Trade Show Marketing Strategy How to Get Noticed at a Trade
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Trade Show Marketing Strategy How to Get Noticed at a Trade

Hello, my name is DJ Heckes, founder and owner
EXHIB-IT! Trade Show Marketing Experts, home of Studio-e Design and Production. One of the most commonly asked questions I
get is “How can you help me stand out at a trade show and get noticed?” That’s a
very good question. It’s not about just showing up at a trade show. It’s about what did you
do to prepare. What does your company say about you on your personal brand, on your
sensory package? Do you have corporate identity? Do you have brochures, great signage? Have
you taken your signage and put it behind you to put a message to connect with your audience? A lot of people think if they just stick their
logo up on a display that people will come. Well, maybe they don’t know your logo or brand.
So what is your unique selling proposition, I would ask? And then we would take it from
there. We have a design and print department and a client services in sales and marketing.
What we do is we sit down and we learn your vision and your mission. What do you say to
the end user? How do you get them to want to come to your booth? Is it going to be about
connectivity? Is it going to be about the display you have? Is it corporate branded?
Do you have the right color? A lot of people think red is great. Did you know too much
red is hard on the eye? Yellow draws someone in. Maybe your booth and your display has a great
message and you look good, but the people in your booth aren’t working it properly.
Maybe they’re standing with their hands folded. The audience doesn’t want to come in. So what
I would ask is have you done your pre-show marketing? I would check with the trade show,
do a demographic study, find out if your audience is at the trade show. If you’re in a regional
or local show, it’s a little bit easier than at a national show or international. Find
out the target audience, see if you can market to the audience, send them a call to action.
Maybe you send out something in direct mail or an email newsletter or even better yet,
connect with them in social media. Invite them to visit your booth, but give
them a reason to stop by. Once you do all the pre-show marketing, you pick your show,
you’ve done your branding, you have your right message, you have the right ambassadors to
work the show, then you show up and you’ll be much more successful because remember,
it’s not about sometimes how you look, it’s how you take that look and connect with the
audience to the message. So in ending, I would say to you, what’s your
message, what’s your brand, and does it represent your company’s personality? And do you have
a call to action that’s compelling enough for your prospect to want to visit you at
the show to get noticed? If you would like to learn more about the
most common and frequent asked questions in our industry, please visit
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58 thoughts on “Trade Show Marketing Strategy How to Get Noticed at a Trade

  1. @MariaMillerify Me too. I love ABQ! I am incoming President for "KeepitQuerque!" Albuquerque Indedependent Business Alliance and we are about to rebrand and change our website in January and I am so excited. Buy Local!

  2. @MrDeniseJones Yes we are definitely a full service company and offer Exhibitor Booth Camp trainings. Level 1: Exhibitor Booth Camp – Survival of the Fittest. Level 2: Exhibitor Booth Camp – Peak Performance. Both of these are great seminar/workshops that team companies and their staff pre show marketing techniques, at show marketing (booth staff training for at show) and post show marketing.

  3. @AlyssaThummel1 Yes me too. I wanted to be sure to educate over selling and hope that through the free education that I give people will know, like and trust me as a marketing, design and exhibit provider. 🙂

  4. @PittmanLee I wrote the book to help businesses succeed through merging traditional, digital and social media marketing in this hyper comptitive environment we all work in.

  5. @MarkWaughify Thanks Mark for the kind words. I hope the book gets out to the public more as it is in kindle, audio and hard booik now.

  6. @MichealBrady Thanks Michael for the post. Yes, too man businesses focus on benefits and features of their products, but no one really cares about that. How does one's products or services solve a problem that is important to the end user?

  7. @FlowerBush1 Thanks. Being different and unique is more important than ever but showing it and letting the future customer feel it, is the main difference. Everyone claims to have a unique diferentiator but only some realy do.

  8. @ShanPollock1 Focus and metrics are more important now as our customer is busy and does not have the time to read as much as we wish they could. Make your marketing count and focus on the "WIIFT" concept.

  9. @JacobGeorgeify Thanks Jacob. I love to teach and it reflects in the book. The book was written to be a guide for successful marketing and to be used hand in hand to determine how to best reach your target audience and be effective in your brand and marketing message.

  10. @Hoffmansilva12 What are you bringing to the show for your printed material? I suggest having an abundance in the back but keep some out front for the attendees at the show BUT be careful and often times people take a brochure as a closure to leave your booth and the hand out materials end up in the trash. Often times I suggest if you have an expensive brocure, write BOOTH COPY on the original and only hand out those to serious attendees.

  11. @TheHartBradley Yes I have actually sat at a show and observed attendees and how they react when walking down a show aisle. The most difficult transition is from zone 2 to 3. This is when the attendee actually comes into your booth space and wants to hear what you have to say. How to get them there is through the 3.8 second messaging that takes place when they are walking down the aisle to grab their attention emotionally.

  12. @TheLinetteQueen I selected Full BRAIN Marketing for the title of my booki because we MUST use both sides of our brain to market to our customers. It use to be that the more creative you were the more business we would receive. Totay, we use our right brain for the strategic and brand building and the left brain for the implementing and metrics of what we do. Imagination is so important but so is the implementation and mesurement.

  13. @Nicolettestovall Yes build a presence online and keep the people interested. Invite them to your show and create a coupon or free gift if they attend coupon to bring with them to receive when stopping by your booth. Post while at the show and video post also. We do this and it brings attendees as they love to get involved. Be sure you give an offer you can deliver and include them in any videos if they give permission.

  14. @CharissaMcnally Glad you found the videos and informtion valuable. Did you have a favorite video? What did you feel you learned most? My goal is to help other businesses become confident in exhibiting in tradeshows to gain exposure and make money through doing it right.

  15. @BlakeMaxwell100 Thakns Blake. This book is definitely for the business savvy person that wants to be a great leader and get marketing results

  16. @PittmanLee Thanks Lee. It is definitely a book to use for a guideline with lots of material to get you thinking and take actionable steps to make things happen.

  17. @WelchFrazier I would love to hear how you use the book and w.hat you do with the action items and development of a great marketing system. Can you provide a testimony in LinkedIn or Facebook for me when done with the book?

  18. @DeanGarrett1 Thanks Dean. I love to each about how to best market for one's company based on their vision and mission and how to reach their target audience.

  19. @MrPaulHolloway Me too. I had to read bits and pieces from great authors but no one author had a book compiled with real practical marketing how to's with metrics and complete guideline until I wrote this book.

  20. @MendozaHanson Absolutely right on! This is what my goal was — build a strong sustainable business through the right outreach to the right customer with metrics

  21. @WelchFrazier Glad to hear a statement like that. Important to not only talk a talk but to actually walk al talk is definitely the proof in the pudding.

  22. @MrBrownDavis Did you get a chance to purchase the book? If so would love your testimonial or comments if you found the book helpful to you and how. 🙂

  23. @MaloneLloyd Thanks Lloyd. Do you mind giving a testimony either video or written to us? We can arrange it or you can post on amazon.zon under my book page.

  24. @MrBrownDavis Glad you found me. Have you had a chance to read the book? If so, please provide an testimony on my author page. It would mean a lot to me.

  25. @moran236 Yes, I do charge more for an entire group or this is a per person cost when we have open to public. We have great testimonials. Would love to expand this more out of state for training though. I am speaking on this topic to the WBENC Women's Group in DFW, TX in March. 🙂

  26. @MaloneParsons Whenever I wear the LED Name Badges (that we sell for $20), I get lots of compliments and sales on the spot. What a great way to advertise yourself without opening your mouth. Anything that moves catches the attention of your audience versus the standard stick on name badge that everyone else is wearing.

  27. @EstradaLoganify Thanks for the kind words. Our mission is to teach others how to become successful in their tradeshow marketing goals. It is all about the strategy, delivery and follow up.

  28. @MsMitchellPerez100 I have been marketing for trade shows for over 20 years now and love how it has grown and evolved over the years. Thanks for the comments.

  29. @MrMillsGrant Thanks for posting comments. Hope you continue to follow us on YouTube videos. Be sure to check out EXHIB-IT in facebook. We have a lot going on there.

  30. @MarkHensy Yes color plays an integral role in one's perception from consumers. Glad you liked the info. Be sure to check out our facebook too at EXHIB-IT! as we post lots of tips there too.

  31. @NickKnightify Definitely. My book that was published in the spring – Full BRAIN Marketing really identifies that much more in depth. What is your unique position in the marketplace?

  32. @MsRodriguezLee100 Thanks for checking out our info in YouTube and posting comments. Be sure to also check us out in Facebook through EXHIB-IT!

  33. @ColonPatrick Yes – also the tradeshow industry had its first climb in % growth in over 9 quarters which shows us that trade shows are really coming back. Glad you liked the info.

  34. @MortonDoyle Yes, I count on my legal background for my integrity and ethics in running EXHIB-IT! Thanks for checking us out in YouTube and glad you liked the info.

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