Undercover Billionaire Secret Lesson #10
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Undercover Billionaire Secret Lesson #10

Undercover Billionaire
secret lesson number 10. Hi, I’m Brian Pombo
welcome back to Brian J. Pombo Live and today we’re dealing with
the Undercover Billionaire secret lesson number 10. So we already did one
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you think when you get there. We’re going to talk about
the undercover billionaire, the Undercover Billionaire TV
show, if you haven’t got to see it, the first season just aired in late 2019. It’s over on the Discovery Channel. Now, the whole concept of the show is
that this person that is supposedly a billionaire or these
close to it is setting all of his safeties and all of all the
things that have made him a billionaire, setting them aside and moving forward
with nothing more than a pickup truck, a cell phone without any contacts
and a hundred dollar bill. And he has to start and has 90 days
to build a company from scratch up to million dollars. So how’s he go
about doing this? How does this all work? Well, you’ve got to go and watch
the show to really find out. It’s a very interesting show and there’s
a lot of great concepts and I covered a lot of those in the lead up up
till now. The first nine videos. And there’s a lot within the show where
he comes straight out and says, hey, this is the lesson here,
this is a lesson there. And goes through what he sees as some
of the fine finer points that he’s displaying during the whole
storyline during the documentary. Now what I went and did is kind of pulled
out some of the things that I don’t think he put as fine a point on that I
or that I thought needed repeating at least. This 10th one is one that you will not
see there or probably behind the scenes or anywhere else. And although there has been some chat
here and there and that’s what value did he have that he could not get rid of. What are the things that were valuable
that were never discussed but were extremely useful to what he’s done or
what he was close to being able to do or what he achieved. I mean, you got to watch the show to see if he
actually made it to a million and what did he have that made that possible? That was could be slightly
invisible to most people. One of the main things he has is he has
the confidence and you cannot throw away a person’s belief in whether
they can do something or not. Now a person will tell you that has
made it somewhere. They said, well, I believed before I made it happen, before I was able to become
a millionaire or billionaire, I believed it was possible and
I absolutely agree with them. I know that they believed it, but the toughest thing for most people
to be able to achieve any type of financial success is a lack of belief. There’s always a piece there that they
just don’t fully believe that they can do it or that they’re in the right situation
or that the powers that be aren’t going to get in their way.
He already had that belief. He had that confidence from
his previous experience. That’s not something he could just
take out and set aside. He had it. He knew it was possible. He knew
that he can go about doing this. Without the deadline, there’s no doubt in my mind and anyone
that watches it can see that he’d be able to do what he needed to do. It may have taken longer if he didn’t
have a deadline and if he didn’t have some of these things, that
he couldn’t set aside. So one of the things he could not set
aside was when it came to legal purchases, there’s no way he’d be able to use a
fake name like he was using most of the time he was using a different last name. He was basically using his
middle name, his last name, and he can’t do that when he
went about and bought a house and quite possibly, he probably didn’t get away with that
when he was renting an apartment. More than likely they’d want
to see some ID and so forth. So none of that’s possible. He had to use his real
name in those situations, that just legally and every
other way he had to do that. And when purchasing a house, especially since he did
not have a full time job, he didn’t have any form of assets
other than some hard cash that he had developed during the show. He had really no backing to be able to
get a good deal on a loan for his house. The only way he could have done that
was by being who he was and having his background. Now that doesn’t take away the idea that
it’s possible that a person can’t go and jump from trading cars to
eventually trading houses and, or flipping houses or anything like that. That’s absolutely possible. But
it would take you a little longer. It may require you to have a full time
job or to build up enough capital to be able to get that type of alone. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able
to do something like that. And they kind of glossed that over and
that’s kind of necessary for the sake of the TV show. So he had confidence
that he couldn’t ever set aside. It’s something that’s very valuable and
that’s something that you can create yourself. He had financial backing, credit and so forth that he couldn’t set
aside and to be able to purchase a home with a lone. He had that ability that not everyone
would be able to do right off the bat, okay. So those pieces aside, there’s a third thing that he had that
is extremely powerful that all you had to do was kind of step back
and say, wait a second….. He had media presence, the entire time that we’re watching him. We know because we wouldn’t
to be able to watch them. If there wasn’t someone with a camera
and the way it was filmed, you know, there were multiple cameras and in some
parts of the show they’ve pulled back and even showed that on
top of there being cameras, there was a producer or
director or someone hanging
out and making sure that the camera people were doing the right thing. So he had a crew following him around. Now how they built that into the stories, he told people that he was working
on documentary, but that’s powerful. That form of media draws attention. That form of media could possibly have
cause people to do something for free that they wouldn’t normally do because
they’re in the public eye and they know that this is, this might be going
somewhere. This is a documentary. That means I’m going to be in
a movie, I’m going to be on TV, I’m going to be out there. And
that could be useful to me. Everyone around him saw that
they couldn’t get around it. Whether he was working in the homeless
shelter on the first episode or, excuse me, not a homeless shelter. It’s was a soup kitchen. Or whether he was gathering people to
help out or whether he was going to the small business agency, all these things. Everyone is going to treat you differently
when you’ve got cameras around you. Now, how could you use this? How could you use these
things? Well, number one, you have to keep an eye on your own belief
system and your own confidence level. You have to think about what it’s
gonna take to develop your belief and confidence so that you can have as
close to the confidence of a billionaire before you set out to go and do something, even if it’s not going out to create
$1 million company. Number two, realize that it’s going to take time to
build up those things that he already had going. It took him years to build up his credit
lines and everything else to be able to do the things that he’s able to do
pretty simply and pretty quickly on this show. And number three, MEDIA
is something you can develop. Look at what I’m doing right here. This is media. I can introduce people onto this show, which we haven’t done a whole lot yet
because we’ve been doing them live. But in the future I’d
like to have interviews. I like to have other people on the
show. If you’d like to be on the show, let me know. But we’d like to
have other people on the show who, who’s going to turn that down. If they have any message that
they’re trying to get out, any business that they’re trying to
promote, then media is your friend. You’re going to want to be around it and
so and nowadays we have the ability to create our own media. We can
do it with our cell phones. We could have a podcast, we could do anything we want
because of the internet. It’s making it wide open. You can
have people walk around with cameras, whether they’re running or not, and
say that you’re filming a documentary, you’re going to get a reaction
similar to the ones that he got. So just keep these things in mind just
because they are advantages that he had doesn’t take away from the points. The very clear cut points and principles
that are laid out throughout the show. Highly recommend it can’t say
enough about Undercover Billionaire. Go and watch that show and go and check
out all the other videos we got over at BrianJPombo.com and come back again. We’re doing this thing every day where
we get together and have a little chat. Hey, you have a great
night. In the meantime, get out there and let the magic happen.

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