Two examples of savvy marketing – BaranovTV, Episode 78
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Two examples of savvy marketing – BaranovTV, Episode 78

(Intro music) Hi, and welcome to another
episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the
world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow. In this week’s episode,
I’ve got two examples of really easy pieces of
marketing that I’ve seen recently because I like to grab them. and I thought I’d share
them with you, really. When I see something that I
like in terms of marketing, I grab it and put it into
what I call a swipe file. It’s where somebody’s
actually gone to the effort of creating something, and actually you can apply
it to your own business and I thought that’s why
I’d share these with you. So the first one is, it’s
just a business card, but it’s from an estate agent. We live here in Dunstable. We’re in what’s called
South West Dunstable. It’s a good area, for
Dunstable, and it works well for us with easy communication links. We don’t have children, but
there are really good schools that we’re in the catchment area for. It’s quite a quiet area. There’s nice houses. So it’s a desirable area of Dunstable. So this estate agent has been quite canny. This is his business card. You can see there’s a
nice picture of the guy, his contact details,
and the business name. On the back, it’s printed,
but it looks handwritten. He’s asking, “At what price would you
be interested in selling? Please give me a call to discuss. Thank you.” So if I hold that up there,
you might be able to see that. It looks as if it’s handwritten. It’s very clever. This was just popped through our door. Now, there’s a lot of
estate agents in Dunstable, and there’s a lot of people
looking for instructions for not many houses because
these properties don’t come up for sale very often. But he’s actually doing the hard work to make the selling easier. He wants to get these
properties onto his books before they go to anyone else. So what he’s doing by popping this through is encouraging people if
they’re thinking about selling to have a conversation with him first, which is really canny, so I
thought I’d share that with you. It’s very cost-effective. He’s going to beat the rest and it’s really easy for him to repeat. He can get these popped through any number of
doors quite regularly because obviously people’s views change. So that’s number one. Number two, we use Macs, and we’ve just changed
to the new MacBook Pros, and they have the new USB-C connections. Sounds a bit technical. Essentially, we needed some new cables, so I ordered a new one
through a website online. And I actually bought, or Chris actually bought
them from And it was a small
parcel that came through, not very big at all, only
probably about that square, but this little leaflet was inside it. If you look at it from
one side and open it up, it’s the right way around, but on the back, you need
to turn it to see it. It’s tiny, I do appreciate that, but essentially what you’ve
got is a two-faced leaflet. The front of it says,
“Happy?” question mark. And if you open it up, it says, “We’re just happy that you’re happy. If you don’t know how to
express your newfound joy, we’ve got a few suggestions. Tell your friends and family, share your experience by
writing a review on Amazon, or connect with us on, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.” So what they’re doing is
they’re realizing the importance and the power of recommendations. They’re asking us to tell
our friends and family. They’re asking us to
promote them, essentially, which is great. We all know the power of reviews, so they’re asking us for those. When you flip the leaflet over, though, the front now says, “Not
happy?” question mark with a dark rain cloud, and when you open it up, it says, “Our friendly customer
service team will work hard to put a smile back on your face. Here’s how we can connect.” And there’s all different
telephone numbers. There’s an email address, which is really simple, [email protected], and then there’s, which is obviously the
URL for their website. So they’ve been really canny. They want to ask you to
promote if you’re happy, but if you’re not happy, they’ve given you lots of really easy ways to communicate with them and sort it out. So I thought they were really easy to share with you obviously, but also they’re things
that could be swiped and deployed within your business. So if you’re sending out product, can you put something like
this little leaflet in there? If you provide a service, can you pre-empt and can you get to your
customers before they know that they want to be your customers? Just two really simple ideas
that I’ve seen recently that I thought I’d share with you. I hope they’re useful, and
I’ll see you all very soon.

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