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100 thoughts on “US should move all American production out of China: Gingrich

  1. We in the US must sacrifice our cheap Chinese goods, and just say no. The Chinese are the worst in persecution and human rights. Many thousands are being tortured and murdered, especially for their faith. They also force abortions on pregnant women.

  2. When we allowed CHINA into The this COUNTRY,

  3. The Chinese tariffs on US agricultural products are “Counter

    Who initiated the tariffs in the first place? 唐纳德·特朗普

  4. The Chinese tariffs on US agricultural products are “Counter

    Who initiated the tariffs in the first place? 唐纳德·特朗普

  5. Example it takes an American worker 6 to 8 hours to put together an iPhone because of their huge clumsy fingers the Chinese does it in 6 minutes if Americans put it together I assure you Apple will definitely close shop within 6 months!.

  6. I tot United Snakes the one who steals other Intellectual Properties. Look how Russia was very advance in Space Exploration in sixties. Then they smuggles the German Scientist after WW2. All European were in dark ages but they steal technology from Muslim world in 40….

  7. we don't need china. we need to slowly break free and make our own stuff here again. my town is full of these people, and they are not even close to being honest.  it's in their blood, they can't help it. they need to feel like they won one over on you.  it's how they do business. cut them off.

  8. Wisdom with Newt at 2:20. CCP want to own US. They own the Chinese people and means of production. The world, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, must push back ( decoupling for a time ) this evil empire or be enslaved by it.

  9. Trump's trade war with China has already cost American taxpayers $28 billion to bail out just the farmers. It did not all go to the farmers who took a beating. Unlike the Obama auto bailouts, we will not get any of that $28 billion back.
    Trump is too stupid to understand that in a trade war, the other side shoots back.

  10. Gingrich is the LAST person to listen to on economics. Remember how wrong he was about Clintonomics? He said it was a "job killer" that would start a bad recession. Instead, unemployment dropped 3.5 percentage points, the budget was balanced, the federal government got smaller and exports went up 90%.
    To hear him talk now, Gingrich thinks Clintonomics was named after him, because he tries to take credit for a program he opposed and could only watch succeed like nothing the Republicans have done in our lifetimes.

  11. It’s all political theater enjoy the scripted show..The politicians gave China all of our industry that is called treason destroying millions and millions of families and leaving us with no industrial resources or knowledge…We have fast food restaurants sickness bigger than Ever drugs everywhere with no self sustainability at all complete treason terrorism within

  12. Amb. Sondholm changed his testimony, because he knew he lied to Congress, and others after him told the truth. Amb. Sondholm didn't want to follow Trump's Presidential Campaign Manager and Trump's personal Attorney to PRISON FOR LYING TO CONGRESS… which just happens to be where Trump WOULD BE IF HE WERE NOT LIAR-IN-CHIEF. In fact, if trump doesn't get on his plane and fly to Russia and ask for asylum before he is out of office, there is a near 100% chance he will go to prison with his buddies.

    The thought of Traitor Trump dying in prison makes me smile.

  13. Wake up America! Remove every valuable thing our of China before it's too late! Dealing with communist is only until you obey the law of communism @

  14. What Newt and other Americans don't seem to understand is that all the machines of production have been shipped to China. Does he think that the Chinese will relinquish these valuable tools of production? Additionally, here in the U.S., the people who used to operate these machines have all retired and there are no apprentices. Who wants to train to do a production job that will be shipped elsewhere? The damage to U.S. manufacturing is permanent and will take at least one hundred years of intense effort to correct.

  15. Here is an EASY way to move all American production out of China: Place a 50,000% tariff on ALL Chinese components that are included in any product imported into America. So if a part from Vietnam contains 10% parts that come from China, then that product gets 10% of a 50,000% tariff. Pretty soon it will be that all countries around the world refuse to buy parts from China and they build their own components for the items they ship to America. The result of all of this is that the cost of imports to America will rise by about 7% compared to the cost of the same items that used to come from China. Only 10% of America's imports come from China so replacing that 10% of imports with imports from other countries that cost 7% more will only result in an increase in the cost of all imports by about 0.7%, which is very low, almost not noticeable compared to the actual rate of inflation which is currently around 2%.
    Here is the problem: China will retaliate with a similar tariff on all products made by foreign companies, so Wall Street's big companies will lose $ Billions on lost sales to Chinese consumers, and that hurts the company's profits. But this is about more than just profits, it is about a war between COMMUNISM and CAPITALISM and during wars profits have to suffer.

  16. There was a time when we did no business with communism or communist countries. What happened that made us change policy? We can not and should not prop up their economy.

  17. What about the tons of Fentanel China sending over here to do us in???
    Huh? I think it coming by way of Mexico. I will not buy made in china anything
    if I can help it.

  18. Newt Gingrich did not know what he was talking, if the American move all the companies out of China, the American companies can't sell any products in China either. Apple, Boeing, and hundreds of the American companies are in trouble without the Chinese markets.

  19. Anyone w half a brain can see and should have long ago that the Chinese were using us to gain real independence to do whatever they want, unimpeded. Manufacturing is central to this. Trump has done everything but come out and say it. SAY IT. TELL EVERYONE THAT WE'REq PULLING OUT FAAAAST. For a while there'll be fewer goods and high prices but we'll pay more for DURABLES that don't clog landfills and CHERISH WHAT WE WORKED FOR.
    You win battles without Some sacrifice. Sorry, lady.

  20. An old man with old mindset! His whole words are cheating cheating cheating! It appears all those American businesses operating in China and importing from China are stupid. In fact, US cheat the whole world by printing paper money in exchange for real industrial products.

  21. American want to unite everyone against China, and think they still have the advantages over China. What they don’t realised is that the wars they started, treaties they broke and the stories that they spies on their allies had made them untrustworthy , therefor hardly any country will listen to US nowadays. The golden days for US are over and they only have themselves to blame.

  22. While your at it move it out of Ireland as well the MSM here and government HATE President Trump Ireland needs to be thought a lesson they are globalists, abortionists and some of the most fake people on the planet.

  23. They are just now start telling stuff I’ve been telling since 2015. To save American dollar and economy our manufactures shall be here not in china.

  24. Honestly I can't think of one reason why not to put my head on the railroad tracks right now and let the train run it over

  25. USA must restore its supply chain for manufacturing & return to what worked before Nixon/China ect. Our economy cannot be supported by service production–Get our base back & we are stronger.

  26. I'm 69 a Nam Vet and I have never understood why our Government would ever allow an American Corporation to move to Communist China…This is Sedition….

  27. Great; first we teach China how to create intellectual property, then we blame them for using that knowledge.
    There is no way to put this genie back into the bottle. It's like the Curtis airplane designer who stole the Wright Bros intelligence about how to fly. He didn't understand flying as well as the Wrights, but he didn't have to. China will steam roll us under their heavy weight of hunger for technology and how to use it to make valuable stuff. Sure we can bring our factories home. They won't forget to take pictures of everything first. We can go ahead and turn them into an angry enemy and let''s see what happens. America's racist history is about to grow gnarly teeth. Newt's feeble attempt to anger Americans for the mess his ilk created isn't going to fly anywhere except into his own face. Why isn't Newt telling the truth about how the Chinese have filed more US patents than US citizens have? He would have to admit to the deliberate dumbing down of minority schools; that's why.

  28. Any American company like Apple that only hires outside the US should be dealt extreme consequences. They should be banned from selling to American consumers or forced to pay higher taxes. It's outrageous look at Apple they only hire Chinese workers. The US government wonders why the economy is struggling so much.

  29. As a Canadian I agree. To many companies say they are American yet their companies are in Asia where they can pay minimum wages and make big profits. Prices of products made in Asia are not coming down for us yet there profits are going up.

  30. Protectionists policies don’t work however China is not the only game in town I think Vietnam is looking good and there’s always mexico

  31. We don't have to depend on any other that was a proven fact when the industry in the United States was up in we didn't have to there's nothing in the United States that we cannot make ourselves we don't need it any other country it's just more cost-effective the to buy junk from China so the Democratic party can get kickbacks

  32. All these big companies and corporations that went to Chinato have their products in their technology built by Chinese people get it for oneso that they could make more money it all boils down to greed

  33. They should all be taken up on federal by the people and I should have to make this transparent and I should also have to call all witnesses prove that this is a then they need to be indictedfor trying to overpower the presidential candidate which was elected to be the president of the United States by the people for the people it's not about they're stepping on everyone's rights

  34. Because if they actually go through with this and get the standing president impeached everyone at once for president after what end up getting impeached

  35. They're trying to take away the rights other people of the United States it has nothing to do with the president it's the rights of the that they are infringing on the Democratic Congress should be held accountable

  36. And they should all be investigated for their corruption for trying to impeach the standing that was voted in by the people for the people

  37. And if they're using this as a ploy to win the election they should all be held and in prison for treason and overturning on the election that the people voted in

  38. If you been cheated for so long n so much, just keep it to yourself. Do not talk about it. It is shameful. People will laugh at you.

  39. What may be as important as bringing our production home is to de-centralize it when it gets here. The so called economy of scale deprives America of diverse opportunities and is dangerous in terms of component failure. Small businesses produce more opportunities and a wider distribution of wealth

  40. Nunes doesn't need Democrat approval in the House for anything. They can set up their own committee hearing outside of House facilities to interview people for themselves.

  41. CEO needs lower cost to boost option. So unless big company run differently, manufacturing will not back to US. Any company does it, stock price down, wall street short and profit. Tesla will be next trillion dollar company. Model 3 made in china will be 30_50% cheaper and hugely profitable. This is capitalism. By the way, Tesla do not make in china, Mercedes will do and eat Tesla’s lunch.

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