‘Unpaid Internships’ Official Trailer | 2016 Horror Movie | Decoded
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‘Unpaid Internships’ Official Trailer | 2016 Horror Movie | Decoded

BRIAN: Can’t get a job
without experience. Can’t get a job without experience. JASON: Muahahahaha! NARRATOR: He thought his internship
would be the summer of a lifetime… TERESA: So your workday
starts at eleven, we have lager on draught, free massages every Wednesday, and— oh, look who it is! Meet our founder and CEO Jason. JASON: I see something
very, very special in what you’re doing, Brian. Let’s get to work! NARRATOR: He thought he’d learn
new skills in his desired profession… BRIAN: No, Mom,
I haven’t actually been assigned anything related to marketing yet, but it’s good though! Yeah, I’m learning! WHISPERS: Printer’s jammed again—
Itemize these receipts— There’s a rat in the bathroom— NARRATOR: He thought he’d gain
valuable workplace experience… JASON: Brian! Can you run out
and get us some coffee? WHISPERS: Grande— Decaff— Single-origin— Of course we’re not going to pay you. NARRATOR: He thought
it’d be worth the sacrifice… BRIAN: Don’t worry about me, Mom,
everything’s going great. NARRATOR: …but he was wrong. BRIAN: Why?? Hello? Hello? I got the coffee orders you texted. Where is everyone? JASON: I fired them all. You’re my inspiration, Brian. Unpaid internships are the key
to the new economy. But we’re not pushing it far enough. We need paid internships. BRIAN: Oh, you want to pay me? JASON: No.
My vision is that people are actually going
to pay for the opportunity to intern. BRIAN: Why would anyone do that? JASON: For the experience! Just imagine it: a company that sells valuable work experience! We don’t even have to produce anything! BRIAN: You’re crazy!
JASON: Am I?! Am I, Brian?! Just take a look outside,
it’s beautiful! INTERNS: Experience— Coffee— Coffee— NARRATOR: Because no matter
how hard you work or how qualified you are… INTERNS: We went to Brown!
JASON: You need opportunity! NARRATOR: …this summer…
JASON: You need connections! NARRATOR: …you will be… INTERN: I know they’re going to hire me! BRIAN: This can’t be legal!

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58 thoughts on “‘Unpaid Internships’ Official Trailer | 2016 Horror Movie | Decoded

  1. well, in ecology paying for an"internship" is actually really common #whydidichoosethisfieldofstudyagain?

  2. Oh…my…god. Two consecutive MTVNews videos I have zero reason to hate in one week? And this one was kinda funny (not great but not bad either)? Did they bring Punk'd back and am I on it?

  3. The next one should be a horror movie about what would happen if everyone believed what you say about white people.

  4. Please give me specific examples of this actually happening because to me this is all bull shit (I am black)

  5. Yeah but your chances of landing a high paying job right out of college increase dramatically…absolutely worth it.

  6. Once we go communist, which is the ultimate goal of the SJW, all jobs will be unpaid internships. Just with less coffee. A lot less coffee.

  7. This is stupid and unsurprisingly irrelevant to music, like what does the m stand for at this point?

  8. Is everything MTV post nowadays racist as fuck. Who is giving these fucktards a fre pass to be blatantly racist? O right dumb ass progressives.

  9. Out of all the successful people I know – every single one of them started off working in low wage jobs and sometimes even unpaid internships. They kept their head down, worked hard and moved up. Stop with the victimhood MTV. These kids need to work hard and if you cant handle the tasks at your internship, then why should that company hire you and pay you?

  10. See Franchesca, this is what you should be doing. These kinds of skits are actually enjoyable, and I can honestly say that this made me laugh. Why pander to the feminist BS crowd and draw all the negative criticism when you have obvious talent to make skits like these?

    …Unless you're not the one making them, in which case I draw back my statement.

  11. look at that white devil! he's obviously enslaving all those black interns! (forget that internships are generally shit for everyone. only black people matter)

  12. Guess who owns MTV?
    Guess who agreed to pay $7.21 million to settle a class-action lawsuit by thousands of former unpaid interns?

  13. So many sad white people on here commenting on a video that isn't even about race. This video was funny and accurate.

  14. Unpaid internships are the result of minimum wage laws and over priced education which doesn't prepare students for the workplace.

  15. My unpaid internship was actually the best thing that happened to me. I learned a new language and, they ended up hiring me and I've been working at the same company for 2 years…

  16. If it wasn't for stupid minimum wage laws you could get a job. If employers are forced to pay higher wages for unskilled workers they just don't hire them.

  17. Do what we all had to do and work a paid job during internship. Both my husband and I did so while also attending college in its last semesters. While it resulted in many sleepless nights and 120hr work weeks, we have no regrets. If businesses could afford to pay interns, they would just do apprenticeships.

  18. "New Economy" is the biggest bullshit term since Bush proclaimed "Nation Building" or when the Soviet Union proclaimed "Classless Society"

  19. few things get an internship through a technical school while in high school I did through the CAT north program and I'm in the paid work study program or have experience through other means

  20. this is just the best video ever . fav at the moment…omgggg its so funny. and yet so true ahahahahhah=) thanks for making it. LOVE IT

  21. Gf is a cs major just got a paid internship making 32 dollars an hour. Moral of my post is, don't go to school for bullshit degrees 👯👯👯

  22. Huh, interesting. My unpaid internship at a tech school afforded me a great education because I was able to take advantage of extra lab time, schmooze with professionals already working in the industry and get their advice, and network with many students, some of whom taught me material better than some of the instructors.

    In the end, my internship was paid, I was paid in invaluable knowledge.

    Oh yeah, and no one had a gun to my head either, forcing me to intern. Funny how that works.

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