Triad Today interview with UNC Greensboro Chancellor Frank Gilliam
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Triad Today interview with UNC Greensboro Chancellor Frank Gilliam

Hello everyone, I’m Jim Longworth. Welcome to another edition of Triad Today,
well not just any edition but it’s our 700th edition and I’m so glad you could be with
us for it. Coming up later our infamous roundtable, we’ll
tackle all sorts of controversial topics so stay tuned for that. Between now and then, some great guests and
important information coming your way. We’ll talk about some special job training
for a new demand that’s out there in the workplace. We’ll tell you about internships going on
at Inmar and we’ll meet with the founder owner of Woods of Terror. That and much much more, but first we turn
our attention to my alma motto UNCG and uh, UNCG is 125 years old and my first guest believes
that I was there in the beginning, which I’m not that old. But next to me is a man who is also not that
old. Dr. Franklin Gilliam, chancellor of UNCG. Welcome sir. It’s an honor. Good to see you again. Good to see you. And now, you know, you came from UCLA and
that’s just almost three years ago… Going into my fourth year. Yeah and I’m thinking UNCG has had record
growth, there’s this new branding campaign. I’m going to show them the tshirt in a second,
this shirt, but there’s a lot going on and I’m just wondering… bring me up to speed. Well first let me congratulate you on your
700th show, that’s quite a record. Um, you know we’re at a critical moment
in the University’s history. It’s what I’ve talked about as an “inflection
point.” You know, either we’re going to take really
take off and be serious about it or it’s going to fizzle out. Record growth, record number of students on
campus, as you know your beloved McIver building has come and the new one is going to pop out
of the ground here soon in its place, we’ve added as you now Spartan Village II (a new
set of resident halls on Gate City) and they have stores and we’re hoping for Best Way
Market to open soon and restaurants for the students
Really extending the community Really extending the community, giving jobs
for the community. So the campus is really at a great point. We have five conference championships last
year, which is pretty exciting. And we’ve had really record academic progress. We’re one of two UNC schools that met all
five of our performance metrics this year. Two of seventeen and we’ve exceeded the
five year mark in three out of the five. So we feel really good about it/
Well I’m proud to be a Spartan and speaking about being a Spartan, we have a new logo
and I know Brian has some footage to show you of the new logo but I thought that I would
also hold this sweatshirt up that Eden brought to me and uh, now let me just ask you – I
don’t mean to be cute about this – but is this just a neat design or does this also
represent where you want to take us? Well it’s part of an entire brand refresh. Um, we… one of the things we did do is we
kept Minerva, we added a color – grey, and we now have a new brand message. But so the idea was to mell the legacy with
the future. We consulted a wide range of folks. Part of our problem, I’ve always felt, has
been a case of identity, or lack thereof. A mistaken identity is a lack of identity. And we have a great story to tell and in this
case, in the iconic sense, the look and the feel are meant to show that we have a connection
to our past but we are forward looking. Now you also have this new logo slogan that
says “find your way here.” I want you to elaborate on that and does it
have anything to do with construction traffic on I-40. Well I think we won’t take credit for that,
but what “find your way here” is really the core message of our University, which
is no matter who you are you should be able to find a place. It’s not a campus dominated by one group
or another, by Greeks or athletes or theatre people like a lot of campuses are. People find their place, they find their “wow”
there, they find their inspiration, they find their career… and so “find your way”
it could be find your way there, find you’re here (it could actually mean the campus),
and we think it gives us a lot of flexibility but at the same time really capturing the
essence of the University. We have a little bit of time left, tell me
what’s coming up for the upcoming year. Well as you know we… one of the things we’re
proud of is we’re heavily engaged in The Greater Triad Community. We’ll be heavily involved with the North
Carolina Folk Festival as we have been, we’ve been at LeBauer park all summer with Spartan
Cinema, we have a great concert in Lecture Series, we have Alan Alda coming, Audra McDonald,
Herbie Hancock, and of course, our soccer teams are playing now – men’s and women’s. So we’re really excited and look for more
development along Gate City Blvd. Well I’ll tell you what, this is great. I can’t wait to go put this on. This is neat the sweatshirt here has the new
logo on there, it’s very strong. It looks like it’s very aggressive, I like
it! Well, we’re aggressive. We gotta be! I know you’re aggressive, that’s what
I like about you. You came from UCLA, you took that UCLA Brewing
spirit and just….Now up on screen is the website Please check that out, lots of good stuff
on there and that’s where you can find out about the University. So think about going there if you happen to
be a parent and you have a child coming up to the ranks we want you. Alright, thank you Chancellor.

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1 thought on “Triad Today interview with UNC Greensboro Chancellor Frank Gilliam

  1. Find your way is of special importance to me as it was exactly the phrase my high school counselor said to me as she encouraged me to attend UNCG in 1966. I had grown up in small rural community of Pilot Mountain,NC. I had received full scholarships from Carolina and ECU as well as partial from Duke. However I have to say when Mrs. Perkins said to me, “Gilda, I think you may find your way at this school and the new school of nursing” that really convinced me to attend UNCG. She was so very correct. It was big enough to find my niche but not so big that I was lost in the crowd. I am forever grateful to this outstanding university for not only my excellent education in nursing but my personal development as well. I am also grateful to Chancellor G for the enormous positive impact he has had on my school. My hope is that he will stay for many more years as he takes Minerva into the future of education for ALL who want to learn for the betterment of themselves and their world. Because UNCG grads reach out into the world,they are and will continue to be a great positive influence.

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