TWITCH pierde espectadores frente a MIXER y YOUTUBE | Noticias Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales
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TWITCH pierde espectadores frente a MIXER y YOUTUBE | Noticias Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales

Hi curious and inquisitive social networks.
Like every Monday, we make a summary, with the best news of Marketing, Social Media
and Technology across YouTube. And eye, news this week are amazing. For example, we will discuss the EU and UNICEF
have passed TikTok. O Loom, a tool to WhatsApp style but with messages on
video. I also explain that YouTube It will show a huge ad in the Smart
TV. Or that YouTube Music replace Google Play Music. In addition, Facebook has launched ‘Facebook
Viewpoints’, an app that pays you money answer surveys. On the other hand, we will discuss a study that
indicates that the engagement of business in Instagram has fallen. Or that Twitter has been rectified
and will not clean dormant accounts … or at the least for the moment … In addition, LinkedIn has modified Terms
of Use. Pinterest Launches “Shop Pinterest.” And Twitch is losing viewers compared
to the boom Mixer and Youtube … Come on , you see, these and other news that
I will explain, they will not remain indifferent to nobody. So I recommend that ye see
to the end … and if you want to be informed, continuously, feel free to subscribe and give it
to the bell. 3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! INTRO These are the best news of the week.
Let us begin! 1. The EU and Unicef ​​are passed TikTok This year celebrates the thirtieth anniversary
of the Convention of the United Nations the Rights of the Child, and perhaps, aware
of the need to reach also the most European youth, the European Union (EU) and UNICEF,
decided to join forces globally, launching a joint campaign called #TheRealChallenge. Well, the initiative has used the
social network juvenile Tik-Tok, to be the same children and adolescents who
share their views on their own rights, also using their own language. Issues such as bullying, child labor,
family unity or equality, lead and all month on the table. TikTok encourages
users to recreate the original video in duet with the songs. Young people have already created more than 51,000
pieces of content related to the campaign and the hashtag EU-Unicef. So far, the #TheRealChallenge campaign
has garnered over 299 million views, 19.8 million views and 1.2 million
shares, reaching the audience most 41 countries … Surely if you disbelieved in the social network,
now your opinion has changed you? 2. Loom a WhatsApp messages but with
video Do you know Loom? For it must be attentive …
This is an instant messaging service via video. This application already has over 2 million
user and including 50,000 companies, who already share 15 million minutes of
video a month. Is not no wrong? And it is also useful level
corporate: why not send a companion, video explanation of how to do
a certain process or how to solve an issue? In addition, Loom preserves a repository
of all videos: Why not record brief tutorials that
allow us to explain anything at any time, by sending the recorded video before? In addition, the company has just announced a
new round of financing of 30 million dollars and between the new investors
have entered Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founders. And … they enter into the business, it gives an
idea of what is to come. And is that even videos on Loom, can be shared as
a YouTube video, and they can be add reactions, and even pass the video
faster, to go to the grain. Thinks that Mark Zuckerberg himself has
assured numerous times that in the next 5 years, 90% of the content
that users share on social networks video will become. And Loom, from popular, could be a first
step and a good example. moment Loom, it can only be used from the desktop,
but next month will see the application for iOS and provide creators, for the
first months of 2020, have availability Android. We remain attentive to its evolution. 3. YouTube will show a huge ad
in the Smart TV The YouTube app for TV
smart just out, have some changes in usability, quality of relay
and menus, but above that, first that users will find a huge
banner that will occupy more than 60% of the screen. From the official website of Google Ads, it
has promoted space for all Companies wishing to place their ads on
this banner that will run on mobile phones, computers and / or televisions. This looks like a big change, in contrast to
the current view of the YouTube app on TV. We will see that usability and responses
from users. 4. YouTube Music replace Google Play
Music It seems that Google Play Music, will no longer be
the default music app on Android, because of its unpopularity among users. That is why the company is mulling
replacing it with YouTube Music, Platform they are seeking to promote, clearly,
for months. The truth is that this application has been
gaining prominence fairly recent months, It is increasingly promoted and forming
part of the strategy of the firm. For the it was something that many hoped would
happen, as has finally been the case. It is not known how far that
would take place this transition, Google has not said anything about his plans. 5. Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Viewpoints’ an
app that pays you money for answering surveys After a few days ago launched its own system
of payments, Facebook Pay, the company Mark Zuckerberg, has now announced ‘Facebook Viewpoints’,
a new research application market that rewards people for
participating in surveys and research tasks. Come to the style of Google Opinion Rewards. As explained in a statement, Facebook
believes that the best way to improve products is to obtain information directly from the
people who use them , so use data to the new app, to enhance
products like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal and Oculus. So far, though, only
available in the United States. 6. The engagement of companies in Instagram
has fallen For if curious, according to a study Socialinsider, it
seems that the engagement companies achieved in Instagram, it has fallen steadily
over the past year. The study analyzed how it has evolved
receipt of branded content between 2014 and 2019 data show a graphical
almost perfect rise and the time of wonders before entering the
less glamorous time. Until January 2017, the graph shows a
brutal sprint, middle engagement that They received the contents that are published
on the social network. Each month, the data is going doing better. From there, things
begin to slow in its rise and in the recent months, the engagement has begun
to directly As recalled in MarketingProfs, in November
2018, Instagram announced that it would begin to eliminate false accounts service.
But possibly the explanation is limited. Instagram has grown significantly
in recent years and entering a phase maturity, which usually also
implies a slowdown in things for businesses and some disenchantment and attrition
among users. Thus, if in November 2018 the average was
an engagement of 3% (between comments and I like you) now has remained at 2%. In addition, the most popular accounts, are the
most affected by this desacelerón. In However, accounts of less than 5,000 followers
are, according to data from the study, which some data show higher in engagement. 7. Twitter rectified and will not clean
dormant accounts … for now … Many users of Twitter, received the news
that social network, would make an important cleaning inactive accounts from the
11 December. As he reported, in that date, all accounts that have not recorded
any activity during the last 6 months They would be deleted and the user names
would be released and made available of those who would like to use. This is
what a lot happier than in the Recent years have seen can not use
the name they want on Twitter, because It is being used by another person who also
does not employ its own. But the process posed a question … what
about the Twitter accounts of people Deaths? Since, in contrast to Facebook, where if
there is a protocol to convert accounts of a deceased user in profiles “in
memoriam” Twitter does not have this functionality. This means that cleaning occur,
would be removed from Twitter accounts many people died. In the case along with celebrities,
their usernames could again be released and anyone who knows
what intentions, I might start using. Well, this has done to rectify social network.
In a statement published by of their own support on Twitter,
the company says will not start perform cleaning inactive accounts
on 11 December, but delays it until you have implemented a functionality,
which allows people to retain accounts died in his memory, and that they are
controlled by their “heirs”. We’ll wait for … 8. LinkedIn modify its Terms of Use Professional social network, most commonly used in
worldwide, it has announced the modification of the Terms of Service. This involves
modifying the texts in Privacy Policy, Terms
of Use and Cookies Policy. Changes to the Privacy Policy will come
into force on January 6, 2020. According to the company, changes have been made
in order to simplify the language, include new features and more
than 645 million users who have the network social owned by Microsoft, have greater
knowledge of how their data is used on the platform. In addition, the legislation is modified to include
some services that the company already has activated, such as the new functionality
that facilitates event planning with members of LinkedIn, to facilitate
the desvirtualizarse so offline. Another innovation policies, is
the inclusion of Drawbridge, wallet service. Drawbridge is a company
that was acquired by LinkedIn in exchange for 300 million … and that integrates
a tool that draws on intelligence artificial, to segment the audience
and professional network will help to understand best professional audiences and measure
ROI, Return on Investment, its campaigns, both computers and smartphones. 9. Pinterest launches “Pinterest Shop» Last week, the online commerce sector
completely went crazy with Black Friday. Virtually all businesses,
launched promotions and discounts during that week, and the laggards, still
remain today CyberMonday them. Well … to celebrate these dates
shopping, Pinterest has launched the “Pinterest Shop ‘, a space to highlight products
sold in options and are made by small artisans, or sold by SMEs,
entrepreneurs and small traders, who They have a story to tell behind. The “Pinterest Shop” is nothing more than a
Pinterest account, which, as a pins, social network selects products that
are already published on the platform, but which, being featured here, earn notoriety. The idea is that users of Pinterest, will
find this selection of products “cured” by the company. Options selected at the
moment 70, but will be updated account with more. In fact, companies can choose
to make their products featured filling a form where they will have to tell,
how Pinterest has helped them sell. If you have store on Pinterest and you’re
taking …. 10. Twitch loses viewers against the rise
of Mixer and Youtube Since its launch more than 8 years ago,
Twitch has grown beyond belief. By the way, here I leave a video where
I talk about this platform. And, since 2016, the number of viewers
of a page grew disproportionately. However, since this past August
2019, Twitch seems to be losing visitors at an alarming rate. Thus, after an incredible increase in 2016,
where they went from 16 million to nearly 461 million within two months, the rise
in the number of spectators was practically keep going. However, during this 201.9 began with
more than 900 million viewers and high point was reached in August,
with 982 million viewers. But … from that point and “almost”
reach 1000 million, the platform He has started losing viewers at a rate
worrying. So much so, that in October and had fewer
viewers than October last year. One of the strongest reasons is undoubtedly
the march of his most famous streamer. And it is that Ninja, this year abandoned the platform
for exclusive streams in Mixer, competitive platform owned
by Microsoft, with whom he is said to have signed a substantial exclusive contract. Thus,
in its first stream Mixer, Ninja and 570,000 subscribers got an average
of 80,000 spectators. It is true that the figures handled in Twitch
were much higher (14 million subscribers at the time of leaving), but no doubt,
that gradually attracting more and go more viewers Mixer. But … as well as the progress of Ninja, other
two have left Twitch streamers popular to leave to Mixer: Shroud and Ewok. And part of the ongoing concern of each
and more content creators, many of the current top, are reducing their amount
of content on the platform. Example of this is TFEU, which announced a long hiatus
on stage . And he did it because of the stress. Although everything seems to go wrong for Twitch,
not only they are concerned about the amount content creators who have lost,
if not that to some extent they take to joke. Beyond the jokes, Twitch and
has taken action on the matter and decided assure their own stars to ensure
minimal content. In addition, also is fichando stars on YouTube as Nicolas
“Nick Eh 30” Amyoony or The Greft … But it is that the war has done more than
start from streaming platforms, in Spain, for example, Lolito Fernandez
launched its own way, this time Facebook direction. Which is also
betting heavily on streaming gaming … But bueni recently Twitch broke his
own record of spectators in the final of the World League of Legends with
a staggering 1.75 million viewers. An amazing and hopeful figure, which
allows to believe that Twitch can recover of his slump sooner rather than later. And
is that remember that behind Twitch is Amazon… Well, here ‘s the best news
of the week, next week more and better. How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? What
news has impressed you the most? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
read all … And nothing, apart from him like a video, subscribe
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for survival. Many thanks.

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