University Branding Campaigns: Should You Care?
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University Branding Campaigns: Should You Care?

next in video comes in calcite she talks
about how her school has now launched this new campaign to be branded self and
she’s really understand why it’s important to students let’s watch so i
was wondering what you guys to think about uh… branding campaigns and my suggestion is
currently um… on the path to a new one and they announce a few months ago ever
brand dugout which includes take statements about hot summer school is
word associations and a color palette among if you know
these things and a lot of students i’ve talked to
about it are frustrated because they spent eighty to eighty five thousand
dollars is a lot of us were kind of like howell does help us they want increased
the reputation and i guess that’s a good thing uh… but it really doesn’t show the
long-term effects like is essential in the lead to more funding and if so how acts not really explained well and maybe
that’s the problem but i was wondering what you guys thought on this issue was interesting because if you know
people will make the argument that eighty five thousand is it really that
much money relatively speaking but at the same time eighty-five thousand can
pay the salary the professor per year you know uh… laura at least help a few students
with some sort of scholarships so they can afford it station so you gotta keep in mind with the
priorities are for the university is rebranding really something that’s
important for the university i’m not sure maybe they think of rebranding inc
uh… using new colors is something will attract which seems to enroll it’s el nino make more money i don’t
know i don’t know what their reasoning is behind it but i understand your
concerns and to be quite honest i would be annoyed but that’s you medicine
another new tend to like make the students excited about their schooling feel
school pride i have no idea but when you think about all the different
ways all the schools are suffering it makes you kind of shake your head when
you see that they’re spending eighty five grand on something is irrelevant
and school colors uh… as i say real quick l_c_i_
believes she’s from the university of tennessee knoxville minnesota chancellor
university so where i’m coming from is i would think i
mean to you both big universities were big names and the easily identifiable colors you know you
see the husky c longhorns you know you know what that school is so i haven’t really had to deal with that but for a small university that doesn’t
have a reputation the first off it could be a greater
amount of money for them than it is for beginners to maybe eighty five thousand
dollars for a very small universe is a lot of money but we should also bear in mind that one
reason they might want to do this regretting it lasted more students to
enroll but it could also bring in more money from alumni or just people in the community
like at the university seems more professional or more modern or something
like that maybe they can raise more money after that so i don’t think the basic spect
students to really care miller may be able to read some more
storms for private part of this that kind of puzzles me wire the ni qing at such a
big deal and advertising into the students you see them saying like we had created a new department within
the university of than actually benefit the students that i can understand them
for you to their attention and also johnnie do make a good point about you know maybe this’ll encourage alumni
to donate money to the university of that sucks about when you think about uh… but at the same time like if
school colors blinkers you donate money to the university that you graduated
from i don’t know how you have some issues ok at this stage i mean i don’t
think that i really like to read the democratic party and it’s a powerful it no i have read wanted season’s coming so
um… as really likes to think that color schemes uh… patrick i set up a
plaid pattern to somebody red black and uh… either white or gray at siemens it was
my highschool calls can really it’s just such a beautiful and it’s aesthetically pleasing like sit hour on the school side regrads hariri madhavan threatens our
eighty five thousand inspections by the millions of antithetical colors that
don’t make any sense that battle a angie and i wish joke around
about how women will never call a collar uh… the color that are really is so
frances if you look at cosmetics right cosmetics never have colored names that
make sense with the lipstick i’m wearing right now it’s not keen or read it’s called break how elisa break like i didn’t know that
brave was the color of interactive feel that i feel a little break i i do feel
more confident when and where my my blanchett speaks woman uh… but so i will not allow about the way women take a color it made me with
something completely different some that’s parade and brave amendments um… alright so

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31 thoughts on “University Branding Campaigns: Should You Care?

  1. I love you guys but you missed the larger issue at hand; A "brand" is not a top down marketing ploy by leadership. A brand created by the students, alumna, etc. that self-identify with the school.

    The trend of branding projects at smaller and for-profit schools speaks to the commercialization of education and learning; Something I would suspect TYTU would be against.

  2. It's part of the privatization of education. Now that Universities have to engage in depraved competition with other schools, they're trying to maximize the amount of money they get from students and minimizing the education they provide. Building a brand to trick people into enrolling is part of that.

  3. Awesome, let's waste more money on stupid shit and raise tuition further instead of improving the education given at the institution.

  4. My small liberal arts school is absolutely relentless in its branding. The goal isn't to raise the school's national profile, though, it's to try to distinguish the school from other colleges that are in many ways similar.

    I think colleges and universities have to build their brands in order to attract students and donors, regardless of whether they're public or private. Still, it's often disingenuous and it can be more than a little bit annoying.

  5. After going to the Final Four, I think VCU has a strong brand. It isn't as strong or national a brand as William and Mary, Virginia Tech or UVA, but it is probably the hottest brand in our state.

  6. About Ana's point on colors, I think that Crayola should get into the paint-making business for just that reason. That having been said, playing the sims 3 has taught me that there are COUNTLESS different shades of any given color, even colors like white and black.

  7. When my mom was choosing a college she did not want to go to a big school or a school that had green in their school colors. She eventually went to Michigan State.

  8. NO universities have mascots or even sports teams here… it's a waste of money. Here you go to a school depending on it's professors, how close it is to home, or how expensive it is.

  9. I liked Anna sharing her make up colors with us. Are those the colors you always wear when you're on camera?

  10. It allows for more money flow, plus it's advertising. When someone buys a t-shirt and wears it out in public, they're providing advertising for that school, which might bring in more students or remind alumni that are so inclined to make that donation. Either way, it brings in more money for schools. Plus, the two big state schools in my state – every store has some piece of their merchandizing on their shelves. You can't tell me they don't make money off it.

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