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United – Meet the Interns

As an intern at United, you definitely are
not treated like an intern. There’s no grabbing coffee or donuts. You’re given meaningful responsibilities and roles. I always feel like what I do is meaningful
and what I do is very important to the company. [Music playing] I felt like I was actually a member of the
team and not just their intern for the summer. They really do value my opinion. I feel like I do fit in and I mean, why wouldn’t
you want to work at United? United’s internship program hires a couple
hundred interns throughout the year in both corporate and operational-type roles. My favorite thing about being at United is
being in the heavy-check service hanger. Being able to walk out in the aircraft. And being able to really picture what I’m
doing. In school, you look at a book, it’s really
a bunch of drawings, you don’t really know what’s going on. But here, I can see a problem, I can go out,
I can look at it, I can really see what’s happening. And that’s just a great opportunity that I
wouldn’t have anywhere else. For me, in flight ops, I answer a phone,
a pilot is on the other end. You’re helping him with his day, making sure
the passengers he’s trying to take care of have the opportunity to go and get to their
destination safely. The atmosphere and environment at United is
one of a big family. When I get to go on flights to do testing and working with customers and crews I’m usually the sole one on that flight, so
I get to represent the United brand to our customers and employees when I’m on board the airplane. So far in my time here at United, I’ve learned
a lot about what it’s like to sell in an airline environment. Sometimes it can get overwhelming but the
people, they make it fun. It doesn’t seem like work. And it’s important to enjoy what you do. For this internship, I’m working on a project
and I’m analyzing the schedules of our competitors. It’s kind of confidential so I can’t really
talk about it much, which is kind of cool to say, too. To intern at United is an incredible experience. Not only do I feel like I’m a valued member
of my team, they value my input, they value my opinion, but we also get the great travel
privileges and the whole entire world is essentially our backyard. I love traveling the world. It’s amazing to go to Europe one weekend and
the next weekend hit up the West Coast and go to Hawaii the next week. Some of the places I have gone are: Brussels,
Belgium… Chicago, San Diego, I spent the night in San
Diego, flew out to Los Angeles for breakfast. London my first weekend, I went to Seattle,
went to D.C. New York City. Amsterdam. Houston to meet up with a friend and then
back to Chicago and back at work on Monday. I mean, that’s kind of cool just to brag to
your friends about that. So here at United I’ve had the opportunity
to partake in a lot of different intern events. I’ve got to go on some very fun and exciting
airport tours, I’ve got to attend leadership conferences with many of the heads of the
company. The leadership series at United is definitely
amazing and it gives interns a way to connect with senior leaders and officers within the
company directly. My experience here at United will most definitely
benefit me in the future. No matter where I end up in my professional
career, I’ll definitely draw back to my experience here at United. You really get hands-on experience. You really get to see how the industry works. And you really get to make a lot of connections
with people. If I could say one thing about the internship
program at United, it would be that it’s amazing and if you have the opportunity to apply,
don’t pass it up. [Music playing] Go United!

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