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– Look at my bubbly face. – I feel like I’m in a
bubble bath for my face. – I know. (upbeat music) Hi guys, it’s Audrey, and
I’m here with my sister. – Jordan from Just Jordan 33. – And today we’re gonna be trying some Korean spa beauty things. Like some of them are face masks. Some of them are like… – Very weird. – Nose enhancers. – Just what is this? This is weird. – I don’t know! I have no idea but I’m so excited. I hope they actually work
and let’s just get started. This is the things that
we’re gonna be trying. – These look like torture devices. – Have fun! (laughs) – Ew. – What are these things? – There’s dust all over it. – What are these things? And how are we supposed
to stick it on your nose? If feel like it’s supposed to help shape your nose if you want a thinner nose. You put this and you like hold. – Oh! – This looks so painful. (screams) – It looks like a nose plug, ready? I’m scared. – We have really squishy noses so… – You do. Oh! (gags) – Is this how you’re
supposed to wear them? and then like how long? They didn’t come with any instructions. – It hurts! I feel like if I have a different nose, I’ll look like a completely
different person. – Oh-ho, whoa. – Ouch, this hurts. – It’s pinching my eyes right towards my nose! It’s like opening up my eyes more. – I can’t talk normal. (laughs) – This is just a nose plug. – I think this is supposed to help your nose become thinner
but I don’t really want my thin nose anymore. It didn’t really do anything. – I feel like mine is like (squeals). – You have a straighter nose. – Yeah, I don’t know. – Okay, let’s try… Oh no! Contouring lifting up v zone care. – V zone? What’s a v zone? – V-Tox aculifting patch. This is supposed to lift your chin up so you have like, no double chins maybe? It’s something to do with your chin. – These beauty products are weird. – Except it’s all in Korean so I can’t read the instructions. I don’t know if you’re supposed to wipe off your face. (gasps) Jordan! – What is this? – Oh! I think it’s supposed
to pull your hair back. – But that’s like metal. – Wait, try pulling
your hair back with it. Is that what it’s supposed to do? Or is it supposed to do
something to your chin? – Oh, um. I thought it was supposed to be a headband but it doesn’t really pull back your hair. This must be for your chin then. – Oh. These are sparkly rubber bands. – Audrey, I don’t think
that’s for your chin. – No, no, no. Put it up like… (laughs) I don’t think it’s for your chin either. Okay, this is the lifting up hot serum! – Hot serum? We’re gonna die! – This is gonna burn our skin so tomorrow we’re gonna
have like red marks on our chin Jordan! – This will be bad! I hope not. – Step one. Something. Read the back. – Apply the lining, hot serum. – Lifting up hot serum. Jordan, I’m scared to do this. – I don’t want like, redness. – I don’t want redness either. – This already gave me redness. This is just a headband. No, I’ll just use this. This is more safe. – No, you have to use the product. – You use the product. – I’m already using a different headband. I’m scared! The lifting up hot serum! How hot is this gonna be? The hot serum smells weird. Smells like cough medicine. Where am I supposed to
apply the hot serum to? (screams) Oh, it’s on the back. Okay, here we go. Oh. It says apply it right here. – Where are you reading this? – I’m looking at the picture. – Step one. What’s this? – I’m assuming it’s to get
patches stuck to your face. – I’m so confused. – Just put it on. Just put it on. – Lifting up hot serum. Wow. I’m genuinely scared. – I’m a little scared too. – Cause if it’s hot, that means it’s gonna like burn off all your like, to make a jawline. – No! Jordan, no! I’m like applying it! – Maybe I’ll just stick
without the hot serum. – No, you have to put
on the hot serum bro. – I’m scared. – It’s kinda cooling. So, like, stretchy. Oh, it’s gonna get stuck to my hair. – [Jordan] Oh no. Oh no, I made a mistake. – Oh no. Oh no. Guys! What is this? What is this? – Let’s do this next product. – This is biopeel. Promotes visibly clearer,
smoother, and brighter skin. Oh, it’s all in Korean. – Oh no. – Wait, wait, wait. What? I think you’re supposed to like… Here we go! – It smells like lemongrass. I love it. – I feel like this is just taking off all my makeup and now you’re gonna see like, the very pretty side of me. I hope we have like, rockin skin tomorrow for school. It’s our night routine from now on. – No double chin, smell like lemons. – I feel like this is just taking off my makeup but with lemon juice. I’ll take off this part though, cause it’s so itchy. – We’re done. We’re done! With the heating whatever. – Oh, please don’t be red. It wasn’t red. – Ew. – This is very sticky. Apparently, this is supposed to like shape your face so that
you have a jawline. But, I mean look at my jawline. – I have a jawline. – Look at my jawline. – I still got the double chin, I still got the quadruple chin going, ooh! – Well, I mean, I like this just because it’s like lemon scented. It smells good and I don’t think anything can go wrong with this product, at least. I feel like it just like cleans your face. Like, leaves it feeling like refreshed. So, this one I give a thumbs up. The other two though, thumbs down. The next one is lady skin cool watermelon. Fresh watermelon icing gel bar. Contains watermelon extract. But nowhere else is in English, so this is gonna be fun. – Should be. – Oh gosh, it’s clear. – We just put this on our face? – Yeah, its supposed to.. Oh it’s cold! – It smells really nice though. Oh, it’s really cold. – It’s very like, liquidy. (squeals) (laughs) – Okay, I say thumbs up for that because I feel like I
could use it every night as a moisturizer and you
get a lot of product! – Next product is the egg mousse body oil. Too cool for school? – We’re too cool for school! Why is it eggs? – Why are eggs on the front? – Makes me nervous. – Right arm, spray. Left arm, no spray. And we’re gonna compare. – I feel like I’m gonna
go (spraying noise). Do you want me to? I feel like it’s gonna foam. – Be careful. – This kinda makes me nervous. What is this? – I hope we don’t have pimply arm. It’s like shaving cream! – That’s a lot. What is this? I think I gave you too much. I’m just using this much for now. – Really? What is this? – Whoa. – Oh. – It doesn’t smell like eggs. – I don’t know what it smells like. – It’s literally lotion in a spray bottle. I feel like this product is great cause I feel hydrated. – The next item is a soda bubble sheet. – Soda?! This is like a face mask. It’s half a face! – What?! – It’s half a face mask! I thought it was gonna
be a full, real deal. This doesn’t even smell like a soda. Man, I wish it smelled
like Crush or something. Or Sunkist. – Sunkist. Can’t talk right now. It’s so bubbly! – I feel like a ninja already. – Ninja. – Don’t lose it Jordan, don’t lose it! What are we supposed to do? I think it’s a little big! – You gotta rub it down. Whoa! Whoa! – Oh! Oh my. – It’s bubbly. It’s bubbly! Ahhh! (screams) – I can’t smile. It’s coming off. – Look at my bubbly face. – I feel like I’m in a bubble bath for my face. – I know. I like this one. This is my favorite one so far. It’s just so bubbly. (singing) (laughing) I just inhaled that. Okay, let’s take it off. – Can I first just go like this? (gasps) Look at this! Watch. – Guys look at my face. (screams) I’m taking it off. Wow! This is so weird. – Now I’m rubbing it all over. – What made it fizz up? Okay, the last product is a mediheal hair sheet steam pack. – So, this is for your hair. I’m actually the one that
decided to pick this out. All these we did not pick out. Except for this one. I found this one. It’s for your hair. It’s like a hair mask like, you know when you go to the salon and they have like those big machines that they stick on top
and it heals your hair or something? – That’s what this is? – It’s like that but at home version. I’m so excited. Okay, let’s go wash our hair. We’ll be back! – Oh, we can put these on too while we’re waiting to wash your hair. So while we’re gonna wash our hair and do this whole process. We’re gonna have this going on. So, this one’s gonna
take 15 to 20 minutes. I’ll set my timer for 15 minutes. – So, number one. This isn’t the sticky one, this is like a moisturizing, hydrating pack. I’m kind of excited
cause I didn’t even know this came with it. – I didn’t either, but blackheads are like so annoying to try to get out. – I’ve never, ever done
a blackhead removal. Mine works. Like, I got all my hair in there. Except for my thing is missing a eye. – What? How did you do that? – I don’t know what I did. – You can have this. – I don’t know. – I’m holding mine cause it won’t go in. – You’re supposed to use the sticker. You have to massage it, you know? Okay, so for a little while, it says you’re supposed to massage it and then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. So, time to massage! – Okay, we’re going to step
three of the nose patch. – Have you given up on the hair thing? – I’ve given up on this whole pack. – You’re supposed to massage it. It’s supposed to make
your hair really nice. – I’m just like, so done with this kit. This is my least favorite one. Even the chin strap is better. And that’s saying something. We’re gonna come back when our hair stuff is all done and we’re looking fresh! Alright, so we’re back
with our hair fully washed and blow dried. And I’m in my pj’s with my makeup off so that’s why I look so weird right now. – I just rinsed it off in the sink. So this is what it looks like. For me, I don’t know. We did ours different methods. I like, actually really
tried to get it to work. – I did too but I just can’t do hair. – Yours just like fell off
so, I don’t really know. Mine, I actually really like it. Cause normally when my
hair is just normal, like I run my hands through it and it gets about right here and
then I’m like (grunting). Like, struggling to get my fingers out. But this, I’m just like ah! I think it’s worth it, I say thumbs up cause I just love how I
can just go like this. I don’t know, it’s super soft and smooth. Ah! – I would probably give
it a thumbs to the side because I will never use it again. – I would totally use it again. Thumbs up! – You can have the whole packet. – Except for the blackhead removers. Those don’t work. – Yeah, those don’t really work as well because I still have blackheads. – Yeah, it didn’t even
remove like anything. It removed nothing. I’m looking on this, I see nothing. So, it didn’t work. – Give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed us doing all these beauty products. And if you wanna see us do
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