UW Certificate in Strategic Marketing
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UW Certificate in Strategic Marketing

In today’s market, it’s a buyer’s market,
where everyone has a choice of what product they want to buy or what service they want
to purchase. So marketing is a way for you to differentiate
your brand and who you are. This class is a great opportunity for students
to really kick off their marketing career. They get to learn all of the basics, in terms
of understanding why businesses care about marketing, how they can develop their marketing
portfolio so that it really sets them up for success when they’re maybe changing careers
and wanting to join marketing for the first time. The marketing certificate program is a three-
quarter series, where the students first learn marketing fundamentals and frameworks during
the first quarter. During the second quarter, students learn
all of the marketing promotion tactics to put together a comprehensive marketing plan. And then the third quarter, students actually
put together their marketing plan for local businesses in Seattle. The class is typically around 40 to 60 students,
and they have a ton of different background — from entrepreneurs to marketing specialists
to marketers that have experience of 10 years to marketers today who just want to learn
a little bit more about how they can round out their skills. Everyone at the very end will learn the basics
of HTML and CSS. Everyone becomes pretty competent in Google
Analytics, and then we also put together a final project. So, by the very end, every student has a portfolio
to show how they would put together a marketing campaign, utilizing all the channels that
we talked through in class. Every student gets the opportunity to work
in groups, where they get to learn from each other as well. So it’s a great networking opportunity for
everyone. And, by the very end, a lot of these actually
turn into real conversations for job interviews at different types of companies. Seattle’s seeing a huge growth in industry
today across every industry, not just technology. So there are so many more opportunities for
marketers to get involved in businesses. So if you’re interested in marketing, looking
to join a startup or even one of the large national enterprise brands, there are so many
opportunities to really be a part of that on the marketing side.

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