Travel Sales and Marketing Week 4
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Travel Sales and Marketing Week 4

All right, this is week four Understanding tours, now before we begin. I just want to kind of mention something I want you to remember this throughout the course –that the love of travel attracts many different people But in order to be successful, you’ve got to convey your enthusiasm to the customer about your love of travel You’ve got to show that you are passionate You also need to be articulate. you need to be friendly you need to Understand the technical aspects of the business You also need to be well-organized accurate and above all you’ve got to be meticulous about the details All right, so, all right. Just want to keep that I want you to keep that in mind as we go through this semester Now, let’s go back to tours Escorted tours not like they were years ago Escorted tours are for everyone It is a wide spectrum of people that enjoy escorted tours You certainly have the retirees you have Millennials. You’ve got the Generation X’s you’ve got honeymooners you’ve got scuba divers and you’ve got surfers and you have Just a wide variety of people so The escorted tours are also not the same for everyone. There are different types of escorted tours So you need to match that tour with the type of client that you’ve got. For example There is a tour company called Contiki it only caters to those 18 to 35. Is it an escorted tour? Yep, and the kids love it. So just keep in mind Don’t have your bias that up, you know escorted tours or just for old people It’s not that way. All right. So this week you have to read pages 205 to 223 There’s a PowerPoint. Of course, you’ve got the discussion board some articles to read and there is an assignment this week All right, so see you next time

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