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Vancouver Jewelers Marketing Strategy

video script jewellers Hi my name is kevin needham and I have been
working in the internet marketing space for 15 years. I currently specialize in helping companies
find more customers. I’m sure you know that the vast majority of
research and product finding is being done online these days. Not to many consumers carry the big yellow
book around with them, they use their cell phone or their laptop to find what they need. So how many people are actually looking to
find a jeweler or buy jewelery in Vancouver? Let me show you! I collected a group of keywords
that google tells me, people use to find jewellery and jewellers in vancouver. Here you can see the number of local searches
for each key phrase. If we look below you see there are many, many more possible phrases. The google keyword tool tells us how many
searchs these key phrases receive monthly. I have typed a couple of good phrases into
google and I see these companies at the top of the results. This means that 70-80% of
all clicks are going to these companies These ads at the top and ads along the sides
here are google ad words. Companies like yours place their ads here and only pay when a user
clicks on the ad. This is what they call cost per click advertising. These ads down below are organigic or natural
listings. These companies have created their websites in such a way that google feels they
are most relevant to the key phrase we used so therefore they displayed these sites. The marketing strategy I use is two-pronged.
It involves the long term goal of having your website show up in these organic listings
and the immediate, short term, new customer getting goal of showing up right here at the
top with your ads and your UPS or unique selling posistion. Which ad do you think would get clicked first,
an ad that said. We have diamond earings, visit our site or an ad that said 15% Discount Only This Week
Our finest diamonds Limited Time special I can almost guarentee they will click the
ad that offers a savings or discount, or time limited special. The ad and the offer are 1/2 of the equation.
When a visitor clicks the ad, they need to see continuity in the message, they need to
see the special deal and they need to be told exactly what to do. For example they may need to text or email
you for their coupon or discount code. You instantly build a contact list this way. I have noticed that a very small handful of
jewelers servicing the Vancouver and local areas are getting the majority of online customers
visiting their websites. Unfortunately for them (and possibly a great
opportunity for you, is that in my opinion these jewellers are not turning those visitors
into customers. They are not converting these visitors because
they do not offer any reason for the consumer to interact with them or contact them. This is where I specialize. Never, ever send
your new customer directly to your home page to browse. Try to capture their information
first so you can follow up. These are the specialty campaigns I develop. This may all sound a bit complicated however
it is fully explained right here. You can go forward and run your own cost per click
campaigns after watching this video. You also could give me a call and I can explain just
how cost effective this customer getting strategy can be. Lets look at one last thing. Lets go back to where we looked at search
volumes, Google also tells us how much we would pay per click if our ad was showing
up there and a user clicked it. We can see here the cost for this key phrase
[engagement rings vancouver] is $3.12 and the cost for this phrase [diamond rings
vancouver] is $2.91 My name is Kevin Needham, I can be reached
at 250-733-2497 and I’m available to walk you through this cost per click and organic
strategy in more depth if you wish. At the end of the day, I will only be able
to work with one jeweller in the vancouver area so I do not compete with myself. I’m looking to help a business in your industry,
please do call if you are interested. Kevin Needham
250-733-2497 Have a good day.

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