UI student Taylor Odekirk on her IES internship in Paris, France
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UI student Taylor Odekirk on her IES internship in Paris, France

Hi, my name is Taylor and I am studying marketing
and journalism at the University of Iowa, and right now I am doing an IES internship
in Paris, France. My internship is at Archive Valley, which
is a small start-up here in Paris, and I am helping them with their marketing and public
relations. It’s been really interesting and I think this
helped me solidify more my career interests in general. I feel a lot more confident going into interviewing
for positions after college and being able to have some real-world experience to talk
about. Not only that, but experience in another country,
which I think gives me more of a dimension of adaptability in being able to work with
people from different cultures, too. So, personally from this program I would say
I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my ability to, ah, kind of improvise and be
confident in the moment. Also, just being more adventurous, just kind
of saying “yes” to any opportunities that came up–whether it was travel on the weekends
or just going out with new friends and being able to say “yes” to new opportunities. So, for any University of Iowa students who
are considering studying abroad, my advice would be to just go for it. It makes you really be able to go outside
of your comfort zone and experience a new culture and new people and it really helps
you see the world with new eyes.

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