Trump Disapproval EXPLODES After Market Crash & Shootings
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Trump Disapproval EXPLODES After Market Crash & Shootings

Donald Trump’s disapproval has exploded in
the last two weeks and there seem to be two big factors. Number one, Trump’s just tragically, historically
disastrous response to the recent mass shootings. Uh, and then in addition to that, you’ve got
the continued recession fears and stock market crashes. 800 points lost on the dowel yesterday. More than a 3% decline there. And on the Nasdaq and on the s and p 500 and
Donald Trump just continues to tweet nonsense about the economy and about trade and about
who’s to blame. And the most amazing thing about all of this
is that a Fox News poll finds that Trump is really not doing well. Fox just released a presidential approval
poll, which has trumpet 56% disapproval. Now, before I go any further, it’s shocking
that it’s only 56% in other words, the fact that only 56% of the country disapproves of
the job Trump is doing is a real red flag about tens of millions of people in our country. But needless to say, this has now basically
tied to the record for the highest Trump disapproval. The point here is the trendline. Trump’s disapproval is up five full points
from last month. And again, it’s back to essentially statistically
matching the record high disapproval Trump has had during his presidency, which was October
of 2017 nearly two years ago. And the timing of this from an electorial
perspective could be good as we start to get into the 2020 election in full. And meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to do
nothing substantive, uh, about, uh, economic policy obviously because he doesn’t understand
it. He continues to do nothing substantive about
the gun violence issues in the United States. And the same Fox News poll found that two
thirds of Americans, this is a significant majority in such a hyper-partisan environment. Two thirds of Americans want a ban on assault
rifles and semiautomatic weapons. This is up seven points over the last 15 or
so months. This is a very important change. We already knew background checks were popular. The Fox News poll finds that there is 90%
support for universal background checks, criminal background checks on every gun, purchase and
sale. Uh, however it is across party lines, 90%
of Democrats want universal background checks. 90% of Republicans want universal background
checks. This is not common in the United States. So listen, um, it’s clear why Trump’s approval
is dropping. You have mat mass violence events. When Barack Obama presided over mass violence
events, he would empathize with the victims in a genuine way. It’s not that much to ask for, but he did
it. Donald Trump attacks political opponents doubles
down on bad ideas. Take smiling, thumbs up pictures with a baby
just orphaned by the mass shooting. So it makes sense. But even still, even though the trend line
is going towards disapproval, how does 40% of the countries still approve of the job
this man is doing? How does nearly a third of the country think
that Donald Trump’s actions are pulling the country together? When the obvious a reality is the opposite
of that? How clueless do you have to be to look at
what’s going on and come away with that opinion? So at the micro level, can we just pass background
checks? I mean, 90% of the country wants them. Can we just get it done at the macro level? We see all of this data. We see Trump’s disapproval climbing. We see Trump’s polling underwater in a bunch
of swing states for the 2020 election. Bernie Biden, Warren, all polling ahead of
Trump and hypothetical matchups, but are we going to remove him or are we going to blow
it? That’s my question. I’m on Twitter at the pacman. The show
is on
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100 thoughts on “Trump Disapproval EXPLODES After Market Crash & Shootings

  1. Nobody seems to be taking into consideration how republicans have manipulated the electorate lists, or what impact the Moscow interference will have on 2020 election. Trump has every right to feel confident he will be Re-elected. Democrats do not appear to have the ability to fight him on those issues and they will definitely lose if they don’t cop on fast.

  2. To be fair that high a disapproval on a Fox News poll is actually enormous given Fox's audience is majority Trump supporters.

  3. Why does 56% of disapproval stands as fact, when not nearly all of America has weighed in on this pole? I'm going to say that if you asked every America in this country of (t)rump's approval or disapproval, that number would be somewhere around the hi 70's or higher. Which is still sad. That number should be in the 90's at least. Just saying.

  4. Ill tell you what’s the problem with the people that approve trump,, fast food, high sugar snacks, energy drinks,etc.. sugary brains can’t think clear.

  5. You know what uranium is, right? It’s this thing called nuclear weapons. And other things. Like lots of things are done with uranium. Including some bad things. But nobody talks about that.” “Our Army manned the air, it ran the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do.” "No, no, I have a strong opinion. I want a great climate. We're going to have that, and we are going to have forests that are very safe because we can't go through this,"

  6. People who only now disapprove of Trump just because the stock market crashed is funny. So as long as this monster helps you make money, every other despicable thing he does is acceptable?

  7. His disapproval rating is still way too low! It should be 90 plus % not 50 plus whatever. It is just a matter of time considering all the s. he has been doing and his filthy mouth and tweets.

    America can't and won't survive another 4 years of this moron. We need to vote him out of office next year and the rest of his goons. All of them include Moscow Mitch turtle face traitor and the rest of those cowards self serving republicans.

    Do or die time people left or right NO matter. All our livelihood and pocket book are hurting under this clown Trump and his administration.

  8. Revolting individual, and 40% think its okay? Red-neck, hill-billy, neo-nazi, anti-Semetic, racist white nationalist! I am white… and angry that white people are doing this crazy shit. As angry as I would be about any other black brown red yellow or purple idiots doing this shit. And that political intransigence allows these assholes the latitude to commit this violence -UNCHECKED. America has Lost Its Spine!

  9. Considering it's a Fox news poll showing 56% disapproval rating, I'd bet the actual disapproval rating is higher than 56%!!

  10. Actual approval rating was below 40% recently on many other sites.That bad and this economy and investigation only helps his chances of being booted from the presidency!!

  11. I find it hard to believe the polls! Only 56% I can hardly believe it! People have to be smarter than that! Or they only watch Fox! Unbelievable!

  12. Sure, sure, sure…. and 60+ million are still tuning into FoxNews all day every day in their gerrymandered districts…
    while the "sane" argue about Israel's customs law, reaparations for slave descendants, transgender bathrooms… and believe a babbling Biden or an 80 year old NY jew or a gay man (or one of the other 20 on the ticket) can win the swing vote of some oxycontin-sucking white trash moron in the rust belt or Florida. Hold on for 4 more years of Trump, pendejos. If you thought the last 3 years were an international embarrassment, you haven't seen anything.

  13. Pretty much the only people I personally know who support Trump are either racist or anti-immigrant, and now that the economy is not looking so good, they are starting to pay more attention to what is happening around them, and what Trump is doing.

  14. Democrats want to censor speech, revise history, disarm citizens, push racial division, push anti-science, embrace collective punishment, enact authoritarian socialist policies like every tyrant, dictator, and despot has done throughout history to subjugate people.
    Stop voting Democrat if you wan the madness to end.

  15. 01:47 — Well, 2/3rds of Americans support having abortion clinics have the same medical standards and regulation as any medical facility and we don't have that.

    Abortion has been implemented nation wide entirely through courts and had only passed majority vote in a few states. Does that make it less of a right?

    Self-defense is a right , you can't chuck it out in a panic anymore than you could shut down all abortions clinics because one of then killed a bunch women and girls.

    Majorities don't run over rights.

  16. Lol. Pakman hates Trump and hates Conservatives. What is he going to say when Trump wins 20/20 ? This guy just hates the common Trump supporter.

  17. Democrats try to downplay the Civil War and how Republicans died to free slaves, so that they can call them racist today.
    Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, KKK, lynching, and many atrocities toward minorities.
    Have they ever apologized?
    I don't forgive them.
    Democrats love to tear down everything associated with slavery…except the biggest thing associated with it…their party's name.

    Republicans supposedly are the racist party today (even though plenty of evidence to show otherwise…Sen Byrd, KKK Grand wizard, Biden, segregationist, Northam, KKK lover and blackface, Ilhan Omar Talib Rhashid and many Democrats are anti-Semitic…etc) …
    But can anyone tell me what the Republicans have done that is even equivalent to the Democrats horrid past?

    Any "systemic racism" in our society has been put their by Democrats…at the founding of our nation( republicans weren't even there) up until the modern Democrats having a KKK Grand Wizard as their mentor and longest sitting senator.(Sen. Robert Byrd)
    Or how about Gore's dad voting against the civil rights act? (most democrats did)
    Or how about Biden and those segregationists?
    Or how about Dem Virginia Governor in Blackface or KKK garb?
    How about your celebraties in blackface like Jimmy Kimmel? or Sarah Siverman?
    Democrats even have to change the definition of racism to fit their narrative…
    But even by their own false definition they fail…Minorities have been in politics for many decades now…they wield political power over many people….

    I expect many NPC clowns to show me the depths of Leftie stupidity but never addressing my points directly.
    This should be fascinating.

  18. Watch Tim Pool's segment on his rating. He gets it way more accurate, is actually doing BETTER than ever:

  19. I want a second term of Trump. I'd rather have a JFK or any other republican but oh well. No to universal background checks, no to ban on semi auto rifles.

  20. 03:07 — How does 40% of the country approve of Donald Trumps actions? Oh, the usual they have jobs, dignity and don't believe that people like David Pakman are infalliable angles sent from Marxist heavan to solve all our problems and we should just sit down and shut up and do what we're told.

    Just a guess. Can't wait to here your ideas.

  21. 92% Hillary , Media 2016. She flatlined against Pres. Trump. Trump has got so many things DONE in my lifetime that others didn't have the will/fear to do.
    It's Not racism either, its reality. Not socialist utopia. The American Boat can only hold so many citizens.
    BTW: I drank the Commifornia Utopia Kool Aid for decades til YT "Red Pilled Me" with diverse opinions. Social Media has opened up so many minds.

  22. Yet the new york times says his job approval is getting higher and he's got record approval among african americans so how does that work dave🤷‍♂️

  23. 03:30 — Background checks, why can't we just have that? Easy. Abolitionist.

    The same reason we can't basic regulation and oversight on abortion clinics. Pro-choice people know that in a perfect world it would be completely reasonable to regulate abortion providers like anyother medical care provider, so why don't they?

    Simple pro-choice people know that there is a politically significant group of abortion abolitionist who view abortion as outright infanticide and who will use every little opening to frustrate every abortion and to harass every provider into extinction. It's obvious that while regulation of abortion providers would normally be a no brainer, the presence of absolute abolitionist makes it practically extremely dangerous.

    Same thing for "sensible" gun choice regulation. Background checks would be a no brainer right? Except we know there are anti-choice abolisionist out there who deeply distrust their neighbors and will go to any legal extremes to prevent ordinary citizens from getting fire arms for self defense, hunting, sports etc.

    How. Well, lets see. How much is this background check going to cost? If it's in the range of hundreds of dollars, that would mean only the well off could get a license. Does a person just have to pass the background check once or everytime they buy a gun? How about for ammo? About in a different state? Just by screwing around with fees you can turn a background check into a prohibition.

    Oh, and what gets you a failed background check? To be effective it has to be a pretty low bar. Raising your voice in a domestic call and getting the cops called on you? Punching somebody in a bar fight? By stealthily downgrading the crimes to just traffic tickets you could again, cause most of the population to be refused for a gun.

    In short there are to many ways for well meaning but ultimately dishonest abolitionist to use background checks to simply prohibit virtually everyone from owning a weapon.

    Just as with abortion, a significant abolitionist movement means that no resonable person can trust the government to honestly and fairly enforce reasonable agreed on laws .

    If want reasonable oversight on gun choice, you've got to foster a great deal of social and political trust. I don't see that happening soon.

  24. You said "red flag" on "10's of Americans". Please elaborate. Is that legal Americans or the majority of illegal Americans.

    Obama was a good show dog who spoke eloquently but didn't get anything done. 👏👏👏

    "Can we just " build the wall?

  25. Tim Pool sent me over here and as a Trump voter, this video makes me extremely happy. This level of bubble isolation is a great advantage in an opponent. Please keep feeling self-righteous and sneeringly scornful towards absolutely anyone who isn't an ideological clone. That's the way to lose elections.

  26. I think that the fact people on average think he's doing better than you think should be something you need to think about. He's standard conservative by nearly all metrics and even seems to be more middle of the road on some. He's doing well for the economy and the hiccups come at the same time he's imposed tariffs on China, which happens with any tariff imposed that has any response. The bounce-back is what trump is aiming for and it seems to be well. The data is in favor of trump and the overall picture supports him too. Everyone should look at all critically, including themselves

  27. You know, I think at this point the Democrats best hope is if the Chinese massacre the people of Hong Kong sending the world trade economy into a tail spin. Then if Europe nose dives like it shows every sign of doing, North America might be inconvenienced. Then you might have a shot.

    If you pray to the murder fairy real hard, maybe she'll let you wade through oceans of blood to an electoral victory you don't deserve.

  28. I would have thought you understood how polls work, so I wonder why you even ask the question how could %40 not see what is going on.It leads me to believe you don't understand polls. They are just a tool someone uses to feed you the data they want you to believe, or they think you want.

  29. I've gotta subscribe to your channel so when Trump rolls over Warren next year I can list the excuses Dem's use as to why. It will be like watching Cenk 2016 all over again.

  30. Calling 40% of American voters stupid. Good game plan bro. See how that goes for you. You should thank Tim Pool for the view. I don't even like Trump, but holy shit… look closer at that chart.

  31. What's funny is everybody seems to think we don't have universal background checks for firearm purchases in when in fact we do you cannot purchase a firearm anywhere with out a federal universal background check

  32. Make sure that you thank Tim Pool for all the views on this video. Tim really does like you and your work. BTW maybe fox does real news good and bad…let that sink in

  33. His disapproval is high, to be sure, but his approval ratings are also expanding, and so is his base. Zogby polled him at 51% approval a couple of days ago. He is polling at record highs with Black voters and Latinos as well. (37% and 50% respectively.) His only weakness is suburban white women. The fact that his approval and disapproval are both rising at the same time is probably reflective of the fact that fewer people are on the fence and likely also reflective of increasing polarization. I don't think that Packman is delving deeply enough into the data, which shows that Trump is more popular now than he was in 2016, and is doing better now than he ever has. As it stands now, it is looking as if Trump has the potential to win States that he lost in 2016. Of course, that is not what many do not wish to hear, but that is how I read the numbers.

  34. It's funny how you trust Fox News when it agrees with your bias lol, says a lot about the absolute lack of seriousness of your reporting. You don't even compare it with polling averages.

  35. Don't just look at one poll man. Look at multiple and compare them. One poll doesn't show us the whole picture. Just a piece of it

  36. If you can only highlight the downward points on the stock market while it has been rising in a vast rate since 2016, you are fakenews. Same about guns, same about polls. I prefer Tim Pool's views because they are balanced.

  37. You are a moron. Why did Tim Pool send me here? Did he want me educate this little no-nothing twerp?
    This little punk lives in a fantasy world where he imports a bunch of third world serfs eo do his bidding. Oh no, they won't realize you are worse than Citgo and turn on you . Never. Idiot. And who is John Maynard Keynes, you Friedmanite half wit? Hur Dur Velocity of Money Liquidity of American Assets!! You are soooooooo stupid.

  38. Well Tim Pool I gave this guy a shot. But all this guy did was insult people like me. So why would I want to listen to ANYTHING this ass hat has to say?

  39. Please stop talking about stuff you know nothing about. There are and have been for a long time universal background checks in every gun store, pawn shop and gun show in every state


  41. please watch this video:

    It goes really in depth and imo helps to give a more comprehensive view on all of this

    Came from Timcast 😀

  42. Holy crap this tribalism crap is worse than I thought. A few of you guys just seem to express disagreement and leave it at that, but damn most of you are hyperbolic and down-right angry.
    Doesn't anybody see a problem here? You guys are all being so incessantly hateful towards half of your country, and you're not even representing them properly. You're criminalising a ridiculous number of people for imagined crimes. This tribalistic escalation doesn't end well.
    Just look at these comments:

    And despite trumps terrible leadership….trump supporters will continue to support their god trump."

    "Ok… 44% of people think he's doing just fine. I mean it's great that America is so accepting of people with brain disorders, but they really shouldn't be allowed to vote."

    "I thought it would be about 65% disapproval. Boy! We really have a lot of morons in this country. Smh"

    "SIMPLE – 30% of the country are RACIST FUCKS…They dont care what he does as long as he is cruel to brown people."

    "No American worth his salt would ever vote for trump. If you do, you can be sure you have no self respect and dignity!"

    "Think back to high school about the bottom half of the class and that explains why his approval rating is still at 44%"

    "Trump's popularity is due to inbreeding in the US."

    And holy shit: "44% of Americans are gonna be on the wrong side of history."

  43. How delusional do you have to be to say that a multi-billionaire doesn't understand economy with a straight face. Will the left ever be cured of this orange man bad syndrome?


  45. there are many old white men who mistake pride for character who will never admit to having made a mistake, just like the fake donald trump. other odd traits they think portray them favorably include willful ignorance, bigotry, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, hypocrisy and simple hatefulness and meanness.

  46. I know the phrase "has delusions of grandeur" would describe someone like this. You could shorten it to just "delusional", since that's what the person is. Also, "self-important" or self-aggrandizing" might be applicable.

    you might try self-aggrandizing : I hesitate to give it as an answer because your question specifically points to "taking credit for others work" and the term is more like 'inflating ones traits" – Tom22 Jun 2 '18 at 21:51

  47. LOL, did you guys happen to see that Tim the Tool Pool just did a video claiming that Trump has had record breaking approval? XD
    OMFG, this guy doesn't live in reality. Total grifter. I knew it!
    When I saw that pop up in my recommendeds, I laughed, looked up his approval / disapproval ratings, and I couldn't find out what the hell he was talking about. Can Tim even fool his own viewers? God that guy is total huckster.

  48. I can't wait to see the constipated look on all the anti-trumpers when he wins 2020. Four years of Trump bashing from Hollywood, the coorporate media, and the Twitteratti and still the good people of America who have the good sense to see through all the fake news and outrage will still pick him.

  49. Its pretty crazy watching this video coming from usually watching conservative media and it just starts off with some really negative framing about the economy and goes off and tells a couple other lies. If this is the only type of media you get I'd highly recommend diversifying your selection because Trump is also at his HIGHEST APPROVAL rating ever.

  50. The people in the background are wearing PE vests. They turn traffic signs at roadwork sites. Oh, the poor, poorly educated. Hard workers, my ass.

  51. Jesus Christ the ‘hatred’ here for half your country is pretty serious!
    I’m just an outsider that watch both sides and one thing I see common is that one side detests the other sides leader/s, while the other side detest not just the others leader/s but all the follow. You really think ‘millions’ of people are that bad? OMG that’s absolutely crazy.

  52. Disastrous Response to the Mass Shootings tell me how that is What did Trump do that would be disastrous to the Mass Shootings because he went when the crazy tards were telling him dont come here, dont come here hes the dang President of The United States and a Citizen of the United States above all he is allowed to go wherever the dang well he wants to go. And going there to condemn these acts of violence shows Great Quality's as a leader instead on the left you got Beto who cant stop laughing about it for example and the rest of the clown show rallying around it pointing fingers. This is a bigger problem then we think the far left and the far right are both dangerous. Get the picture first you know I thought Id give you the time of day coming from Tim Pool's channel because he said it was worth a watch but if your going to proactively spout the same talking points of the Main Stream Media I don't think I can support that. at all. I thought you may be a independent Journalist or a Independent thinker but your not your in your box and I get it but fair is fair and I can not support the fact that the first thing you talk about is how Trump is bad. I think your ignorant and I think that anyone who agrees with this without looking at all the facts is ignorant. I don't 100 percent agree with Trump on a lot of things but I also do not see him trying to destroy this Country and what we stand for. And if I am called a Racist or a Bigot for it I guess I am in your eyes. I think you all need to get a life outside the box and get outside and stop worrying about Orange Man Bad for a minute and see what's good and what is great about this Country. If you only knew what things were like in other places I think your outlook would be a whole lot different. All you knuckleheads saying you hate Trump cant even give good reason of why you do you just say hes a Racist and a Womanizer and have ZERO evidence to back that up. As long as you can drown out the conversation you feel good about yourself. Your very Un-American and hate Free Speech because most Americans don't and never will agree with you. I grew up and lived in Southern California for a long time and it used to be pretty dang good but now its horrible the Homeless Epidemic, Trash on the beaches, It stinks and looks like garbage. That is the reality of things. WHy do we care about who is in leadership positions and concentrate all of our time into picking sides and pointing fingers I think everyone on all sides needs to grow up and start acting like Human Beings to each other. I am sick of seeing all the crap going on today and I think its pretty pathetic how we show the world this is OK. People dream of coming here because of what we stand for and our freedoms and for good sakes let them come we would take them all if we could unfortunately no Country can realistically take everyone in. Be Real about it. I want people to come here because I know America is freaking Awesome. But both sides and I do mean both sides of the coin are destroying our image around the world. That being said my rant is over. Have a nice day and get outside and enjoy the weather and humanity instead of waking up and doing the same things over and over again. How bad can it be. Get out there and enjoy life you want to make a difference get it done make a difference.

  53. First of all lol! No one asked me and my family for our personal opinion. How in the world do “they” gather these approval ratings?

  54. "is a big red flag about 10's of millions of people"

    No, it's a big red flag that you and the rest of the lefty elitists are so competently disconnected from the working class that you both can't understand how they are benefiting and can't believe they have the nerve to disagree with you.

  55. Well i'm not a massive trump fan but seeing this comment section is a good enough reason to vote for the dude coz the alternative is fucking terrifying

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