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100 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy blasts Schiff’s arguments as ‘wildly stupid trial strategy’

  1. This trial makes me want to commit suicide, if I committed suicide I would have to listen to this trial till the end of time.

  2. Mr. Gowdy, I said a long time ago, that you should/and/will/be asked to run for Republican President once Mr. Trump finishes his next four years from 2020. God Bless you in 2024!

  3. I never thought of Trey Gowdy as being so short on ethics or disregard for his reputation. When he was looking at joining the legal team I lost respect for him. He's not the least bit impartial and to present himself as such is a typical politician play. Put his ethics next to a Bernie Sanders and it's clear the right direction for the country is right in front of our eyes.

  4. Democrats are lying, delusional manipulators. I trust that no one with average open minded intelligence will vote for a Democrat politician.

  5. The more I watch I’m starting to think the GOP has actually convinced themselves Trump did nothing wrong. Scary.

  6. How can we cheat and when getting cheating 2016 Hillary Clinton and the DNC keyed it and it's proving that she cheated but he still won suck it Democrat to suck it good I mean keep thought the beach don't take a breath just put it all we down into your throat


  8. What about our President he is running for the same thing. What about when Hillary got away with what she did just because she Was running for office and a Demarat… Trump was running for office they falsely went after him… And now they are doing it again… O I forgot he is not a Demarat…

  9. So what that means people they do not trust the founders they do not trust a way our government is set up and they should I held don't trust American people cars with stupid so the government wants to put in the next president of the United States with us not saying a dam thing so when I come to your house and take away your guns and round all your family members up and put us all in the concentration camps we cannot stay or do A-day and thing about it you stepped shut up and go along with it not come from unknown me that you don't think so you need a wake up and grow up

  10. if you dont do whats Right, president or not!!, God will make you live with your in laws in Heaven,lol! Do whats Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would like to say the Demon- rats are so wicked and vial that they don't even care to hide there corruption now days and it shows… They have everything fixed to get re- elected with illegal means so they don't care to hide anything…

  12. Trump is a loser. The GOP are a bunch of lunatic liars. FoxPravda are hysterics. Trey Gowdy is a blowhard. Adam Schiff kicking all their asses.

  13. Schiff is throwing in arguments that were NOT part of the impeachment. Looks like he's trying to shore up a half-hearted attempt to get the impeachment done, a case devoid of actual evidence of substance. They have so little to bring the charges they did. Everything they did was against the Constitution, and they have not owned up to that fact. I hope the whole thing gets thrown out..

  14. Are all of you going to hijack your integrity? Half the White House and the ukraine government sent emails and text messages about all the corruption wrapped up in holding the money for oval office visits and announcing investigation. In no longer a hoax. It's no longer hearsay. It's no longer a policy violation its black and white evidence. You are corrupt ! Gowdy you're too smart to act like your are stupid…..so dont act stupid. The evidence is collected. Trump is toasted. Maybe corrupt senators will coner up with a pass but the evidence will be there forever like his impeachment. Only question remains is how corrupt are these senators?

  15. All the DEM Elites being interviewed by CNN MSNBC NBC CBS Are saying that Schiffs Address was DAZZLING!!! How did they conclude THAT – IT WAS ANOTHER PARODY/SO we the people's VOTE is not going to Count – Well if you want a Civil War – Hong Kong will be a WALK IN THE PARK /REAGAN SAID – THE REVIEWS DONT MATTER – IT GETS DECIDED AT THE BOX OFFICE!!! THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE AFRAID OF!!!!!!!!

  16. The Democrats and FBI have been tampering with the 2016/2020 election's since 2015, this is just a continuation of that!

  17. Learn the Constitution of the United States. Learn the difference between the truth and a lye. Our Country is in a crisis because of PEOPLE acting like this is a ballgame and one must stay with a team no matter what. I am an American. Period. This man is a hoax I cannot understand all his lying,proven with facts. I don't understand why people didn't read the Muller report which was damming for 45 and US. It was easier to read than Harry potter. If you get you information only from here you are in trouble. Your opinion is baseless yet I hear these lye repeated. This man is a traitor to America. How can you wave the flag without standing up for the constitution of The United States. How can you say you are Americans without any understanding of what that means. Then like Trump you name call those trying to stand for the constitution of The United States.

  18. Schiff on fairness? The very definition of what is an oxymoron! Choir boy version of old Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy whom Eisenhower disliked because he was a first class demagogue

  19. If Joe Biden was not a candidate which he wasnt then Trump would not have asked for the ANNOUNCEMENT of the investigation. If he was really concerned about Biden then he would have done the investigation when he was not a candidate. Its not that difficult to figure out einstein. If it was so legitimate then why was he not using the officials in the US that is their job to do investigation to do the requests to get the announcement. Why use Rudy to go with his Lev Parnas to get this done?? Stupid ?? If he was worried about corruption in Ukraine why would he do something that people in government resigned for the illegal withholding of aid to Ukraine …. why not do in the official way advising senate who approved the aid,, why not make the announcement public that he is stopping the aid because xyz. Because he knows he has enough stupid people that won't care about the illegal activity and that he has stupid voices on Fox News who spew the obvious BS logic that makes zero sense unless you are vested in wanting to believe that Trump is great. Just like getting your education from Trump University , , or donating your money to a Trump Charity ..

  20. President Trump don't need to cheat in 2020, he's got it already, they know it and they are pulling what ever they can out of their buts to stop it.

  21. If Trump was so innocent; why not show the trial? Is your audience not capable of making a freaking decision? How dumb do you manicured pretty boys think we are? Talkin to you Tucker and No Neck! What a joke..

  22. Do you Democrats think Anerican people are stupid ,Deocrats would love to take the vote away from the American people they think only they can make decisions for the people and cannot handle the fact that a man was elected with no previous political experience and has accomplished more than they were able to do in 8 years with Obama.This is all about trying to make Trump look bad because they know the American are fed up with the Decrats that have done horrible things and no prosecution for their crimes(Brenda Snipes)Hillary(Benghazi Democrats have to gain the trust from the American people again because they don't have it now,they need to start being honest and really care about this country and the American people,the seem to have forgotten We The People

  23. The DNC strategy is not meant to be successful in a legal sense. It is meant to publicly shed doubt on anything Trump does and to muddy further criminal investigation of the Clintonian mafia and all the "accidents" people keep having around them.

    The bigger picture that the leaders of the DNC are playing to is in keeping the American public from discovering the depth of corruption in our Beuracratic Branches of government and just how far the Intelligence community has involved itself with steering American elections for the benefit of Foreign money.

    Many Republicans are just as dirty as these folks and many of them will seek to derail any real investigations as well. There is no way that they are clean and also willing to forget about all of the witnesses that had evidence against high-level politicians and Law Enforcement agencies, like the FBI, who have become"Unalived" in Federal custody.

    Trump was not a Republican and got an incredibly icy welcome from them until proof of how large his populist support was made it politically unwise to openly subvert him.

    Now that evidence of corruption has started to circulate it's just a case of how much will we be allowed to see and whether or not it's going to be enough to save our Republic from total corporate control.

  24. hey look it's the guy that unsuccessfully persecuted hillary and wasted millions of tax payer dollars in an effort to chase a non existent guilty plea from her. Ironic considering this guys years of hillary investigation failures that hes calling their strategy stupid

  25. Trey, when did you lose your vision? Trump dig up dirt on you. Afraid he'll tell your wife? You need to fear Bloomberg. He's digging too. Found once, easier found twice…

  26. Ah the two clowns at Fox …. here's a tid bit …. 1, Joe Biden announced his run for 2020 on 25 April 2019 as the LAST candidate WITHOUT OBAMA's ENDORSEMENT in a field of 20+; Want to know why Fox? Social media knows do you? 2. If Joe Biden is such a stand up guy, capable of running a country WHY did he NOT run in 2016 when he was Vice President, at that point he could have received a Presidential endorsement from the sitting President Obama WHICH would have carried a lot of weight. Care to know why Fox? Once again social media knows do you?

  27. If you can’t trust the election of the PRESIDENT, then you really can’t trust the elections of SENATORS. Those elections are easier to manipulate.

  28. Exactly right if Dems good enough for running country for their own people as they said what’s they afraid off Trump not used some stupidity tricks and lies to the people to gains power the most people they’re smarter this day they are not fallen for it , because you’re looking like bunches Halloween 👻 hunger

  29. I thought this was about a phone call to zalynsky, now it is about cheating in the 2020 election. It changes from week to week.

  30. Howdy doody Gowdy is making a FOOL out of himself. The oratory skill of Schiff delivered all the FACTS and reasons for Trump's removal

  31. They are accusing Trump of exactly what Democrats have been doing for past several YEARS!!! Why do you think California can't get rid of PELOSI & Feinstein etc??? They rig the ballot boxes! As of current they have found 1.5 million inactive Voters that are being used over & over again! Dems are crooks, evil & corrupt! THEY ARE BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY & WE NEED TO NEVER VOTE IN ANOTHER DEM COMING NOVEMBER!!! MAGA/KAG 2020

  32. Democrats are fascists, telling the American People we don't get to decide who is to be elected. Naked Tyranny. No ifs ands or buts. The enemy of the people. A party that must be destroyed, root and branch.

  33. @Fox News, YouTube is absolutely suppressing your channels in peoples feeds! For me this started about two weeks ago. Before then Fox was all over my feed. Now nothing but CNN, Bloomburg, ABC, CBS, etc. I've been turning notifications off for these channels so now I get some really strange ones. What I don't get are Fox, Daily Wire or any center to center right feeds.

  34. Seems like I remember something about Bernie Sanders getting railroaded out of the 2016 nomination by skull-duggery from the democrat party. But maybe I'm wrong — given the credibility endorsement of Schiff as the dem's spokesman by the media, this kind of dirty dealing from the one side could never have happened.

  35. Anyone else having trouble with CODMW on the xbox,my xbox one x keeps freezing in tense matches like crash,vacant and shipment (especially shipment) please help

  36. Love to see Schiff and Nadler both get kidnapped, taken deep into Mexico, and forced to do Donkey Shows for food! Bet they would both love it!

  37. His crime – solving problems and removing road blocks to average Americans economy – straightforward approach to tyrants and dictators – concern for our needs from toilets to Chinese market manipulation strategies
    His crime is caring about the work a day man. He needs to drive out the parasites if you ask me . And the whole political system holds their breath
    because he could be the pick up stick that brings the whole stack down intentionally or not.
    Can’t have the example of a government that can get things done for us . Only one that manages our difficulties and profits by them , where’s the incentive to fix things
    when it takes money out their pockets and puts it back in ours .

  38. Trey's argument is ridiculous. It's obviously elevated because of the FACT that Trump targeted Biden specifically to gain an advantage in the 2020 election. I doubt Trump would have went off script with his call to President Zelensky to discuss his concerns about some random civilian and potential corruption. Still waiting to hear why Marie Yovanovitch needed to so urgently be removed from her post….

  39. Ok, now unless these people that are supporting the Democratic narrative are wildly misinformed and watch only CNN or MSLSD, they know the truth and they don't care, they will go down with the ship because they are too egotistical and narcissistic to admit that they are  wrong about this.  In 2015, I was a never Trumper.  I love my country dearly and enlisted in the military in 82 and spent several years in law enforcement, so I could pay my debut and do my share.  For this reason, I  did research and found stories of people, or employees of Donald Trump going through serious life situations, receiving life changing monetary gifts, a few days after their encounter with Mr  Trump ( at the  time)  Stories from employees that say Donald Trump would always ask how the wife and family was, and knew their first name, and  receiving bonuses and respect, from the janitor to the  shoe shiner, and it was  genuine.  On the other side, all I heard was Hillary Clinton hates men  and is just a  mean spirited  B#$#@.  Especially toward aids  and secrete service. Obama was  indifferent and Bill  C was complicated.

  40. Trey, So what you are saying is: OK he did something wrong but let's not remove him, let's wait until the election and have the American constituents decide. Yeahhh, you can just crawl back into the little warm hole in the south where you've been all this time.

  41. "The president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, because we cannot be sure that the vote will be fairly won." – Adam Schiff.

    That's right Schiff, because in 2020, just like in 2016, you will fairly lose. That's why your opposed to the election results, because even though the left cheated, they still lost, and that's why you need to overthrow a legally elected president.

    I can't wait for when this whole Schiff-show is over and some on these slimeballs are facing treason charges.

  42. Ok, so remind me: at the time of the phone call, was Trump running for re-election (No)? How could he know that Biden might be his opponent? Remember no one has been chosen as the Dem's candidate for President. Therefore, how is it that Trump was/is 'interfering' with the 2020 election? Only constructive comments will be considered. Thank you.

  43. INCREDIBLE  .THE ALL WORLD IS LAUGHING  TRUMP THE CLOWN …..SUCKERS .Vladimir Putin  has been caught on camera making fun of Donald Trump with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, who joked the president should follow in the footsteps of one of Jesus' disciples so 'everything will become normal with him'

  44. The more I see this man speak the more intelligent he becomes. Trey Gowdy is not only intelligent he sees facts from all sides. It would surely be nice to have more individuals of this stature and maturity in our government. We have some now but it sure would be nice to have more.

  45. Typical DC mindset…throw as much money at foreigners as possible. Don't you big government people heed the 'no foreign entanglements' warnings of the Founders? How naive do you have to be to think that a no-nothing son of a vice president was anything more than a recipient of Ukrainian influence peddling money?

  46. Cheating their ways of election's.
    And assumed Law Enforcement-Justice will bow to Geo-Political mafia gangsters.

    You think😡

  47. SCHIFF WILDLY STUPID? NO KIDDING!! Not only stupid but aren't the two charges of obstruction and abuse of power also stupid? Because the crimes of bribery, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors are what constitute crimes in impeachment trials and obstruction and abuse of power are just descriptive terms used to characterize the crimes; they're not crimes in and of themselves.

  48. The Republicans are desperate, everyone knows already that it was not Joe Biden who had decided to fire the Ukraine prosecutor, it was the White House administration, EU countries and UN council.

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