UK Prepares Students for Their Dream Jobs
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UK Prepares Students for Their Dream Jobs

“I originally started looking at UK because
of the equine management major. Not many schools around the country offer it. My major now
is arts administration. Biology and Chemistry. Integrated Strategic Communication. Marketing
and Spanish. Nursing. Chemical Engineering. Biochemistry and Political Science. Biology.
Economics and finance. Mining engineering. Chemistry. Interior design. Mechanical engineering.
Communication disorders. I love it so much. The major that I’m in now, there’s so many
different avenues that I can take. We’ve got a great career center that can help you figure
out internship experience, job shadowing, or helping you figure out what exactly it
is you want to do. They’re there to help you, guide you. They’re emailing you internship
opportunities. I really feel like I could ask her any question about anything I want
to do in these next four years or in my career, and she would really help me and look into
resources for that. I’m a marketing intern, so I do a lot of the sporting events, like
all of the behind the scenes stuff. I worked with GE Transportation; it’s been so beneficial.
I’ve gotten in State Senate, in the British Parliament, in the U.S. Congress. It was really
exciting because I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of experience in something that I’m passionate
about. So many different majors and opportunities that no matter what I decided I was going
to be interested in, there was an opportunity to pursue that here. It is nice because if
you don’t know what you want to do when you come to college there is a bunch of options
you can choose from. There are just so many different classes that you can take. Just
the programs that are available here on campus. You really get to discover who you are and
what you’re capable of.”

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