TV and radio advertising plus website video
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TV and radio advertising plus website video

and hello everybody i'm michael Scheuer talking to you from our Federal Way total Broadcasting Service office and I am here to announce to you some changes to our monthly video service that is very very exciting the things we're doing now I was dreaming of years ago but the time has come now 14 years ago we started total Broadcasting Service and one of the things that we did regularly with our service is provide radio community service sponsorships for important subject matters all over the country but in particular here in the Seattle area these subject matters included Christmastime drunk driving prevention campaigns as well as what we call holiday giving campaigns which were intended to promote the support of local area food and clothing banks to help those in need teenage drinking and driving prevention efforts for prom and graduation season as well as youth sports anti-bullying campaigns all kinds of things we've taken up as issues over the course of the years we still do that but we've kind of always operated our radio side of the business and our video production side of the business separately not anymore here's a big announcement for all of our new and renewing monthly video customers you will automatically have the opportunity to add four weeks worth of sponsorship spread out over the course of your year subscription on Seattle radio stations Cairo news radio 97.3 FM and Katie th AM 770 you choose between the two and the good news is is this takes your marketing to a whole nother level first of all the nice thing about community sponsorship is that it provides your business with goodwill and goodwill is good business and the other thing about it is is with enough people sponsoring these messages over it over and over again the message gets more and more across to more and more people and were able to actually impact our society in a truly positive way that of course I'm confident all business owners are trying to do so monthly videos for your website for your social media Facebook YouTube Twitter radio sponsorship messages airing on two of the most popular radio stations in the entire Puget Sound and number four yes there's another thing with every monthly video subscription we can now make for you television commercials which can air very effectively and very inexpensively on local TV stations or more specifically cable TV outlets this will be added on as an option for your monthly video service we'll make the video and we'll place the advertising on the TV markets you need it's wonderful to be able to offer such a wide variety of effective marketing solutions for the small business owner out there and we're glad to help grow your business and improve our community won't you please give us a call and learn how we can do that for you I look forward to hearing from you

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