UQ SBMS  General Branding Video
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UQ SBMS General Branding Video

The School of Biomedical Science is a large teaching and research school at the Faculty of Medicine Our core activities are in undergraduate teaching, but also in fundamental research in the biomedical science field. The equipment and the facilities that we have access to are state-of-the art and the latest in terms of the technology that’s available to any researchers, anywhere in the world. I am a PhD student in the Muscle Tissue Engineering Laboratory. This is a really great place for us to be doing this research because there’s a lot of expertise that we have access to and a lot of different facilities that we have access to. All of the Academics within the School really encourage all the students to think outside the box and we’re constantly having to think in alternative ways and really question every single thing that we’re doing The School is really good at encouraging us to get involved in organising different events or participating in committees so we’re definitely picking up a lot of soft skills and communication skills and presenting skills that we wouldn’t normally get. So the culture of learning is quite unique in that we do what we can to engage our students using various bits and pieces of our research, so bringing it straight from the lab to the classroom and engage in peer group activities to really grasp those critical thinking skills So it’s really incredible to see students grow throughout the program from first year, to third or fourth year growing in their critical thinking skills, their abilities to solve problems and work together in groups and I think we’re inspiring that next generation of big thinkers.

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