Traditional Media Advertising vs Social Media Advertising
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Traditional Media Advertising vs Social Media Advertising

additional media are what we call is basically the tactic that we call is free and free right tradition media does not have very clear targeting unless you go for a very niche magazine like children's today or something of that sort or a sports star get less boats targeted magazine like sports star otherwise if you want to like go into a mainstream traditional media you do not get direct like targeted audience you actually send an ad across for everybody and hope that some of the people look at the ad come back to you and want to use your services some on something on on the digital media including sites like Facebook it helps you because there is a lot of targeted audiences people when they sign up for facebook they have done a lot of things Facebook lets you pick your favorite artist favorite location food what are your interest and based on that it creates an interest profile on each person and it classifies all of these so when you actually want to advertise on Facebook you can go back create an advertisement and choose what kind of audience you want you want people who have expressed interest in business your ads will only show to those people you want to like make that easier and say okay people who have been like expressed interest in business but who live in only in bangalore you can actually do that so there is a lot of segmentation and targeting that is available to you and when you do that you you spend a lot lesser on this kind of like targeted audience but your returns are much higher your ROI is definitely much hair the other point being that you don't need a very big budget to do these claw Gittings on facebook but on a traditional media if you want to take a even a small like half a page ad in any of the national dailies it will cost you a lot of money

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