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14 thoughts on “UX Content Strategy w/ Karen McGrane

  1. Jose, thanks for the video man! It is very insightful. I especially enjoyed Karen's advice about proceeding with the UX process, without having a complete content supplied from the client. This has been a problem for some time in our studio.

    I've been searching for resources about the process of moving from the wireframing phase to UI design, and bringing in the branding to the design as well. Is there any good resources, which you could suggest. Maybe you covered this in one of your videos?

    Keep up with the good work guys!

  2. Great Video, looking forward to the next one!
    This video talks about content which may not yet exist, and how to set the tone and structure for that content to fit into. Allowing you to build around what you would then expect.
    If a client already has a lot of content that perhaps does not align with the newly prescribed tone for the site/process, but they feel is important content none the less, what would be the best way of dealing with this? Explaining it doesn't fit? It's not as important giving the new direction? It needs to be re-written to match the new vision for the site? Some people are very precious about material they have written or created, how would you approach the situation of explaining this to them?

  3. This is great. I'm sad that my agency doesn't care about processes. I've tried to implement something many, many times to show value to clients. They don't get it and just want to churn out sites. -_- it makes me sad because i know there is so much i want to keep learning and am not.

  4. That was super awesome.

    I'd like to know more about user research and how it effect Content strategy,
    And how to convince a company or Business owner to change, edit or enhance their content?
    I find it so hard cuz. 90% I check an old website I've designed and find it over loaded with text.
    I tell them Ppl won't read all that and it just like a "road bump" in the user's flow.

    I've seen other videos when you discuss how to respond to price buyers and It was just super helpful.

    Thanks so much and always waiting for more

  5. Yes I have a big question. When looking at the Blind website and Ole's for example, I understand the flow and how it is ideal for UX, but where I am confused is when it comes to optimizing for SEO with respect to content and where and how to place that content without having giant long-form content all over the place, keeping customers from getting what they need. I run a small fishing guide business in AK which is successful, but relies on mostly new customers. We are in an easy market for SEO, but not sure how to balance UX with SEO. Thank you so so much for your time and for all the great videos!

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