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UNOH – Marketing Degree 2018

(upbeat music) [Alexa] I love marketing
because I love people, I guess. I love networking with people. I love giving back to the community. Marketing is you being the
face of whatever business you’re representing and
to me, that’s exciting. – [Narrator] Nothing moves
in the business world until something sells. All business revolves around marketing. A marketing degree from the
University of Northwestern Ohio will prepare you for success
in this fast paced field. The focus of the marketing
program is to provide students with an in-depth practical
approach to analyzing, planning, and implementing
marketing strategies. Students are given the chance to apply their marketing knowledge
to fulfill customer needs in a changing global environment. [Ruben] In my three years at
UNOH, I got to meet people from literally all over the world. I think that was a great advantage. Right now, in my position,
I’m working with people from not only all over the country but I’m dealing with contractors
from Central America, South America, and even sometimes Europe. – [Narrator] When you enroll
in the marketing program at UNOH, you’ll take major classes during your very first quarter. At other colleges, these
courses may not be taken until your third year. The UNOH marketing
curriculum educates students in the following areas: effective marketing and
communication skills, sales and leadership ability, production and business
decision making skills, familiarity with trends in social media, and a global business perspective. As a result, when you graduate, you will qualify for a variety
of careers to choose from both in private and
non-profit organizations such as direct marketing promotions, product marketing, business development, brand management, marketing executive, advertising and marketing managers, public relations and sales
managers, and business owners. [Kiley] UNOH, through
my marketing courses, provided me with a lot of just simulations of social media and
social media advertising so when I got here and took
on the social media role I was already familiar
with a lot of the tools and the metrics and was able
to then apply them correctly because of the coursework at UNOH. The university offers
internship opportunities at a variety of marketing
firms in the region. These internships, while not required, can set you apart from your peers when searching for a job after graduation. [Jessika] It actually all
started with college students coming into the workforce and
wanting to know what it was like to have a real world
job in internet marketing. And I showed them what it was like and they came in here and so from there, I reached out to Dr. Mann
and said we need to work with these kids and
show them what it’s like to have a digital agency because before us there wasn’t anything
here in this community. So we started with a mentorship program and then an internship program. – [Narrator] National earning averages for marketing degree graduates fall between $50,000 and more
than $100,000 annually. Unlimited income potential. No matter what your career goals are, you’ll be prepared to achieve
them with a marketing degree from the University of Northwestern Ohio.

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