Value of Incorporating Video in Your Marketing Strategy
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Value of Incorporating Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Hi, this is Mark and today I want to talk to you about the value of including video in your marketing strategy. Facebook is currently reporting approximately 8 billion video views per day! This is an astounding number! And you know if you’ve been to Facebook recently, anywhere from 30-50% of the content in your feed is video. A lot of times it starts automatically,which means that it’s going to capture eyeballs faster than pictures or text. If the goal of being on Facebook is awareness, if your posts are being lost in the shuffle on someone’s timeline, you can’t afford to be left out, so you want to include video in your strategy. Video will generate more engagement, so that is comments, likes and shares. than the other kinds of content. A couple of ways you can use video: If you’re in a business where you can produce videos that aren’t time sensitive, hiring professionals is a great way to go. You get a professionally edited video that you can use on multiple channels like your website, YouTube, social and in your email. If you’re more of a DIY’er, a phone with a good mic can be really good for producing short videos, especially for something more immediate. For things that are happening right now, you may want to consider Facebook Live. Great for people producing events. Because this is something Facebook is trying to promote, There’s a higher chance that your followers are going to see you’re live on Facebook. Once the live feed is finished, it stays on your feed as well So people visiting your feed later can see that video. If you have any questions about how to use video in your marketing strategy, Please get in touch!

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