Two leaders agree to restart China-U.S. trade consultations
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Two leaders agree to restart China-U.S. trade consultations

Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to set foot in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Sunday when he met the nation's leader Kim jong-un in the Demilitarized Zone they agreed to resume a stalled in nuclear talks CGT ends Rory Cohen has more I just had a very very good meeting with chairman Kim that's how the US president described his brief dialogue with the DPRK leader this afternoon shaking hands in a special truce area that has divided the peninsula since the Korean War ended in 1953 Kim expressed his surprise at the location of the meeting during a rare statement to the press Kim said the meeting only came about because of their close bond if it wasn't for our excellent relationship this opportunity would not have been possible so I'd like to use this strong relationship to create more good news which no one would have expected in the past and also to propel us in a good direction in the future and two good news to come out of this meeting was that the leaders agreed to resume stalled nuclear talks and what's going to happen is over the next two or three weeks the teams are going to start working to see whether or not they can do something very big stuff pretty complicated but not as complicated as people think however sanctions under DPRK will remain for the foreseeable future they're saying I mean at some point look I'm looking forward to taking them off I don't like the sanctions being on this country I'm looking forward but the sanctions remain yes meanwhile South Korean president moon jae-in who accompanied Trump to the DMZ spoke highly of the agreement Funland today's meeting in the peace process and to establish the complete denuclearization and permanent peace in the peninsula I believe that we have been able to get over her so a historic day at the DMZ and why no tangible progress was made there is once again hope that a positive solution for all sides isn't far off Rory Cohn CG TN

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