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Value proposition: Final Advice | Understand the User | App Marketing | Udacity

Let’s check out the final advice Moore
had for us on value propositions. Now, you’ll notice he uses
the term positioning statement. And that’s totally okay. Many people use the term
positioning statement and value proposition interchangeably.>>So, you hear a lot about
positioning in marketing. And I think your first
instinct is to think about, that’s something I’m supposed to do. But the first way you want to think
about positioning is actually where you fit in your customer’s head. So, in other words, the world,
or your customer base, only has a certain number of little
compartments to put things in. And so the first question is, what
compartment are they putting you in? And so remember in that positioning
statement we were talking about where we said, our product or service is a blank. So the first positioning is to
make sure you’re in the right box. You’re put in the right
aisle in the supermarket. And that seems obvious, but sometimes there are multiple
boxes you could be in. So it’s important to think about,
where do I want to compete and in what category do I want to compete? So the first thing is then just get
yourself into the right category. Then the second thing is, the way customers actually understand
you, is relative to your competitors. In other words, that’s how they
understand the category, and that’s how they’re going to
understand you and how you’re different than the rest
of the people in the category. So it’s important that you assemble
a set of legitimate competitors that you have respect for. You don’t want to be the best
house in a bad neighborhood. You actually want to
be the best house or the right house in a good neighborhood. So, you want to pick worthy competitors
that, for some situations, you would acknowledge, they’re actually better
at solving that problem than I am. But together, we’re all in the business of providing
this general type of service. And then the last piece of positioning. So after we’ve done
the generic category. After you’ve established what
we call the competitive set, then the last piece of positioning
is okay now, why are we different? How are we different? And why does that matter specifically to
the value proposition that the customer will be bringing to this purchase? So you’re helping the customer saying,
the question you want to answer is, you would want to call us when? And the opposite of that answer is,
on the other hand, if it were more of this situation, you
probably should call one of the others.

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