as well if you live in like a remote village or something or Motown? You need to go to the main city and go to the main like gas station and then get your tires filled up So this product really solves that problem two hundred fifty six thousand views in about three months As I said these products might not be viral or might not be massive But they’re winning and they fit a mean in the market very very well so we’ll go to the actual website right here will analyze the store both wheels comp is selling for a pretty Expensive price at ninety dollars and you can see they’re selling it all over the world So EU UK au us as always we’re at the top main countries pretty much or the top main regions and then we’ll go into analyze store and I said I would Target people interested in car repair or car brands and then domain creation five months and look at that. Look at that number da $891,000 to one point almost eight million per month. That’s absolutely ridiculous Honestly, like business insane and that’s one of the top products that they launch not that long ago. They launched it Well three months ago. So it’s absolutely insane like they started five months ago Now they’re almost like wow. This is crazy two million dollars per month. Oh my god, Wow. See ya I share with you guys the best stuff. This is awesome. Great store to spy on and an amazing product All right the seven product that I want to show you is this Carver tractable curtain and it’s a great product for summer specially so it’s not like worldwide At all times because you know in the winter like here in Sweden for example in the winter There’s like no Sun so you can’t really use it during the winter But now in summer since its May and it’s gonna be summer right now It’s a really really good product for you to sell and exploit in the next three to four months as they’re doing very very clearly in about a month they’ve done about four million views very very well with a lot of Engagement and we’ll check out the actual product page and see what they’re doing with the product page You can see obviously it’s a Shopify store selling this particular product. And this is a product that really solves a massive problem I remember my mom when we were going up She would buy like ten of those trying to cover up The the window just so the Sun wouldn’t get in and wouldn’t heat up the car. So this is a massive massive problem Let’s go into analyze store. And for this I would really it’s really hard to target so we just target people interested in general gadget brands like as seen on TV and Gadget unbox therapy and then now down by car brands so we can see domain creation about six months ago making sixty seven thousand two hundred and thirty four thousand dollars per month so essentially taking a massive massive problem around the market and around the world and solved it with a really convenient and good product as I talked about always the key to a winning product is Solving a massive universal problem with a simple easy to buy solution. The next product I’m going to show you is Intelligent convenient heat sealing machine, and actually this is not the main product of this particular website surf road They actually make getting like I think a million dollars a month or so But this is not the main website the main product They actually launched it like two months ago But I still think it solves a massive problem that still needs to be exploited beyond what they’ve done so far So it basically heat seals everything like here you can see. Oh I can just heat sell anything I don’t need any special like clips or anything to just seal it So here you can see they have about half a million views in about two months But this is mainly based off of a watch of a Facebook watch page not off of an ad you can see the engagement It’s kind of low on this But if we go to their particular website this one of their products and if we go to sales source analyzer store We’ll see that they’re making a ridiculous amount of money. So we’ll go into this Oh, this is actually a different store like wool. Let go calm. They have two stores. I think Sore throat and then world let go and yeah, this is the one that’s three months ago in 123 tutorial 46 thousand So they’re making a lot of money on this particular store in about three months, which is insane There’s probably one of their newest stores They mainly probably created one big store a lot more months ago a lot years ago And now this is the one that’s like kind of an offshoot off of those with a bunch of their winning products But it’s a great product to be Exploited in my personal opinion and it’s a product that solves a problem that people are willing to solve For about 30 bucks its crowd. I want to show you is this easy to install? like Gardening tool cutter thing. I don’t know what this particular thing is called But I think it’s a great winning product for people especially now in summer that are interested in gardening So something like this if you target people interested in gardening or home improvement tools pulling from at brands like caterpillar or just Home Depot and Lowe’s this is a great product that actually solves a Massive massive problem. So let’s go over the video a little bit and you can see here in about two weeks It has half more than half a million views with really good engagement. So we’ll go into a little bit Yes Or like it’s saying right the massive problem is that there’s a lot of tools out there that one are very expensive as I know these probably are like maybe a thousand two thousand dollars for these gardening tools and Sometimes they don’t even work that well, this one solves that problem we can go into the price So compare a thousand dollar tool that doesn’t work that well with a thirty dollar tool, right? So that’s why it’s it’s really really like profitable right now and it’s getting that potential and Growth in the market so we can see that if we analyze the store we can go into it as I said Gardening interested in home improvement brands or just gardening brands in general or pretty much like Gordon Anything has to do with garden magazines TV shows anything like that em before sale Sole-source loads in about a year the making twenty two thousand two forty four thousand dollars per month not massive But they’re exploring a very very interesting niche to make about thirty thousand dollars a month Which is pretty solid income for one of these products. All right Now time for a massive massive winner this knee joint support paths with the traditional hazel Club which is a great store that I love to look at and it’s an amazing story a Ridiculous amount of money so you can see right here. This knee pads right here You can essentially like protect your knee and help you Support your knees and just walk better in life in general and then we can go we can see that it has six point six Million views in about a month and then we can go to the actual order page and it they’re selling for about ninety bucks Which is pretty expensive this product you can get it for like thirty So the margin on it is very very good And the targeting is not really that hard like the targeting for this product You can basically do anything that has to do with like big magazine like health magazines or joint pain magazines or thright as magazines and then just narrow it down by people that are either frequent travelers or people that just move a lot and like Outdoor sports outdoor interests like typing camping hiking and things I have to do with like outdoor activities So we’ll go into Hazel Club and about two months or making eighty two thousand twelve hundred sixty four thousand dollars per month with multiple Products I’m not really sure if this is their main bestseller. We can check in the bottom No, so it’s actually not their main bestseller But that particular product has gone pretty viral and has a lot of sales I would definitely recommend that you promote it just because it solves a problem which is like joint pain and people that Want to do things outside want to do outdoor activities? But they can’t really that’s why I recommend targeting both outdoor activities or camping hiking and then people interested in magazines that have to do with health or recovery, or Pretty much like physical therapy, like people that have to go to a doctor to actually get their knees checked This is a product that solves that problem very very well Alright the 10th product that I want to show you is this measuring instrument? Which is very interesting when I first saw it I didn’t really understand what it does and most people that are seeing this at they don’t understand what it does, but it’s catchy That’s what it’s really good It basically stops you from scrolling and makes you watch the video so you can see the video here You can actually measure things like with that little tool they use to measure things but very quickly and much much easier than with the other tool or with any construction tools, really so this About 143 thousand views in just a month not huge again, but it’s a product that has not been exploited that well Honestly, and I saw it in my feet I thought it would be really interesting to show it to you guys and then in the bottom if you go to their website We’ll analyse the store and then see that it’s selling for like $35 and the description is really really good All these stores have really really good descriptions They show the product they feature it pretty well, and they do a great job at that So we’re going and analyze the store to see how much you’re actually making with this particular product for this The targeting is a little bit hard What I would go for is just people interested in construction and home improvement honestly combining those two This is what that tool fits and solves a problem And then once you make a bunch of money off that then you can expand it look-alikes So in the beginning they’re making four months You know in just four months or making forty four thousand two eighty nine thousand dollars with this product definitely recommend you check them out And you just analyze this product go ahead and look for it on how they express is Definitely one that I think has a lot of potential and not a lot of people are going to be interested in Selling it just because they think oh, this is just for like construction people I’m not gonna sell this and then it leaves space To people to actually sell it and then they can make like fifty grand a month off of it Alright now that we talked about the first top ten products now We’re gonna go into the other twelve to make the last twenty two And I don’t want to keep you here for like three hours. So we’re gonna go quickly through them I’m just gonna show you the product and then you can do a little bit more research into it So just to do you the favor I’m just gonna show you the product So the eleventh product here this little tripod for four phones So now a lot of these products aren’t really like viral or super super big winners But I see a lot of potentials behind them and a lot of people promoting them Profitably which is why I’m sharing them with you so you can see here this little tripod, you know this solves a problem which People don’t really want to buy a big tripod like the one I’m using right now for their phone And they also want to make videos with their phone So this fits that really really well and if we go to the actual video it has two hundred fifty seven thousand views Since Thursday, and today’s Monday sort of like four days as a quarter million views Which is pretty insane and if we go to the website, we can analyze the store see how much money or maybe so here It’s selling for $30 It doesn’t even have reviews which is pretty crazy that it doesn’t know how to reviews and it’s selling let’s see how much money this store is actually making so for this I would particularly target just people that have iPhones or are logging in to Facebook through iPhones and then like something like engage shoppers or something general like that. Just three months seventeen thousand thirty five thousand So it’s a solid product right? It’s not massive. It’s not viral It’s not a seven for your product But it’s definitely Something that you can make a lot of money off of so the second one that I want to show you is a smart cloud It’s like a product that you might look at and you’re like out whatever like the smart cloud with it. What is that? So you can see here add a magic to any room with this floating lamp. I thought it was really cool not that many people selling it but this particular store travel tip is a multi-million dollar store and they’re testing this product which I Saw that testing ad and they had multiple ad copies of it multiple videos of this product So I’m thinking that they think that it’s a winner That’s what I’m sharing with you just because it could be a winner in four days at 10,000 views So really not at all like not much many views But it’s still a product that has a lot of potential and since they’re testing it They have a massive team of researchers and a lot of money That’s why I’m thinking it could be a solid product So you can just check it out later on product number 13 The spacious hanging we three retreat when I saw this ad. I was really captured by just like the human aspect though There were so many people on the ad and it was featuring that product that I was like Oh, let me just check it out Let me see the ad it really stop you from scrolling doesn’t have that many views again 23,000 just from Friday So in about three days two and a half days, and then it’s a really cool product that you can just like have that Privacy and here in the comment. You can see which I had a cottage like this I love the privacy it provides and so on and this video. It’s like 40 minutes long I’m not really sure why this video is so long if it ends after a minute So it might be a glitch might be just them trying to get like longer video views I’m not really sure about that and if we go to the actual like video here, you can just see how the product works and how it helps and The it doesn’t really solve any problem. It’s just something cool that people might buy Vacation, so that’s what I wanted to share with you So let’s go to our next one this really cool kettle that. You can pretty much like put water in and boil it very very quickly kettles I drink a lot of tea and I drink a lot of coffee and this is like really a problem when you’re traveling So if you would target people interested and like tea or tea Brad’s me I’m interested in those and then your target people that have frequent travellers me I’m interested in that so you would definitely hit me very very well and you would hit people like me so I thought it was A product worth promoting and worth sharing with you guys So if you go to the actual website, it’s again. This website called bulk GG deals, which they’re making a lot of money Let’s actually pull that up and the kettle is selling for about seventy dollars Seventy it’s a bit high for this product in my opinion But so they prove it out this the one that was making at 1.7 million Combined with a bunch of products what I suggest to you and something that I do a lot is just spying on really big stores and not be looking at the best seller but looking at the recently launched any If you look to the Facebook Ads library You can just go to slash ads slash library to see their ads and then check at the recently launched Products so faces comm slash at slash library You can just see the recently launched products or recently launched ads for a particular Facebook page That’s where the money is because that’s what they’re testing. That’s what they’re researching. That’s what they’re creating many many creators for That’s where the money so the next one that I want to show you right here. Is this skin spot removal or Tattoo removal with laser actually, I think for tattoos this is a very very good angle people interested in like tattoo removal or tattoo brands and then you know, They want to actually remove the tattoo. You can see here. We’ll see a little bit of the video So you can use use it very safely and you can remove you can also remove like a lot of like Spots on your face sponsor hands things. You don’t want to be on your body You can also remove them 211 thousand views in about two weeks So now massive but still pretty solid and will analyze the store see how much they’re making This page looks really really professional a lot of very good creatives and they’re actually tell you Hey, if you don’t have paypal click on the pay by debit or credit card, so down there So they tell you how to buy it pretty much I haven’t seen that much people like a store telling you Oh, if you want to buy this you actually have to click here and then if you don’t have a card click here So that was pretty cool. Let’s go into analyze the store see how much money they’re making and for this particular product Yeah, as I said, I would just target people interested in tattoo removal or skin creams and then domain creation is six months 15,000 to 30,000 per month so not a massive seven-figure product was still a very very profitable and promotable product alright product number 16, so Multifunctional pants rack you can see here They’re actually like putting a bunch of clothes into these racks and then put them on like racks on racks on racks No, all right So you can see that it has in about two weeks almost a million views with pretty low engagement What I’m seeing is that there’s actually a Facebook watch page not an advertiser, but still I think it’s a cool product Let’s go to the actual page pink mango calm pink Mingo calm sign for 20 bucks And let’s see how much money they’re actually making with this particular product And for this I would target people interested in I would do like JCPenney Bethan beyond just products that have to do with this and you can’t really target that well with it But as you can see, they’re making about 50,000 to 100,000 dollars. Every single month says invalid date probably they started the shop Yeah on March. So let’s end two months ago. That’s why it says invalid date So in less than two months, they’re absolutely destroying it with this. And yeah, the Hat is like two weeks old So, yeah, it’s a great store great product making a lot of money off of it So the second product that I want to show you is this diamonds drill Sharpening tool really really cool tool didn’t understand in the beginning as most of these products, but it’s a really cool you can just sharpen the drill right here and you can see that this is mainly for like home improvement people interested again in Constructions that’s what I would target people interested in Home Depot Lowe’s just anything that has to do with construction tools It was on Wednesday So about five days ago three hundred forty-seven thousand views again engagement is low because it’s a watch page but I still think is a really really cool tool for you to use and it’s Pretty easy to target as long as we target people interested in home improvement Home Depot improvement tools improvement brands Then you should be very very good so next product which is a solid one is this ultra light packable down jacket and this one is for real and add a 6.5 million views in about two weeks two weeks six point Six point five million views sewed up with a pretty good engagement on here So you can see that jacket is like pretty much like small and then you can like tighten it very very fast So for summer, this is a product that will be massive. Obviously. It’s gonna be summer. It’s gonna be hot Um, but like I see it doing really really well once like August September starts So if you want to start kind of preparing for that section pour that section of the year and you want to start making a lot of money for like Q400 or four of the year. This is a good product to have in your arsenal. They have a pretty solid store Here we can see it. It’s called dura peak. No hyper Hyper al don’t shop and that’s not a general store. I don’t know what it is It’s selling for forty bucks. So they’re probably getting it for like 10 15 bucks They don’t even bother with like like their own influencer. This is probably just taking off of Aliexpress Which okay, it’s fine And then in validate 50 to 100 thousand per month and validate probably means that they made it like less than three months ago So yeah, they’re only a six-figure per year income in a very short time That’s why I recommend this particular product product. Number 19. I think is this like Doesn’t really have a name. It’s just an AB roll or like a fitness thing And now that it’s summer I see it selling very very well as you can see, you know They’re utilizing a pretty attractive girl try and get people to stop and watch the video and then they’re having about two months ago They have two hundred fifty seven thousand views with a very good engagement and you can see the product It’s like, you know, it’s it has that slight sensual Taste to it as a slight like angle to it and you can see that you know They’re basically solving a problem of people having to go to the gym get fit like us normal people and then you can adjust essentially like shortcut that process and if we go to the store, really Calm we can see that they they have a pretty solid. It’s mainly just targeted at women So I’m gonna take back that comment that I said on like central angle because it’s actually targeted towards women not men at all it Has like very feminine colors very feminine feel to it So they just actually want people to relate to the woman that’s using the product pretty good angle. Very very good marketing tactic and if we go to sales source to checkout and Just for targeting I would do You can see they’re making a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars a month with the beautify team Which is just a regular like free Shopify team making a crazy amount of money for targeting I would do people interested in fitness people interested in just regular Fitness brands. And then also more general gym brands so people interested in gyms as well as people interested in fitness and just targeting women only from around I would do like twenty One twenty three all the way to like forty not make it too large. But also make it pretty targeted So apart from that. I also want to show you this adjustable t-shirt Steyer like it lets you like I’ll just show you the small video here so you can prevent wrinkles You can let it you can have it tucked all the time So it won’t untuck and there’s something there’s a brand called untuck it, which is a huge Multi-million dollar plan brand that sells shirts that don’t untuck So this is a massive problem that a lot of people are willing to spend money on. They’ve solved it for just regular shirts So right here, you can see that the shirt stays flat It stays very very good and now they’re kind of comparing that so it’s in that part of the clip That was really really good like that part of the clip was amazing here You can see the one with a soft Problem and one person with the Unseld problem and then the unsold problem kind of looking at them with jealousy So it creates that sense of emotional feeling where the person is like, okay I want to buy this just so I look cooler than my coworkers so you can see it has 47,000 views since Friday not a massive product But just a product that saw is a really really good problem target men 25 to like 45 no 25 to like 60 and then just people in professional job titles like like businessmen and just people that have very very title very very high titles that they have to go in a suit and have to Go in like really good shirts every single day to work or just target people interest luxury suit brands luxury Apparel brands just you know men that our professional have money to buy These kinds of shirts these kinds of suits before we go on I do want to congratulate Simo schooi c mon schooi by saying your name wrong I’m really sorry If you want to win a call with me comments secrets and happy birthday down below subscribe to this channel hit that notification bell and that’s it and you’ll be ready to win a Call with me the next product that I want to show you even though it barely has an abuse since Friday 4.5 K with about fifty lights not much, but it’s a cool product that I thought would be worth mentioning in this video so it’s kind of a Trash can that you just put your hand over and then it pops up and you can just put the trash very very easily on There I see the store being like a very new store probably a beginner selling it but this product I haven’t seen it that much Being advertised or in any spy tool? I think it’s a pretty cool product as of just a few views right there probably running like a video view campaign to create a look-alike off of face cats and then retarget that or just Run conversion ads off of that But I think it’s a cool product worth mentioning in this video another cool product this green grass spray I’ve seen this before running and I hadn’t seen it for a couple months. That’s why I thought okay Maybe it’s not a winning product anymore. But I saw it pop again in about a week It has a 1.1 million views and it’s just basically it makes your lawn look better now for the summer It’s actually a great product. People are home. Some people are on vacation So they have a lot more time to do gardening for this particular product I would just start get people interested in gardening interesting like Home Depot home improvement brands And yeah, if we go to the actual store, it’s a really solid store selling this particular product and as you can see, it’s like a massive, um image right there selling for like 25 bucks very well, very detailed and descriptive Part to the website or just page to the website and if we look at how much money? They’re actually making will let cell source load and as I said people interested in gardening People interested in home improvement and just general like gardens and people that want to make a garden They’re not making that much six thousand to twelve thousand dollars and validate probably the start of the shop like a month ago So it’s still making a pretty significant amount of money. I would recommend just checking the product out and seeing its Next product I want to show you is a telescope kind of like a NASA inspired scope I think it’s really really cool and has 4.5 million views in about four months with a really decent engagement so it’s probably an ad running and you can see like they’re kind of The first part of the video is pretty just like somebody opening The telescope and kind of then looking into it. This is this is really really cool Like this is a product that if you would like to look out if you like telescope brands if you just like exploration brands National Geographic Animal Planet things like that. There’s a product that it’s like really interesting and really cool to look at so you can see here It’s like looking at way way way really like NASA inspired telescope. I think it was pretty really cool something that’s worth Advertising if you can make your own video and buy it a valley express of Amazon make your own video of you looking into amazingly long Distance system, that would be pretty cool and if we go to the actual store to check out the page We can see how it’s selling for 50 bucks They even have like this horrify or fake countdown timer and then all these images right here explaining the product really Well, I like the name weekly shark it’s like every week they have a different deal or like deal shark clan up there looking for for deals for you or guidance for You and if we look on sale source, they’re making seventy three thousand two hundred forty seven thousand dollars per month and six months So that proves that this product is selling really really well and the last the twenty second last but not least product Is this like? kind of construction tool Sort of it’s really really cool and lets you build out pretty much anything that you want with your own salt So I thought it was really cool and it’s a video that has 50,000 views in about a month Not that great engagement probably watch page. I’m just showing it to you because I think it’s a WOW factor Product and it doesn’t really solve a massive problem It’s just something that if somebody’s interested in construction or DIY They would really like this product and they would like to buy it and if we go to the store We’ll check on the Billy link down in the ad and then we’ll see that it’s selling for about $30 and it’s a pretty solid store. It’s called super idea works. So it’s a very very general store Definitely worth like checking into it and analyzing it as I said, I would target people interested in DIY action tools home-improvement these people interested in that and if we go to They actually making a lot of money like half and going into a 1.1 million per month in about six months So this store is absolutely crushing it. I would check them out I would check the best-selling products which you can see in the bottom. Oh, wait recently uploaded products We can’t really see the best sellers. Yeah, they blocked out the best sellers page They don’t have a best sellers page, but that’s cool We can just see the ones that they’ve recently uploaded and spy on them and just see the products that they’re testing right now That’s it for these twenty two twenty two winning products again If you want to win a consulting call for this video comments secrets and happy birthday down below subscribe hit that Bell button and if you want to learn how to make $30,000 $30,000 per month how my student in my coaching program went from zero to thirty thousand dollars a month Check out the video right here Click that video right here how to make thirty thousand dollars in just three months thirty thousand dollars per month in just three months in Your first three months drop shipping from one of my students absolutely crushing it

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