Tweaking Ads to Optimise Your E-commerce Sales
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Tweaking Ads to Optimise Your E-commerce Sales

So if you can’t recruit new customers, you got no customers to sell. You can’t do an ups. You might start
off and just, you know, just be breaking even on these ones. But then you go and add that upsell
and you go, you know, Oh, brilliant. Now we’re doing this. But if you can’t really do that until you’ve got a little bit of, of movement.. that was were saying the other week. Go on. You guys are saying, someone comes to me
with a an AdWords campaign and they go and I’ve got no sales at all, and it’s
absolutely, and I’m like, I won’t touch it because it’s like a no
sales to a few sales. Is this a huge Gulf between Between those two things. If there’s some sales you can optimize it
so much easier, you can say, okay, am I going to get a bet on these
keywords cause they’re not doing it? I’m going to go and bend more and that one
that’s working, so what messages working on that? Great, I’ll augment that. I’ll make that match. It’s bigger on the landing page because
if I’ve got no sales at all, I’m like, you haven’t even found the dartboard yet. You’re blind. You don’t know where it is
and it’s, it’s very difficult.

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