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Tourism product club

A tourism product club is A group of companies who work together to develop new products
or to improve products. “Why?” The tourism system changed” More competitiveness
Consumers demand more Highly differentiated and qualified tourist segments. New need for
COLLABORATION among companies To achieve common goals
Keys to running a tourism product club Common objectives for all the members; Similar interests
for all the members; Commitment and cooperation of all the members. Benefits:
For members: – Greater market opportunities.
– Income at a lower cost. – More market penetration with less effort.
– Increased forecasting of seasonal demand. – Increased certainty for market shares.
– Increased competitiveness. – Increased credibility.
– Improved business image. For tourists
– Greater consumption alternatives. – Greater diversity of supply at point of
sale. – Increased certainty of purchase.
– Increased confidence in the quality of service. For the destinations.
– Greater employment opportunities. – Increased forecasting demand.
– Better image of the destinations’ services. – Increased confidence in own ability. Steps for creating a tourism product club
Identification of club components: All components must be related to the product itself.
Definition of a business model: This includes stating the objectives of the club, the criteria
for its membership, implementation tools, design promotion and marketing strategies,
etc. Definition of the management model: This includes
the definition of the legal constitution, regulations, management structure, funding
model, development of the management manual, etc.
Starting up: Actions settled in work sessions between all partners
Monitoring and evaluation The undertaken actions must be monitored and evaluated. Main actions carried out by tourism product
clubs: design of new packages; promotion and marketing strategy; communications strategies;
holding of seminars, conferences, etc.. market research. Examples of good practices
– Main purpose: to stimulate and revitalise the “sun and beach” tourism destinations and
to respond to new behaviour and consumption demand patterns.
– It is organised around promoting and structuring the offer of water sports and activities.
2. TOURISM PRODUCT CLUB: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN ITALY (TRENTINO) – Main purpose: to promote tourism development
in communities with high historical, cultural, and artistic traditions, but that are marginalised
from the main tourism circuits. – It is organised around promoting tourism
in these communities. Now, it is your turn: promote the creation
of a tourism product club: Define the idea; Contact the companies; Start the process for
creating a new product club. Explain the business benefits for them in your dialogue.

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