Unbounce vs Clickfunnels – Which Is Best For Your Business [No Fluff]
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Unbounce vs Clickfunnels – Which Is Best For Your Business [No Fluff]

in this video we’re gonna be talking
about Unbounce vs clickfunnels and we’re gonna be talking about the key
differences between both products and ultimately by the end of this video
you’re gonna know which one’s best for your online business and just a quick
aside I have used both of these products personally in the past for client work I
don’t use Unbounce anymore I do use clickfunnels I do prefer
clickfunnels it’s a quick disclaimer here but I just wanted to let you know
that this video is actually being done by someone who’s in the online marketing
industry all right without further ado let’s get started with Unbounce alright
so Unbounce is a decent tool it’s mainly for lead generation forms like landing
pages pop-ups and or sticky bars so for example we’re looking at the landing
page templates its main purpose is to be the best landing page software out there
but that’s pretty much it okay so they do have templates that do convert so
that’s one thing they have going for them they also have templates for popups
so let’s take a look at these real quick so if you’re in the need for a pop-up
for your website this will do the trick for you as well and then the next step
will most likely be a success page like a Thank You page for either the landing
page or the pop-up right because you’re giving something away for free whether
that’s a discount code or a free quote or some type of consultation maybe even
a PDF guide if you’re doing that type of lead generation and that’s all you’re
doing then Unbounce is a good tool for you and we’ll get to the price of
Unbounce in just a few minutes but first let’s discuss click funnels the main
competitor here in this video to Unbounce. So Click funnels is basically
on top of the world when it comes to sales funnel software it can build
simple lead generation funnels just like Unbounce can I would argue even better
than Unbounce can and it integrates with a lot of tools and it’s a better overall
tool as you’ll see all right so at a glance here you can see that with click
funnels you can generate leads like I said you can sell products you can even
run a webinar you can send emails whether it’s with action etics or your
own email autoresponder that could be activecampaign Aweber GetResponse
whatever floats your boat there and here’s a bit more of what clickfunnels
can do it has it’s very own email marketing software called action etics
which is actually quite good after using action etics for almost a
year now the deliverability and its simplicity is quite good when you’re
doing online marketing and it also has it’s very own affiliate program so
affiliate software I should say so if you have a product and online product
that you’re selling an info product you can create an affiliate program that
people can sign up for they have their unique link and they get commission for
selling your product and you can also make membership site funnels pretty
easily with click funnels alright guys I wanted to quickly login to my click
funnels account to show you what type of funnels you can build and what you’re
looking at here is basically how simple quick funnels makes it to create a
funnel so let’s test a couple of these out so because you were thinking about
about Unbounce versus click funnels let me check out the squeeze page funnel
because this is essentially what you would be building in Unbounce this is
the squeeze page funnel the this is the lead then you get two pages in this
funnel and the build time is around 20 minutes and there’s like I said only two
pages here and Russell Brunson let me see here also basically guides you
explaining how this funnel is built in his little video using Lego blocks there right so all you’re doing is collecting
lead information here and you can download any of these funnels here and
they’re all free there are paid versions but I would just suggest sticking with
the free ones for now and let’s click on one of these for example so you can see
it really breaks it down if you decide to use this you can click this get
funnel and it’ll import it into your account already built and then you’ll
use the quick funnels page builder to edit all the copy the images etc so you
get your first page to the squeeze page and then your Thank You page and then
that’s it if you want to you can also change the templates of each one of
these steps all right let’s do one more let’s do the
membership funnel and maybe we’ll do one more but as you can see this one has
four pages about an hour of work here just because membership funnels are a
little bit more complex so you have your video sales letter plus order form got
your offer wall and then membership axis then a membership page so let’s take a
look at this one for example it will break it down as well so we have the
sales page here which will then take them to this page here that says order
complete it’ll give them basically what they purchase and this is dynamically
updated and they’ll click on the access purchase button that’ll send them to a
page to where they can log in to their account and by the way you will also be
setting up a fulfillment email which is really easy to do and that will give
them their login credentials as well and then this is the membership site area
which you can edit with videos your downloads different modules different
lessons all of the works here guys and you can definitely edit the colors here
to your brand okay last but not least I did want to give you an example of the
sales letter funnel which is just selling a product so if you want to sell
a product it’s pretty easy when it comes to using quick funnels it has something
here for you if you don’t like this template then you could always switch it
out in the previous screen as you saw so you got your sales page here you can
have your order form on the same page if you’d like if you don’t like that style
then there is a different type of sales funnel template in the cookbook so
definitely select that but then there’s an upsell page and then there’s a
download page so quick funnels really makes it easy to upsell someone and down
someone and then there’s an offer wall basically giving them access to their
purchase here alright guys so it’s coming down to the wire here it’s click
funnels versus Unbounce which one is best in my opinion it’s
click funnels because it not only does leadpages pop-up forms for funnels
and/or your website but it also lets you create traditional sales funnels
two-step order form sales funnels upsells bump offers down sells mmm
ship site funnels webinar funnels and a lot more for about the same price as you
can see the starter plan for click funnels cost $97 per month with this
type of account you’re able to build any type of funnel as long as it’s within
the twenty funnel cap and there’s a few more restrictions here as you can see
with the click funnels starter plan you don’t get access to action attics which
is the email autoresponder that comes with click funnels if you were to get
the Edison suite here at 297 but that’s okay if you don’t need it you can always
use your own autoresponder and integrate it with click funnels it’s not a problem
really easy to do doesn’t matter if you’re using HubSpot active campaign or
get response it’ll work it integrates with a lot of other products as well now
let’s take a look at the starter plan for Unbounce and as you can see this is
$99 a month and it’s only giving you access to 75 landing pages 8 pop-ups and
8 sticky bars as well now this is $99 per month and that’s only if you want to
do a lead generation funnel which click funnels lets you do that and a lot more
so even if you don’t need to sell something right now or you don’t need to
create a membership funnel or a webinar funnel I still think that click funnels
is the way to go when it comes to this debate here between click funnels and
Unbounce of course you can pay annually as well
but you would have to pay all that upfront at $79 per month with um bounce
if you wanted to have more landing pages more pop-ups it would cost more at $1.99
and then it goes up from there alright guys that does it for this video if you
have any questions leave them in the comment section below make sure to LIKE
this video if you like this comparison of Unbounce
and click funnels and by the way because I’m a supporter of click funnels I use
it every day for my business I’m gonna be providing a link below this video
that gives you access to click funnels for a full 14 days and additionally
you’re getting a free course just for signing up through my link and this is
my click funnels for beginners course and it’s only given to people who have
signed up via this link the core basically takes you by the hand and
explains each and every feature how to use it how to create good sales funnels
or any type of funnel on click funnels how to use the page builder how to use
the page steps the funnel settings everything you need to know to get
started and to eventually master using click funnels for your business and also
in the course there’s three funnels that are already done for you
one is a lead generation funnel that I used for a local client using AdWords
traffic the second one is a traditional sales funnel that I used for a client as
well that was mainly from email marketing traffic and then the third one
is specifically for a pop-up so a client wanted a pop-up on their website that
would lead him to a funnel and that funnel was a two-step order form sales
funnel so you’ll get access to my click funnels for beginners course and those
three funnels just for clicking the link below and signing up for click funnels
how do you make sure you get those bonuses well my friend I’ll tell you
this make sure to click on the link below
it’s a landing page there will be instructions on that page on how to get
those bonuses along with your free trial anyways that’s it for me today I will
talk to you guys in the next video

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