[UPDATE] Coronavirus Impact On Dropshipping | Here’s What To Do….
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[UPDATE] Coronavirus Impact On Dropshipping | Here’s What To Do….

(Smoove music) – Yo, what’s going on YouTube? Welcome back to the channel just wanted to drop
this quick little update on the whole Coronavirus thing, and what’s been going
on in China recently. So, in that last video I did talk about how we did over a
hundred thousand dollars in a single month in January. And, we could’ve done a lot more had there not been the whole thing. First of all, Chinese New
Year is gonna slow you down. But then, the whole Coronavirus
thing was really unexpected and that’s something that’s really out of our control as dropshippers
and eCommerce store owners. So, I just wanted to give
ya’ll a quick update. I personally got an email from
my sourcing agent yesterday, and he was telling me
that we’re gonna be able to hopefully start shipping packages as soon as like February 12th. They’re aiming for about this weekend. Pretty much while I’m dropping this video. But, don’t expect your packages to be shipped right away. Okay, it’s still going to be a delay. They say things are really going to go back to normal around March. So, that first week in March is really where things are going
to start to smooth out. You might still experience delays. Just make sure you’re keeping in the buck with your customers. Just communicate your best effort that they get their packages on time. Something that’s really
out of your control, so as long as you have good intentions there’s nothing to be worried about here. But, there are things you can do while the whole Coronavirus
is taking effect. So, from now up until March
for anybody watching this during this timeframe take advantage of this moment right now to not really worry about focusing on running an scaling ads. You could, you don’t have
to scale your ads right now. There’s a lot of work to
be done on the back end that can actually improve
your store’s performance when you do go to run
ads again in the future. So, one of the things you can do is focus on your email marketing. I use Klaviyo as my software
for email marketing. And this can ad on an
additional 10, 15% revenue onto your store’s bottom line. So, you want to take about a day, honestly, it’s gonna take you about a week to set up your email marketing because it’s all templates. But the great thing about
this is that you sign em up once and they run forever. So, my email marketing campaign generated over a quarter million last year alone. And it adds an additional
10, 15% of revenue every single day onto my store’s revenue. And that’s all profit because
there’s no ad spend there. You already spent the money
on ads to acquire them, so use the email marketing software to leverage what you have. Leverage those emails and that backend. Another thing you can do is
focus on creating new ads. A lot of you are probably just running one single ad that might be fatigued in Facebook’s algorithm
or whatever platform you might be running ads on. So, take this time to
create other ad styles, try to experiment with other things. Pictures, video, do a mix of things, get some banners created. Try and put some captions
or a little bit of text in these ads, so that you
can have some variation to play around with. Because it’s all about
those click-through rates at the end of the day, right? Then another thing you
can do on top of that, this is the third thing
I’m going over right now. So, that’s gonna be the website speed. So, if you take a look here. This right here is GTMetrix.com and you enter your
website’s link right here. You can test your website’s speed and see if it’s gonna be
below two seconds or not. Ideally, you want to aim for
below two second load time on your website. And see what your website speed is, also let us know down in
the comments down here. But, what you can do
is get a gig on Fiverr. Get somebody just type
in Shopify store speed and then you can find a lot of people that are going to be able to go into your Shopify store
for about 10 dollars and they can edit some code,
they can compress some images so that the load time on
your website, overall, is going to be a lot faster. And that’s gonna be great at
increasing your conversions, making sure that people
don’t go to your website and not look at it as think about it, they’re coming from social media. So, they’re in a fast paced environment where they want to see content rapidly. So, if you have a slow website and you’re advertising
on any of these platforms it’s gonna be really really hard for you to convince a customer to buy from your website right there and then. Do the math on that, but you can always book a
gig on Fiverr to make sure you have your website speed up to date. You want to aim for around two seconds. What’s another thing you can do, you can also focus on SEO, so this is a little bit slept on, but a lot of my traffic right now, even
though I’m not running any ads because of this whole ordeal, a lot of my traffic is still organic. We’re still hitting about
1,000 dollars on the day just from organic sales that come from people searching us on Google, people coming from emails
that’s been sent a month ago. People who are purchasing
through word of mouth or repeat customer, right? So, you can boost your SEO, you can hire somebody to do it. It’s gonna be a lot
more expensive that way, to be honest, but if
you want to take control of this yourself all you have to do is go to your product pages. Go to any pages on your website menu, and scroll all the way to the bottom, and you’ll be able to
see a preview of the SEO, and then you can just click edit SEO and make it tailored to your product. So that the key words are relevant and whenever people type
these key words into Google, your store has a better
chance of popping up. And this is more of a long-term thing, but it can bring you that extra revenue like I’m talking about. So, if you trying to do this long-term, definitely want to focus on SEO on some point in the future. Last thing I do want to share with you that’s really important is
to just customize your theme. There’s a lot of them options out there, and I know on my channel
I particularly cover the Venture theme and all of that. I cover just a few of the basic ones because I want to help people who are just getting
started into the game. But, there’s a lot of other themes that you can play around with. You can customize these without affecting your existing traffic. Just make sure you customize it, and don’t make the theme live. But, try out the turbo
theme by Out of the Sandbox. That’s one of the paid
themes that I do recommend, and just a heads up these
are going to cost you money, but if they’re proven to give
you higher conversion rates then they’re well worth it. The turbo theme is about
$350 for a single license and another theme I do
recommend is the booster theme. So, feel free to check that one out. You can just type in Booster
Theme on Shopify and Google and you’ll see the web pages to buy these. You can also sample them
yourself to see what’s to your liking and what fits your audience and what fits your niche
and the type of message you’re going for. Just a few of the things that I wanted to drop here real quick, also let me know if you like this style of video. I’m gonna make a little transition, we are heavily invested
into the channel right now. I start to create a different
(upbeat music) variety of type of videos for you guys just to make it a little
bit more engaging. I don’t want to just sit
and do tutorials all day because I do cover that
in Ecom Bootcamp 2.0. And again, if you want to join that, link is down below. In the description. We’re approaching 1,000 students, which is crazy to me right now. But, just wanted to
drop this quick update. You already know what it is man, if you got some value from
this like, comment, subscribe. I’ll see ya’ll in the
next video next week. I’ll actually leave another
video right here for you to check out. I think you’ll really like that one. And until next time, man it’s your man Mohamad Camara, peace.

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  3. I. Remember Γ³n your last video u mentioned there others ways to work with drop shipping business without doing Alibaba. Do u want us to continue using there soft ware what your opinion my bro.

  4. As one of your students, I completely agree that your tutorials are covered in the camp and I feel all new information gets relayed effectively. I look forward to seeing your new videos and what knowledge you can bring to the world next! Keep it up!

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