UPS Celebrates Women’s Small Business Month – Bliss & Sparrow
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UPS Celebrates Women’s Small Business Month – Bliss & Sparrow

My mom was a business
owner and so was her mother, and three generations
of women before them. So for me being a female business
owner isn’t just a title, it’s a privilege. My name is Lillie Nguyen and I’m the
owner of Bliss & Sparrow skincare. I’m a nerd in a world
of beauty queens. Everyone expects me to
be this glamorous person, running a skincare
company, but I’m not. One of the biggest lessons I’ve
learned starting my own business is to be myself, to take control
regardless of outside influences. In the early days,
we had no money for marketing, so we make flyers, sell it at
farmer’s markets and nail salons. Today, digital marketing is how we
stay connected to our customers. The way I see it, it’s all about
impacting my family and my community. That’s what owning a
business means to me.

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