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6 thoughts on “Trump plans to ban some flavors of vape products

  1. Big tobbaco wins again 😂 kids will now go back to smoking cigarettes just like the government wants. You don't see vapeing in movies and t.v, but almost every dam big Hollywood movie or major network show has someone lighting up a cigarette.

  2. Talk about the weed pods that’s not the same as vaping regular ejuice. Ejuice does not have vitamin e in it !!! Regardless what you guys say my body my rights I have the freedom to do what I want !

  3. Yeah anybody The vape industry knew it was illicit underground THC cartridges. Leafly magazine published an article in May and also warned about the CDC and FDA there was going to be an outbreak. This was done deliberately to try to take down the vape industry

  4. Its dumb how this news company was talking about thc carts and calling it vaping. While it is technically vaping its not whaf we are talking about. We are talking about nicotine e juice and why would people rather have kids smoke cigarrettes anyways. Not to mention if they ban flavors what about flavored alcohol and cigars? If they were to ban flavors thered still be an issue, kids would be vaping tobacco flavored then

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