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UNOH – Sport Marketing & Management Degree 2019

(electronic music) – [Announcer] The sports
market in North America is expected to become an $80.3
billion industry by 2022, so it’s no surprise that the job outlook for careers in sport marketing is growing. Currently, the leader
sports jobs databases show that there are nearly
8000 employers in the US, hiring for jobs that are
in some way sports-related. At this very moment,
there are approximately 6000 job openings in the industry for individuals who love all sports. A degree in Sport Marketing
and Management from the University of Northwestern
Ohio is an excellent way to enter the sports industry. – I knew I wanted to
stick with sports because it’s just been a big part
of my life growing up, it’s all I’ve known,
it’s been my identity. I grew up playing three,
and then I chose to continue at the collegiate level playing softball, so sport marketing management
was just the perfect program for me to enter into that I could stick with that environment. – [Announcer] UNOH
offers both an associate and bachelor degree, which
emphasizes the management, business, and leadership skills necessary to launch or enhance your
sports business career. There are a large number
of career paths available, which include marketing
and sales, ticketing, financial operations of a
sporting event or program, promotions and sponsorship programs, facilities managers, and media relations. – Inside our Sports Marketing
and Management program, we do a lot of communication pieces, a lot of trying to make
sure they understand truly what it takes to work in sports. Communication, marketing,
trying to teach them the skills that employers are looking
for on a consistent basis. – [Announcer] The sports
industry is competitive, and for students to succeed,
it is necessary to network and build relationships in the industry while pursuing education. The Sport Marketing and Management
program at UNOH includes the opportunity for
students to gain experience through internships in the sport industry, with local and national
sporting organizations. – Marketing, I think, is a
huge aspect of any sport. I’ve had a racing
background my whole life, but I really wanted to
get the business and my bachelor’s degree, so I
thought that I would go for sports marketing, and then still be able to be on the motor sports team. – I did an internship in Israel, for the world lacrosse championships. That internship was very
successful, because I got to meet a lot of people, I got to
do a lot of different jobs, I got to travel, you know, which, that was the best thing for me. I haven’t been out of the
country in a long time, so to actually go and
experience different cultures, that was great for me. – [Announcer] At UNOH, students will learn to work with athletes at every level, manage sports within community programs, and work in the corporate
sector of the sports industry. We focus on both business and sports, offering courses in sport law,
promotions and public policy, finance, marketing, sports management, psychology of sports, and more. And a unique feature at UNOH: you’ll take sport marketing classes during
your very first quarter. At many other colleges, you don’t start those classes
until your third year. – Some kids go into marketing,
PR, same thing in your business class here you
have, you teach all of that. I always thought, where do
you get a marketing guy, where do you get a PR guy, go to USC? No, you come right here to the University of Northwestern
Ohio, and you get it done. – [Announcer] Prepare
yourself for a rewarding sport marketing and management career, with a degree from the
University of Northwestern Ohio.

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