Tuberank Jeet 4 Demo – YouTube Marketing Strategy 2019
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Tuberank Jeet 4 Demo – YouTube Marketing Strategy 2019

Tuberank Jeet 4 Demo – YouTube Marketing Strategy 2019 This is your friend Sanjeev And today I want to show you to arrange it for the greatest and the latest version of tuberank jeet our flagship software that has been helping people get to the top of YouTube from 2013 the version 4 of tuberank jeet is better than ever It makes things simpler than ever and it uses the latest developments in YouTube to give you the best ranking potential So let’s have a look and see what you rank it forgets you this is the tube language sidebar and it will get you to Every feature that your blanket has and now you can see there’s a lot right now We’re at the home screen and it’s just a quick shortcut to all the options in tuberank jeet and it’s gonna display some stats There are no starts right now because we have not posted any videos. This is a fresh installation what are the most common complaints from the users of the last tube ranjit was that they have to Go to the optimized screen again and again to optimize their keywords and it takes a lot of to-and-fro So what we’ve done in this version is we’ve made it tuckable on the side you can You can tuck it out of sight any time you want and you can bring it back to the site and everything just aligns According to the space that it has available You can optimize everything and you can come back to the optimized video Anytime you want by just clicking on the black band or on the optimize menu button. The next option is discover And this is where you go when you need to analyze your niche Just enter your keyword over here and select the number of videos You want to analyze if you want to exact match the keywords, you can click on use exact match Otherwise you can just go with what? YouTube offers to you in the broad match section all the keywords that you searched earlier will be saved over here You can see that I surged funny cats earlier it’s aimed over here and I can just click on it and get it back to the type of keyword box saving time because I know That a lot of people analyse the same thing over and over and this is going to help them anytime You want to remove a keyword from the list just click on the little red cross and that will be it When you’re ready to search the keyword that you want to work with Click on go and that will show you all the all the videos that you’ve selected For the given keyword and the best thing is you can sort them on the basis of likes dislikes commands views the ranking they are in and the published date see if you want to see the videos which are Which have the most number of comments on top click on comments, then you can also filter them So if you want to find videos sorted by comments, but which have at least the certain number of views by default this is 0 but if you want to say Let’s say you want to find out only the videos which have more than say 100,000 views I started by comments click on go and that will give you all the videos that have more than these number of views Sorted by comments. So this is an this is a great feature because you can find and pinpoint exactly the videos which are getting you the Engagement that you want to get and then you can quickly target their keywords Click on View keywords and you will see the tags for this video. Here are the tags. You can see the tags and Q-branch it for also introduces hashtags If you’ve seen YouTube recently you will see that there are now hashtags right above the subjects line You can see these hashtags This is a new feature in YouTube and cube Ranjith is the only software that can get you the hashtags From the videos that are using the hashtags and it gives you in fact full-fledged hashtag research capabilities Specifically for videos, but we’ll come to that in a moment, but let’s come back to this quickly Click on the back button to see the overall statistics for the niche that you’ve entered. You can see the number of total likes averaged by the number of videos that you are analyzing the number of dislikes the number of comments the number of views averaged so you know if the averages are high for the niche or the keyword that you’re targeting, you know that this is a target keyword This is a niche with a lot of viewership with a lot of potential and you can target it for More viewership and more results. This is the ratio between the lights and the dislikes It tells you how exactly are people responding to peep to the videos made on this topic And this will let you find videos or topics that are high engagement it will let you find the videos that people are really interested in which will Let you improve your own engagement with the videos that you’re producing and this is the ratio between the views and likes So the more number of views and the more number of likes it tells you exactly which videos are most loved So if you’re going to produce the videos your own videos on the same topics are on the same themes You will get similar engagement all of these things are new into brand use for and if you use earlier versions, You know that this is a natural progression the interface and everything is still the same one of the few things that we’ve added I’m going to show it to you now. Click on View keywords And you can see all the keywords that are for this particular video on the sidebar over here You can right click on any of the V key words. You can copy them to the clipboard Quickly open the optimized screen put it over here paste it go to the next keyword Maybe you want to target this one copy to the clipboard Paste it there copy to the clipboard Paste it there like that. You can quickly build up your Keywords your tags based on the videos that you’re targeting Without going to and fro in different sections. This is how easy to blend it for mix it This particular video also has hashtags and you can copy them Probably the clipboard and hashtags need to go into descriptions So you can actually work on that as you go you can take any hashtag that you want from here So this is also pretty new You can just tuck this away and close this start working again on the keywords that you want to work with start analyzing again and then ever you want to Get to the optimized spin again Either click on optimize all the work is saved or click on the black band and you can see all the work that you’ve done in the analyst section You can put in the URL of any YouTube video you want to analyze and see the tags and hashtags that it’s you. I’ve Got one here. Now. All you need to do is click and it’s going to give you the details and below it you can see the titles in the videos the hashtags used in the video and you can again copy to the clipboard Or if you want to search this particular keyword you can click on search this keyword and you’ll go to discover with this keyword and search it for you and The new thing that you can actually do is keep a list of the keywords that you use often This was a feature you demanded by our users people who were optimizing a lot of videos and we built it for them Click on favorite tags, you can create a group So I will maybe call it my funny cat videos group or whatever. You want to call it Click on add and then you can add any keyword that you want to target. So coming back to my list over here Let’s say in Analysis, I have this particular video I’m using this keyword and I want to add this to a group I can add it to the funny cat videos Let me add a couple more too right from here don’t need to go anywhere It’s the simplest thing ever going to favorite tags and all your tags over here so this way you can actually build a collection of tags, which are Tailor-made to specific topics and anytime you want to come back. You can quickly come back to the tags Click on the topics and you will have a list of a complete compilation of all the tags that you want to target So if you’ve got a channel where you target a particular niche or a topic? You don’t need to go hunting for tats of fresh, you know the tags that you want to target Maybe you have a list of 500 common tags that you want to use and as a theme in many of your videos So you can do that with favourite tags and similarly If you’ve got favorite favorite hash tags – so you can save all of your hash tags So if you wanna add coffee to some hash tag You can put all the copyrighted hash tags over here. And anytime you want to optimize a video you can quickly refer to your collections Quickly get the hash that you want to Tom yet. Put it in the videos You want to work with copy to the clipboard? Put it here and in no time you will be able to optimize your video well and very very perfectly next we’ve got that dad finder and this is wonderful put in anytime you want and you can also tell you to tell two brandies actually how many videos you want to analyse click on go and tuberank jeet will fetch Perfect ads for your videos from multiple sources Across the internet you will get the suggested tax You will get tax used in your videos again. You can add them to a group if you want Or if you want to copy them to the clipboard You can copy them to the clipboard and use in your video right away. And this is a perfect way to quickly find Unimaginable number of tags for any number of keywords you want to put in put in a different keyword over here Click on go and to blank it will get you fresh tags for that keyword really really fresh ideas that you can use So here are your new tags again do the same thing copy them to the clipboard? Put them in your optimization or take them to your favorite collection. It’s all in there Next we’ve got the hashtag finder put in any hashtag you want for example coffee? Put in some video sources that you want to analyze click on go And in a matter of seconds to Ranjith is going to give you a huge collection of hashtags related to the hashtag that you’re targeting and you can target all of these hashtags all of these are Hashtags which are related to the hashtag that I put in in your own videos and get ranked for hashtags, too You can even see the hashtags which are used in videos and that’s gonna help you find which videos or what hashtags are actually used In videos these days and you can target those too. So I’ve already shown you favorite tags similarly, you can build a collection of favorite hashtags Coffee hashtags for example click on add put in all the hashtag that you want and Refer to them anytime you want it’s a collection we can come back to it just by clicking on it Take it straight to the optimized video section You can also keep a collection of your favorite videos So if you for example you’re working in a niche you want to make videos on funny cats? So why not take out the videos that you like take out the videos that you know are good That you can refer to for tags and for hashtags and for titles and descriptions Put them in here just paste the URL like this and click on add that video will be happen So I just added one you can see all the stats for the video you can see the thumbnail click on View keyword and you can actually see the keywords that the video is using as well as the Hashtags click on the thumbnail. It’s gonna let you view the video on YouTube or even copy the thumbnail URL So if it’s a thumbnail that you want to work on that you wanna maybe give your designer or you want to design further using you can do that and The same concept applies to favorite channels, too So you can keep a collection of favorite channels and you can come back to the channels again and again and you can see What videos they have? Let me show you something incredible. I’m creating a group My channels whatever you want to call it. Click on it. Click on the channel that you want to add click on add and The channel is added you can even see some basic stats and when you click on the channel You can see the videos for that channel, so Here are all the videos for that channel. And the best thing is you can actually search the videos on topic so for example, we were making a recipe and you wanted to make a recipe based on let’s say spinach so just type in spinach over here in the search box and you Will see all the spinach based recipes you can see the filter has Changed and every single recipe is based on spinach. You can quickly view the keywords by clicking on view keyword Before you actually see the data cube And it will collect all the data individually from all the keywords and don’t worry about it All you do is give a little bit of time. You can see the background tasks here We added a video we added a channel so first thing to ranjit did in the background is collect all the videos and then in the background is going to get the stats the keywords the hashtags for every one of those videos and maybe in a matter of minutes or maybe some more minutes based on the number of videos that the channel has all the data will be populated and when you come back to it next time you will be able to see the videos the hash tags the Descriptions the exact same things that the channel is using For a particular keyword or for every video and you can use this information to quickly quickly analyze your own Keywords get the best keywords get the best descriptions get the best High ranking titles from the most successful channels online. So that is also a part of tuberank jeet for 100% new inside and the best thing is to branch. It makes it utterly simple We are in optimized video section again click on analyze it and to parent it will tell you exactly what you need to do to make your video ranked and these are Specific recommendations for example right now. We don’t even have a title. So it’s asking me to put in a title I’m gonna just grab a title from a top-ranking video copy to clipboard paste it here and then just modify it So I’m just going to remove some of it Put in my own modifications I’m glad I have a title number of in just a few number of seconds Put in the tightest box. Of course, then I need to put in a description Click on analyze it it’s it tells me that you can still add more content to the title document score has gone up so if I want I can maybe Just gonna copy this one and I’m gonna leave now use the paste box If you see the bottom bar, there is something called the paste box Which is the and this is how to make your editing easier So if you are working with text, it’s gonna make it editing easier. I’m gonna just add in some more stuff more beef to my tube to my title with spinach and Copy it there. I can close the pace box and add it to My title so again analyze it and you can see that the title is optimized now And it’s asking me to put in a better description as usual I can just copy the description that I have and I can modify it either in the pace box or I can just Modify it directly in the description box this time like this I’m not really spending a lot of time on it But you know exactly what I’m doing here and you can do it on your own Click on analyze it there’s this chicken is still too short. I’m gonna add some more substance and You can do this for as many times as you want. You can take the descriptions of other videos. You can analyze them you can add to them and you can put In everything that you want to put in based on the top ranking videos you can modify of course. You need to modify things So go ahead and do that and it tells you exactly what more to do. So add a link to a website I’m gonna put a link to my website My website dot-com click on analyze it and it tells me please use up to five hash tags so I have not used five hash tags, which is a mistake and It’s going to tell me please use five hash tags I’m gonna add in the hash tags or actually let me go to my favorite tag – tag Tech finder put in spinach and click go and I’m gonna get a lot of hashtags related to spinach So I’ve got some now, I’m just gonna copy Some of them till I get to five maybe Like this and in a number of seconds, it’s done click on analyze it Now I’m up all the way to 94% which means my title and descriptions my dad’s are all fully optimized and I just have to do some more things like asked of you to subscribe to your channel in the description. I Can do that and a good thumbnail and add the video to a playlist? I can use a checklist to check what I’ve done Click on analyze it and it’s gonna give me my optimization score you want to be as near 100% as possible So when you’re satisfied with the optimization score It should be definitely above 80% your video is well optimized you can use the same title as the same description that you’ve put in and the tags in the video that you’ve got online if you’re unlike if you’re Modifying in the older video all you can upload a fresh video from right inside of children cheap you can upload a video to YouTube Vimeo or Dailymotion did the settings with everything that you’ve done here by clicking on upload button? So your new video will be uploaded that all the different optimizations that you’ve already done so everything can be done from Inside after branchy so to branch it is now the most phenomenal Most complete YouTube ranking system available online it not only lets you find the best ads keywords descriptions titles for your videos It also lets you analyze the top ranking videos for any niche and it lets you store your favorite Hashtags your favorite tags Your favorite videos and favorite channels and analyze them to get the data you want later to blank It is built by expert video marketers and we’ve put in every single feature You need to get to the top of YouTube get you branded for and get ranking your video

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