University of Iowa student Deja Williams on her internship in London
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University of Iowa student Deja Williams on her internship in London

I wanted to do an internship here just
to gain more perspective. I felt a little sheltered in the U.S. and I feel like
there’s so many more opportunities in the world, and there’s so many great
cultures in London, and I knew that the big city feel would give me all of that
that I wanted. Hi, my name is Deja Williams. I am a student at the
University of Iowa, and I am currently working for a music management company
in London, England. Working here has taught me how to be more open to
asking questions. Because not everyone knows what they’re doing. I’m an intern, and I
really don’t know what I’m doing, so it’s really taught me that people will listen
if you just ask the question. I chose IES because all of my friends actually did IES, and it’s the most popular one in our school. The school
has a great relationship with IES, and I knew that they would be the most
successful at getting me what I wanted because during the application process
everything was well what do you want to get out of it? It’s not so much about the
program. It’s really provided me with a multitude of opportunities that I
couldn’t have received if I didn’t take this leap. A lot of students are very
scared to do it and I understand why. You’re exposing yourself to something
very different. But now that I’ve done it I realize that that was such a minor
thing that I was so worried about and that in the long run it’s worth it for
the opportunities, the places you see, the people you meet. All of that has
definitely made it worth it.

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