Top 5 Marketing A.I.’s People Won’t Shut Up About
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Top 5 Marketing A.I.’s People Won’t Shut Up About

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly
the future of marketing technology with new machine learning platforms allowing
agencies and brands unparalleled ability to target audiences. I’m Rick Boost and
these are the top five marketing AI systems that people just will not shut
up about. Number 5: Einstein The Einstein AI is named after
history’s most famous scientists and the dog from Back to the Future “Einstein! You little devil!” Einstein is a bit of an odd system to describe unlike the other AIs which are
crafted and pitched as massive super brains, Einstein is relatively simple. It’s
made up of two main comprehension components; a language tool and an image tool. What makes Einstein powerful is its ability to link up to the plethora
of Salesforce platforms. By cross-referencing between them it has
access to a multitude of information. This means that as Salesforce grows its
selection of platforms through acquisitions and partnerships, Einstein
will only grow stronger itself. It’s sort of like the blob, except not quite as
scary. Quite. Number four: Albert. Next up is Albert, which is also named after Einstein! “Einstein! You little devil!” Although to be fair Albert got there first with the name in 2010. Now
Albert is the complete opposite of Einstein because it actually is a
massive super brain. This product is being sold as capable of running an
entire campaign. We’re talking about analytics, insight, strategy, scheduling.
Now a lot of project leads are going to feel very dubious about leaving their
entire campaign in the hands of what amounts to a robot. “YOU WILL SERVICE…US.” Just as many employees are gonna feel a bit nervous themselves about possibly losing their jobs to said robot. “YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY” The problem is is that Albert has had some very juicy case studies coming in that show (strangely
enough) it works to leave it to the robot. number three Watson Now Watson is exactly what you think of when someone says AI in that Watson is a living
breathing supercomputer that was built by the greatest minds at IBM. It was
built for one purpose and one purpose alone. Some might say the greatest goal
in all humanity…To beat Jeopardy “Watson!” “What is shoe?” “You are right” “Watson!” “Who is Jude?” “Yes” “Watson!” “Who is Michael Phelps?” “Yes” “Watson!” “What is event horizon?” “Who is Grendel?” “What is London?” “What is stick?” “Stick is right.” Yeah. The greatest supercomputer built by mankind was constructed to beat nerds at trivia. But not really. In fact that game show smackdown was just a dry run. It was to
show off if Watson’s natural learning and language abilities were up to snuff,
which they certainly were. From these humble beginnings Watson’s processing
power has been behind the scenes of multiple industries, which now includes
marketing. Watson’s marketing tool set is already able to follow customer journeys
create predictive models to generate unique user experiences on websites and
find visual assets for campaigns, saving valuable time. Watson is even able to
interface with IBM’s weather system, which means that Watson
can now generate strategies based on localized climate in an area.
Sherlock may be smart but Watson is a beast. Number Two: Vidora Vidora has been pitched as being able to understand customers like no other
system before it. Vidora will tag and track individual users on a mass scale
which then means it can follow and then predict their customer behaviour. Now
other systems are capable of doing this, so this sounds kind of simple but Vidora does it on such a level the others don’t, whether a change to the company as a whole or even to a single product will change customer perceptions negatively
or positively. Vidora’s focus is not a weakness. I would see it as a strength. It
is a focused tool it is a scalpel to the butcher knife that other AI’S are. Number One: Marcel *Confused Grunt* Alright, alright, alright for realsies. Okay we all know the drama that happened last year. The place is Cannes and Publicis is announcing in front of all
the other cool kids that they’re done with awards saying, “Like awards are like
2015 lame and you know they’re just gonna move on to an AI that they built.
It’s called Marcel. You know it’s totally hot. And it’s totally real. You know he just
lives in Canada so you haven’t heard of it. The announcement that Publicis was
halting all awards spending to move those resources to building an AI was
nothing short of earth-shattering. People were furious, most notably publicist
staff, who rather like awards since they get to hang them on their agency walls
and they get to put them on their CVs. Whatever Marcel was it would
have to be bloody spectacular. Unfortunately all we’ve been able to
glean about Marcel is that it’s some kind of international matchmaking tool
that project leads can use to connect teams based on skills, location, and
experience. It’s also apparently some kind of management tool in itself and
it’s also some kind of communication platform. So Marcel in theory is
basically if Trello Skype LinkedIn and Tinder all got
together and spawned an amazing abomination.
Publicis only teamed up with Microsoft at the start of this year six months on
from Cannes to properly begin development on this platform. We know nothing really,
apart from a few tweets and a few dodgy statements. Marcel could be anything at
this point so everything I just said in six months from now, one year from now, a century from now (if it take that long to build Marcel) I’ll to be claimed a
complete moron or the Nostradamus of marketing AI Tech. If you would like to
read a far more detailed in-depth explanation of all these AI platforms, as
well as a few we didn’t get around to, definitely click the link below which
has digital experts Eric Thain and Zaheer Nooruddin as well as Or Shani the CEO of
Albert, giving their opinions on all these AI systems and which are their
favorites. Also please leave a comment below about how much I butchered this
video or what you think about AI. Do you think you’re going to accept it into
your lives? Or do you think you’re going to reject it? What is your favorite AI
system? Have you used one? Are there topics you would like us to take on in
future top 5 videos? We want to hear from you! So put it in the comments below and
share the living hell out of this with all your marketing nerds. Do it.

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