TUNE Marketing Console (TMC) – Product Video
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TUNE Marketing Console (TMC) – Product Video

You’re a marketer. You’re not just any marketer. You’re the one in charge of mobile. And it just happens that the average person is spending 3 hours per day on their mobile device. And that is just in the United States alone. That means people are spending more time on mobile devices than on television. It’s a good time to be a marketer. But you need a simple way to know what’s working. “What’s driving results?” You need to drive app installs, registrations, and purchases. But you also need to increase brand awareness. You’re investing in user acquisition, and also testing ways to re-engage your customers. You’re climbing your way up the app store rankings. And always keeping an eye on the traction of your competitors. How can you scale when you’re pulling everything together in spreadsheets, and don’t have one source of truth? The TUNE Marketing Console is your unified platform for mobile marketing. Manage all of your paid, owned, and earned marketing strategies in one place. Roll it all up to a single dashboard that is customized to draw out KPIs that align with your goals. So you can stay focused on growth, and not searching for answers. Simplify how you manage dozens of channels and campaigns. And most important, know that you have data you trust, and that you own. The TUNE Marketing Console is everything you need in one place. With the same world-class support that you’ve come to expect from TUNE. Log in to YOUR Marketing Console.

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