Trump Campaign Caught Using Stock Footage Models in Ad | NowThis
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Trump Campaign Caught Using Stock Footage Models in Ad | NowThis

President Trump is doing a great job I could not ask for a better president of the United States of America President Trump and his family and the administration are in our prayers for strength and wisdom from God Almighty god bless president Trump although I am a lifelong Democrat I sincerely believe that a nation must secure its borders you

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38 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Caught Using Stock Footage Models in Ad | NowThis

  1. Umm you do realize that every get together involving republicans has a lot of rich business owners involved. Would you believe me if I told you there were tons of rich people around and no pretty women around? … Exactly lol. You really think republicans are at home worried about whether you think the woman on their right side are REAL?! LOL these liberals can't decide whether conservatives are "the rich elite that are corrupt" or "rednecks with missing teeth" LOL

  2. On another outlet, they showed that the hipster dude is from Turkey. Since I had no idea there were hipsters in Turkey, I can now honestly say that President Trump has expanded my world view. LOL.

    (Where is the sarcasm font when you need one? 😂)

  3. When Trump need to buy actors to act as his supporters instead of using his own. Oh wait, he isn’t supported by anyone. Makes sense.

  4. Unpopular opinion but, that's kinda what stock-footage is for…? Maybe not necessarily for campaign ads, but defs for licensed visual demonstration, which is what those campaign ads essentially, a visual demonstration to accompany a read out testimony, it even says as much in the fine print. Fun fact, the voice overs reading the 'testimonies' are most likely not the actual supporters themselves but trained actors. It's all quite common.

  5. Well you can’t necessarily use his actual supporters. Have you seen what they look like? Old, out of shape, missing teeth, dried out looking, sometimes carrying torches….

    Not a good look.

  6. Who really cares because i don't and so should you. Just cherry picking mistakes that don't matter smh

  7. U gotta understand… Trump supporters r nt presentable..itll b a challenge for them to find a decent one tht r educated and nt white trash

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