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Top Wealth Creation Strategies For Financial Success

II Hello, I’m Brian Tracy and I want to share with
you some top wealth creation strategies for financial success which is what we
all want we’re leaving today in the greatest age
in all human history irrespective up short term economic ups
and downs there have never been more opportunities
for wealth creation and for you to achieve more your goals
both personal and financial then exist today except for tomorrow and the next day and
next year there are more than 100,000 different
job categories in the United States and with the explosion information
technology and competition member possible things that you could do to be successful is increasing every
year the major factor driving our society today is the impact of change at all levels every single change in our
economy creates new opportunities and possibilities for the creative
minority move ahead faster than the average
person remember the Latin sane carpediem which means seize the day this is what you must do you must seize
the day you must plunging in with both hands up
to the elbows take advantage in every opportunity and
possibility going on around you to create a
wonderful life that is possible for you today I left high school without graduating many years ago I fool around in school
and I work that part time jobs in the evenings and on weekends when I left
school all I could get was labouring jobs washing dishes digging ditches and
working in factories and mills eventually I got into selling and I did
poorly for a long time the turning point came for me when I
realize that nothing happens by Locke or by accident
everything happens for a reason people are successful and
prosperous because they do certain things in a
certain way people are unhappy and frustrated because they neglected to do the things
that successful people do this insight set me off on a lifelong
search for the reasons why some people are more
successful than others if you look for the answers to any
question you will eventually find the answers and what you do with the answers can
change your life the first answers I found had to do was selling I found out why some people sold five
and ten and sometimes twenty times as much as
other people and that I did the same things they did in one
year I went from the bottom I Salesforce to
the top of my sales force in two years I was in charge in six
countries and had 95 salespeople working for me and I was getting a
commissioner all their work I went from worn-out shoes and one suit
of clothes having three apartments in three
different cities dying in fine restaurants a traveling around the world by check
all because I began to see new opportunities
for wealth creation I learned how to sell in your life is
very much the same the most important thing you do it the
out said if your career or anytime during your career is to find
out what the most successful people are doing in your chosen area and then do Spain
things over and over again until you start to
get the same result its numerical it’s no accident is as
predictable as the Sun rising in the east and
setting in the West and one of the goals that we all have in
common is that we all want to be financially independent we already have enough money
so that we never have to worry about money again you want to build a financial
fortress around yourself you want to make a high-income get out
of debt put money in the bank and have the
ability to do things you want without being preoccupied about the cost we say you want to order in the
restaurant without looking at the right hand column to see how hungry you are the only
question is are you going to do it or not the good
news is that there are more people achieving financial independence faster
today than ever before they’re currently almost eight million
millionaires most to them self-made first-generation which means
that they started with nothing and achieve but they’ve
achieved in one working lifetime somewhere somehow someone becomes a
self-made millionaire at the rate of one every four and a half
minutes 365 days a year and for every person who becomes a
self-made millionaire there many many more people who are achieving and net
worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars
two different wealth creation strategies by Citi financial accumulation and
financial independence as your long-term goals and then by
making a plan on the one hand to get better and better what you do well on the other hand
saving more and more what you earn you will become financially independent
if not a self-made millionaire in the years ahead thank you for
watching this video on top wealth creation strategies for financial
success when you look for new opportunities and
seize the day you’ll be able to find financial success
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