VA vocational rehabilitation benefits helped Jim launch a successful marketing career.
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VA vocational rehabilitation benefits helped Jim launch a successful marketing career.

[MUSIC]>>Text: Jim, Army Veteran,
VA, Careers and employment>>Speaking: It was surprising
to me, I guess, that it was as it was. The VA and the VA
hospital system has a lot of very dedicated people. They’re
there to serve Veterans and they get that. And I think that that
is just a tremendous organization, among the best in
the world. I had just gotten out of high school. I wasn’t sure
what I was going to do, but I wanted to do something
significant, and so the service, the Army, was my choice. I went
out to the VA to apply for the vocational rehabilitation
program, Chapter 31. And although it’s an
employment program — first thing they want to do is try and
get you working — there’s an educational aspect of it too.
And they will finish a degree for you, or put you through a
degree program. But it’s a matter of an application, they
take that information back to their VocRehab counselor who
approves their training program. And then it’s just a matter of
identifying a school that they want to get involved with and
going through registration and setting up some of the
paperwork, which is bound to follow anything. And it’s fairly
simple. The big attraction for VocRehab, I believe, now is some
of the older Vets who don’t have GI Bill benefits anymore, this
is a way that they can access education.>>Text: Educational and
vocational counseling is available.>>Speaking: Sometimes Veterans
need a career change or they need to go back to school and be
retrained in something. And so, the VA has support out
there and programs that will help Veterans do that.>>Text: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned. Visit

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