Tourism Marketing Plan
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Tourism Marketing Plan

In order to market your community and its
recreation facilities successfully as a tourism destination, you should formulate a marketing plan,
just as you have created a tourism development plan Your marketing plan should identify target
markets and consider how to position your recreation opportunities to connect to those
markets, create or advance an image of your community as a destination that is in line
with the desires expressed by stakeholders and residents, and build a brand for your
community that creates links between your desired image and your desired target market. As you build your marketing plan, remember
that you will be promoting facilities already in use, facilities that are being reinvented
as tourism draws, and new facilities and programs that are being developed to fill gaps uncovered
in your needs analysis. Each aspect of your marketing plan requires
its own approach to capitalize on what you have and to generate excitement
or buzz for future developments. You may decide to hire a professional planner
or consultant to assist with your marketing plan. Carefully consider the competencies of your
staff, and do not hesitate to reach out for technical assistance when needed.

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